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Shamanism Foundations is an introductory course geared towards helping you gain a strong understanding of Shamanism as well as develop a personal shamanic practice.

This course is for beginners, no experience is needed. Below is a general outline of our six-week course:

  • Session 1 ~ Shamanism Overview & Worldview, Beginning Shamanic Journeying Exercise to create a Sacred Space in the Spirit World
  • Session 2 ~ What is a Modern Shaman? The Shamanic Journey (shifting our brain wave patterns while awake) and Active Dreaming
  • Session 3 ~ Helping Compassionate Spirits, Where we Journey to, and a Guided Shamanic Journey Exercise in the Middle Spirit World
  • Session 4 ~ Senses in the Spirit World, Physical Reactions after journeying, Energy Practice, and a Guided Journey to the Lower Spirit World
  • Session 5 ~ Asking Questions in the Spirit World, Dismemberment, Intentions and a Guided Journey to the Upper Spirit World
  • Session 6 ~ Introduction to Divination, Rock Divination Exercise, Merging vs. Shapeshifting, Journey to Merge with the element Air

There will be teachings and experiential exercises each session, so please plan to be in a quiet place you’re comfortable. A headset is recommended.


    • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE SHAMANISM TEACHINGS: This is a way for individuals to take the course anytime from anywhere. Contact Us if you prefer private sessions or an in-person retreat.
    • SIX PDF DOCUMENTS ~ one for each video session recording
    • SIX AUDIO RECORDINGS: Piko Piko, Creating a Sacred Garden, Connecting to the Spirit of the Directions, Connecting to a Power Animal, Journey to a Sacred Island, Sacred Garden Check-In
    • 2-YEAR ACCESS TO ALL SIX VIDEO RECORDINGS: Each video includes teachings and experiential exercises. Go at your pace! Re-watch the videos! Repeat the journey exercises!

You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours of registration.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please contact us directly.

No cancellation policy. Once you register, you are IN and have access. Please be sure this course is for you and contact us with questions before registering.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual system, allowing us to be a part of a larger universe. This universe encompasses more than just the physical world. Shamanism encourages us to be aware of the spirit around us and connecting us to everything.

“Shamanism is an ancient universal spiritual practice that dates back over a hundred thousand years…As shamanism has been practiced all over the world, you most likely have personal ancestors who at one time practiced shamanism.”
Sandra Ingerman in Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of a Shamanic Life

Shamanism is a global spiritual system, encompassing cross-cultural spiritual practices and addressing the spiritual needs of people everywhere.

Shamanism has similarities and differences from culture to culture.   While there are core principles across cultures, each culture also offers a unique approach.  I may be captivated by the ecstatic dancing practices of the San Bushmen in the Kalahari while you may find you are drawn to the songs of the Celts, vision plants of South America or the drumming of Native Americans.

“The techniques of shamanism help us awaken to our true essence,” says Sandra Ingerman. “When we do, we become a vessel of light, able to radiate healing by our very presence.”

Shamanism is not a religion and doesn’t conflict with any religious traditions.  People of all faiths can and do practice shamanism.  There are no rules or beliefs in Shamanism.  Shamanic practice is based on the principle of direct revelation.  This means that you have a direct experience with the helping spirits and spirit worlds.

Western shamanic teachers have realized there are core practices common across shamanic cultures such as Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, and Healing with Spiritual Light.

Who is a Shaman?

The name Shaman is a Siberian word with multiple meanings.  One meaning is “to be consumed with fire” [of inspiration]. The term Shaman refers to a person who can be a bridge between the physical and spirit worlds.

A shaman can have many skills such as spiritual and physical healing, performing soul retrievals, helping spirits of the deceased and divining information.  A shaman often plays multiple roles such as medicine woman, herbalist, gardener, therapist, and diviner.

A simple definition of a shaman was given in 1944 by Swiss anthropologist Alfred Metraux as “any individual who maintains by profession and in the interest of the community an intermittent commerce with spirits…”

Mircea Eliade in his 1951 book Shamanism:  Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy defines a shaman as “…the great master of ecstasy.”

The modern shaman continues to fulfill many roles such as teacher, doctor, information technology specialist and weather worker.

Practicing Shamanism

Everyone can learn Shamanism, integrate shamanic principles into their everyday life and journey into the spirit worlds for guidance, inspiration, and healing.

If you feel your heart pulled in the direction of spirit and you would like some guidance, you may consider taking our introductory Shamanism Training course listed below.

If you’d like some guidance on living shamanically and integrating the principles of shamanism into your everyday life, you would enjoy a personal teaching session.

These teachings are about learning how to connect with the spiritual world.  If it’s your destiny to become a Shaman, you will be guided by your helping spirits.  We’ll help you connect with your helping spirits and the spirit realms.  You will also be taught how to live a spiritual way of life and gain ancient practices to help you live with integrity as a spiritual being.

  1. Connect to a Power Animal and Spirit Teacher
  2. Engage and Honor Spiritual Relationships
  3. Travel to the world of spirit and meet helping compassionate spirits
  4. Experience The Shamanic Journey – a core practice common to all shamanic cultures
  5. Activate the energy of your Dreams to receive insight, guidance, and energy for your waking life
  6. Learn to follow your destiny (versus your fate)
  7. Create personal Sacred Space in the spirit world
  8. Build personal mana (spiritual power) and shine your inner light
  9. Learn how to follow your intuition and divine answers to your questions
  10. Relax your mind and engage the power, protection, and support of the invisible realms

Learning More About Shamanism

If you feel called to Shamanism, an additional five hours of training sessions can be taken to learn about using Shamanism to help others, your communities, organizations and the Earth.

  1. Learn about illness and spiritual healing from a shamanic perspective
  2. Merge with a helping spirit
  3. Journey to a helping ancestral spirit for healing
  4. Begin to connect to plant spirits as medicine teachers
  5. Perform a Divination Journey for another person
  6. Retrieve lost power and learn a spiritual healing technique called a Power Animal Retrieval
  7. Explore the power of Healing with Spiritual Light

Our shamanic training is an introductory level course that helps you connect to your helping spirits for healing, protection, and insights. It teaches an ancient practice of direct revelation so that you learn to become your primary spiritual authority through inner guidance and intuition.

Shamanism is a path towards “seeing with the heart” to become a force for positive change in your life, family, community and the world.

Shamanic Training Supplies

  • journal for tracking dreams & journeys
  • eye curtain, bandanna or scarf that can be tied loosely around your eyes
  • items from nature that are sacred to you
  • internet/phone (headset is nice but optional)
  • a drum and/or rattle (optional)
Shamanism and Shamans Path

Following the path of Shamanism leads us to be the authority of our spirituality. The path rewards us with insightful dreams, magic, healing, understanding, and personalized guidance through journeys.

Maybe you’ve been drawn to a shamanic practice for a long time, or maybe, as I did, you’ve found your way here almost by accident. Maybe you’re a therapist, teacher, or healer who wants to incorporate these methods into your practice. Maybe you’re a parent, leader, or person who wants to build more personal power and connection in your life, home, and work.

This shamanic training is taken from the convenience of your home via phone/Zoom with email support between sessions. If you decide to try a personal one-on-one session we’ll adjust the teachings specific to you and your pathway. You may also go at your own pace with daily, weekly, or monthly sessions!

Contact Us with questions about our Shamanism Foundations Course and private sessions!