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Safely Walking Me Through a Spiritual Divorce

During the past three months you have been extremely helpful. Through listening to me you really helped me understand the process me and my wife were going through. You really listened and taught me how to handle my very intense emotions and feelings. It was very important to have you during this part of my life. You gave me the confidence to talk to you deeply and honestly.

Every time I needed to talk about my very intense moments you were there just a phone call or an email away. Your assessment and understanding of what was going on was very gentle and precise. Through our conversations I was able to sort out deep feelings of confusion, frustration and pain. I was able to help my partner go through the process smoothly and without major obstacles.

I was able to apply your very sincere and strong recommendations of acceptance and patience. I was able to establish the balance in the whole family. After all you guided me to become a better person, stronger and to start living with my heart.

Safely Walking Me Through a Spiritual Divorce
Safely Walking Me Through a Spiritual Divorce


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Midlife Crisis Marriage Problems

One day, 8 years ago, a day like any other day, my wife for 30 years told me that she was not happy, that she had met someone else, and that she wanted to split and start a new life. I could not believe it, but I knew she was serious about it. Until that moment, I was 110% convinced that she could not be without me. At that precise moment, my entire world collapsed, and my heart got broken in so many pieces. It was impossible for me to accept her leaving. We continue living together for a while, thinking that it was better for our son, but she continued to move ahead in her own life. Then I understood that she was, in reality, looking for herself. I was so desperate; I did not realize how I would be able to continue my life without her because, for me, she was my life.

One day I found an article talking about a similar situation and middle life crisis, which made a lot of sense for me. It was Casey’s. I send him a message explaining to him that I was in a similar situation and would like to talk with him. I was so surprised when just some hours after I received an answer saying that of course, he could. From that moment, Casey’s wisdom, patience, and love guided me to a new world: the real world. The world that our conditioned minds do not want to or cannot see. A world of no judgment, awareness, and love. The three elements that allow us to open our hearts and see with different eyes and to connect with ourselves and others in a completely different way.

It took me several years to accept and release, it was my own time, as Casey used to say, and he was there patiently waiting for me. Three years ago, while I was still finalizing the process, I met Mariana, and we started a long-distance relationship, and we will now be getting married soon. If I had not been able to release, if I had not been able to connect in a different and deeper way, if I had never got to understand what to be aware was, I don’t think I would have even met Mariana.

Thanks so much Casey! For being there for me and others. Thanks for your infinite patience and love.

Midlife Crisis to a New Marriage & a New Life
Midlife Crisis to a New Marriage & a New Life



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Solving Relationship Problems

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