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Saving Our Midlife Marriage

I recently came back from a Personal Tao retreat with both Casey & Julie. I attended the retreat with my husband. The experience was invaluable and we will hold the teachings with us forever. This personal retreat came at a time in my life where I needed it most. Casey & Julie are wonderful listeners, provide teachings catered to a person’s specific needs (including chronic physical pain) while gently remaining in tune with the emotional needs of the participant. I found that not only has the retreat helped strengthen us as a couple, but it also strengthened me as an individual. The Personal Tao retreat has allowed me to explore my spirituality and allow for great personal growth. I would recommend a retreat with Casey & Julie to anyone who needs guidance when at a fork in the road, for person(s) looking to expand their spirituality or guidance at any point in life.

Saving Our Midlife Marriage
Saving Our Midlife Marriage



Graceful Divorce

I took the steps I had to, with Casey’s counsel, to navigate through a very difficult, private, and life-transforming process. In the end, we didn’t take on lawyers or even consider mediation. I filed the paperwork myself, we amicably divided up our lives and went our separate ways. We still occasionally talk, but slowly, we are moving further apart – as it should be. Our divorce cost under $400. No lie. I’m at peace now, as to how it played out – it wasn’t easy of course, but with Casey’s guidance, kindness, compassion and non-judgment, I was able to navigate thru one of the most challenging times of my life with more grace than I thought possible.

Graceful Spiritual Divorce
Graceful Spiritual Divorce


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In a 75 year study of happiness from Harvard shows that it comes down to our relationships as being the most important factor in a person’s happiness in life.  A Personal Tao includes learning how to explore our relationships to help improve the flow of your life. Let us help you strengthen your relationships. We have been helping people solve relationship problems for 15 years.  These relationship articles will give you a new perspective on how to grow, repair and improve your relationships.

Solving Relationship Problems

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Relationship Balancing - Helping Couples
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