Julie and I are both teachers and healers. Over the years we have helped many people find peace, completeness and healing. Here are the testimonials to show our work on a personal level.

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Soul Retrieval and Shamanism
February 12, 2020
Healing Trauma

THAT was (is) the single most healing “thing” I did for my trauma. Unbelievable!

When my wife looked at me today she started crying because I look so different, young and relaxed.

I can now enter the spirit world with my helpers on my own. You have opened the doors to something very beautiful and wonderful for me. Thank you!!!!

Midlife Crisis to a New Marriage & a New Life
October 19, 2019
Midlife Crisis Marriage Problems

One day I found an article talking about mid life crisis, which made a lot of sense for me. It was Casey’s. I send him a message explaining to him that I was in a similar situation and would like to talk with him. I was so surprised when just some hours after I received an answer saying that of course, he could. From that moment, Casey’s wisdom, patience, and love guided me to a new world: the real world. The world that our conditioned minds do not want to or cannot see. A world of no judgment, awareness, and love. The three elements that allow us to open our hearts and see with different eyes and to connect with ourselves and others in a completely different way.

Shamanism & Spiritual Guidance
September 3, 2019
Spiritual Guidance

Hello all, I wish to say Julie’s teachings on Healing With Spiritual Light are well worth experiencing and investing in. They are uplifting and healing themselves. Her Shamanic Journeys left me with a powerful sense of refreshment and learning from my Spirit Guides. Julie is a great teacher, friendly and insightful. I recommend her!

Midlife Crisis to Transformation - A Glorious Midlife Retreat
United States
August 7, 2019
A Glorious Retreat

Both Casey and Julie created a safe, sacred place for me to learn.  We spent 4 glorious days with no set schedule or plan.  They worked with my needs as they arose and as we delved deeper into my essence.  Each small lesson they taught, expanded upon the last.  By the end of the retreat the empty holes in my heart, soul, and spirit were overflowing.  With their guidance I was able to begin to write a new story for my life, while still honoring the person that I was before. 

Midlife Crisis Retreats and Gifts
United States
June 16, 2019
Midlife Retreat

I received many gifts from my two-day Hawaiian retreat. After working together on the phone for a couple of years, Casey and Julie used the relaxed timing of the retreat to show how to pause and practice those teachings at a natural pace. Casey selected lessons for me and addressed questions as they arose, many about relationships. Julie led sessions in QiGong and shamanic visioning, sharing her insights on these tools.

Midlife Crisis, Shamanism and Taoist Teachings
United States
May 7, 2019
Reconnecting to Soul

Wonderful thank you, Julie. Even in the short time that you’ve been working with me I’ve already seen such a huge improvement. There are no words to tell you how grateful I am. You are so patient, kind, and attentive. Your kindness comes through the phone. You make me feel so comfortable and optimistic.

A Stronger Life After Midlife Crisis
United States
January 15, 2019
A Stronger Life After Midlife Crisis

The simplicity of what Casey teaches eliminates the need for years of microscopic self-analysis. It merely bypasses it in favor of being still. I’m the author of a book that approaches self-improvement through modifying the subconscious motives behind behavior. However, Casey’s influence in my life has been like a still pool of water in which the root of my resurgent seeking was visible along with the ease of the path forward through nonresistance.

Being Kind In Midlife Relationship
January 8, 2019
Being Kind In Midlife Relationship

After 20 months working with Casey, I have accomplished so much, that I could never have imagined. During the mid-life crisis that I was living with my wife, I was desperate, full of fear, weak and alone. Little by little, though his life and relationship approach, he inspired me for a different way of looking at things. Now I can see the truth there within his sayings. Being patient, getting stronger, being kind to everyone around you, including yourself, has made the nightmare I lived, a unique, graceful experience, that has changed my life. I thank him from my heart and hope that this way of thinking may help other people too, to face the challenges of our lives.

Life Changing - After My Partner's Midlife Affair
September 24, 2018
Life Changing - After My Partner's Midlife Affair

Five years ago, I was sad, scared and worst of all, had lost myself. I was a new mother and my husband had asked for a separation. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find my way through this situation, but I knew I wanted to do it with grace for myself and my son. Casey and Julie were there for me during my darkest hours. They helped me find my way when life felt out of control and change was all around me. They gave me the strength to not only get through the darkness, but also re-emerge a lighter and truer version of myself. I carry their teachings with me each and every day – knowing they are there should I ever need them gives me peace.

Learning Shamanism
United States
September 18, 2018
Learning Shamanism

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Julie and learn Shamanism. During the time I stumbled across their website, I was dealing with anxiety, having the busy-doing attitude versus being in the flow. Now, twelve weeks later, my anxiety is basically gone, and I feel more in tune with myself, my intuition, and with Spirit. There are things I have been wanting to change and things I wanted to do, and now since working with Julie I’ve been able to make those changes very easily and naturally. The best action I’ve done was reach out to Julie and explore the world of Shamanism with her as my teacher. She truly is a gift to those who work with her.

Soul Retrieval in Hawaii
United States
September 13, 2018
Soul Retrieval

I would like to thank you for the wonderful soul retrieval experience! You brought knowledge, kindness and quality to our sessions and guided me to a place of light, love and joy! You gave me back a part of myself that I thought was gone for good! Your nurturing style and suggestions brought clarity and closure, “what a profound shift in consciousness”! I have deep trust in your work and will not hesitate to recommend you to others, so they too, may experience your healing gifts.

Your session with my husband had a profound impact on him. He is definitely more like the Wayne I knew before his illness. Thank you! He is stoked to keep up the momentum and looking forward to journeying!

Graceful Spiritual Divorce
United States
September 12, 2018
Graceful Divorce

I took the steps I had to, with Casey’s counsel, to navigate through a very difficult, private, and life-transforming process. In the end, we didn’t take on lawyers or even consider mediation. I filed the paperwork myself, we amicably divided up our lives and went our separate ways. We still occasionally talk, but slowly, we are moving further apart – as it should be. Our divorce cost under $400. No lie. I’m at peace now, as to how it played out – it wasn’t easy of course, but with Casey’s guidance, kindness, compassion and non-judgment, I was able to navigate thru one of the most challenging times of my life with more grace than I thought possible.

Midlife Dreams - Crisis into Transformation
United States
August 27, 2018
Midlife Dreams and Transformation

This personal retreat was very different from any other workshop or retreat I’ve attended. With the entire focus on me I felt totally supported to go deeply into the work.

Casey offered a combination of real world techniques for difficult situations as well as insight into motivations that drive behavior. Julie offered a new way of working with dreams that reminded me to bring together my waking and sleeping worlds, my inner and outer worlds, to create my own life.

It’s now six months after the retreat and I can still tangibly feel the solid base it gave me from which to launch deeper explorations into who I am.

Turning Midlife Crisis Around
United States
June 8, 2018
Turning Midlife Crisis Around

Casey has been immensely helpful to me in a very confusing and painful time in my life. He has offered insight and suggestions that are totally outside of the realm of what friends or a therapist have been able to offer me. I credit my allowance of new paths opening up to me to the guidance I received from him. Reaching out to Casey was such a good decision for me.

Loving Shamanic Experience
February 2, 2018
Loving Shamanic Experience

I’m starting to learn how to journey on my own to ask the helping guides and spirits for guidance on how to let this shame go. I’m now starting to step into my power, speaking up instead of hiding my emotions, becoming more outgoing and realizing that I need to accept my true self and love my true self if I want that mirrored back to me in life. Since I’m not being so hard on myself anymore, I’m also not as hard on my kids either which has resulted in a lot less of the anger energy and opened up room for more positive, loving experiences for all of us!

A Healing Midlife Crisis Retreat
United States
November 6, 2017
A Healing Midlife Crisis Retreat

I immediately scheduled my retreat with Casey and Julie. I spent 5 wonderful, enlightening, calming and learning days in a perfect setting with two incredibly kind and generous people and a their fun daughter Mina. I felt protected, understood and most of all I didn’t feel alone. Even though I know this will be a long process of discovery for both my husband and myself. I have been given tools to help me deal with each day as they come.

Re-Balancing Spiritual Healing
United States
November 5, 2017
Re-Balancing Spiritual Healing

I began working with Julie in Spring. I was in the middle of major life Transitions and healing from some serious surgery. And she guided me through an amazingly beautiful process to reconnect with parts of my soul and move from reactive emotions to energy emotions. She’s a beautiful, beautiful Storyteller and guide. I am truly grateful for the work that I am doing with her and know that my life has been truly enhanced because of my connection.

Midlife Crisis Affair Help
September 29, 2017
Midlife Crisis Affair Help

There are no words to convey, or any act great enough to express my thanks and gratitude in a way that is comparable to what his teachings and guidance have offered me.

If not for this process, I would not be getting to know myself to this degree, nor would I be able to say goodbye to many of the unhealthy fears and limiting beliefs that I have held onto for decades. I may never have acquired the awareness to go on and recognize my full potential in various aspects of life, or to stand on the peak of a very high mountain from where I could see happiness, trust and love from again.

Midlife Spiritual Divorce
August 16, 2016
Midlife Spiritual Divorce

The idea of a spiritual divorce offered me a gleam of hope and I wrote to Casey asking for help.

It was the hardest time of my life. I was so broken, following Casey’s advice was a leap of faith. But Casey’s insights have proved correct and his strategies have worked. Over the past eighteen months, I have learned to be patient and discovered the rewards of letting things unfold over time instead of forcing the situation; I have become less needy and emotionally more self-sufficient; I have explored new activities and rediscovered old interests. Casey has enabled me not only to get through the pain, but to come out on the other side feeling whole, more realistic and in a better position to start again.

True Happiness - After My Midlife Partner Left
May 7, 2016
True Happiness - After My Midlife Partner Left

More people should know what wonderful work you do.

I have a couple of friends that have asked me how I’ve managed to be strong enough to move forward and be happy so soon after him leaving me. I told them that true happiness lies within yourself and if you need a little help finding it, visit the Personal Tao site.

Additional Testimonials and Review Excerpts

  • Casey’s teaching has transformed my mid-life crisis and given me a faith in myself and the universe and an awareness of my power to create my own world of new possibilities and limitless potentials.
  • I wholeheartedly recommend his writing, his retreat and his sense of wonder wrapped in wisdom with a dose of wit and fun. Onward, and thank you, Casey! You have made a real difference in my life and in helping me get to flow and balance.
  • A place and a teacher like no other. Excellent service that is well worth your time. If you are unsure of what is next in your life or where you are going, you will find a warm welcome in Casey and a beautiful local to explore your path. His ability to conceptualize the different angles and shapes of a situation provides the kindness and comfort needed to explore your own life in a way never imagined.
  • An Angel on Earth I was blessed by finding Casey’s web site on the internet. Just talking to Casey on the phone gave me so much comfort that I knew that I needed to fly to Hilo to meet him and attend his retreat. Casey is truly a gifted healer. He shares his knowledge and wisdom in a simple and humble way.
  • I love Julie’s Conscious Dance. Peace, joy, contentment, and wholeness is what I feel at the end of a conscious dance. Julie allows participants the solitude they need to explore their inner dance journey, and at the same time, she can connect participants as a group. Julie, thank you for your heartfelt commitment to Conscious Dance!
  • Wow…thank you so much for a great two hours of music, movement, and joy! It’s such a treat for me to be able just to open up all the channels and move to music; grateful. I haven’t danced that freely…possibly ever. Thank you for creating the space for me to be able to release.
  • Thank you again. I felt an incredible connection to and pleasure with being in my body when I danced. I have little memory of feeling quite like that in this lifetime. It is wonderful and deepens my desire to keep that connection.
  • Wanted to express my appreciation for your wonderful gift of dance to me. The workshop took me deeper, and the unconditional love from my peers will begin to allow the process of self-acceptance.
  • I just love what it (movement meditation) does. And you’re great in showing us the PRESENCE to do it…I’m going to twirl everywhere I go now, who cares!
  • He can make you smile, he’s a funny guy, but he never makes fun of you or anyone else. You’re safe because he’s a real participant. Maybe that’s a clue, because when the reader/helper/therapist/analyst/caregiver claims or pretends to be separate from the subject, – uninvolved, neutral – they are not able to be as sensitive to the feeling inside the process. There is no such thing as neutral, in my opinion (and I was an art therapist for 15 years). Here there is no pretense of neutrality; you are working with a magician, a magician with the discipline to maintain his own good heart.
  • Casey “reads” people deeply, and very little gets past his scrutiny – so one has the sense of being completely “seen”. He gets past social masks and defenses, and gives people a sense that they can be open and honest- first with him, and ultimately with themselves. Even when the feedback is difficult or challenging, he is attentive and supportive, guiding people through their process as if he is a type of “midwife” coaching them through their own personal “rebirth”.

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