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Blessing and Prayers
Shamanism Foundations is an introductory course geared towards helping you gain a strong understanding of Shamanism as well as develop a personal shamanic practice.

This course is for beginners, no experience is needed. Below is a general outline of our six-week course:

  • Session 1 ~ Shamanism Overview & Worldview, Beginning Shamanic Journeying Exercise to create a Sacred Space in the Spirit World
  • Session 2 ~ What is a Modern Shaman? The Shamanic Journey (shifting our brain wave patterns while awake) and Active Dreaming
  • Session 3 ~ Helping Compassionate Spirits, Where we Journey to, and a Guided Shamanic Journey Exercise in the Middle Spirit World
  • Session 4 ~ Senses in the Spirit World, Physical Reactions after journeying, Energy Practice, and a Guided Journey to the Lower Spirit World
  • Session 5 ~ Asking Questions in the Spirit World, Dismemberment, Intentions and a Guided Journey to the Upper Spirit World
  • Session 6 ~ Introduction to Divination, Rock Divination Exercise, Merging vs. Shapeshifting, Journey to Merge with the element Air

There will be teachings and experiential exercises each session so please plan to be in a quiet place you’re comfortable. A headset is recommended.


    • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE SHAMANISM TEACHINGS: This is a way for individuals to take the course anytime from anywhere. Contact Us if you prefer private sessions or an in-person retreat.
    • 1-YEAR ACCESS TO ALL SIX VIDEO RECORDINGS: Each video includes teachings and experiential exercises. Go at your pace! Re-watch the videos! Repeat the journey exercises!
    • SIX PDF DOCUMENTS ~ one for each video session recording
    • SIX AUDIO RECORDINGS: Piko Piko, Creating a Sacred Garden, Connecting to the Spirit of the Directions, Connecting to a Power Animal, Journey to a Sacred Island, Sacred Garden Check-In
    • A PRIVATE 45-MINUTE SESSION – Each student who signs up for this course may opt to schedule a 45-minute private session via phone/Zoom within the year they are registered for the course
    • THREE Q & A EMAILS: Over the course of the year you are welcome to email us three questions about the shamanism teachings and exercises.

You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours of registration.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please contact us directly.

Our 48-hour money-back guarantee: We will grant a full refund within 48 hours of the beginning of the course, provided none of the videos have been watched.

Blessing and Prayers
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