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Alternatives to Divorce

Alternatives to Divorce

Nothing instills fear like the prospect of a divorce. Midlife crisis brings up the possibility of midlife divorce. When facing the fear of legal separation Julie and I can help you find answers. Understand, alternatives to divorce do exist. More…

Helping Husbands and Wives Through Crisis and Change

Helping Your Partner in MidLife CrisisHelping Your Partner in MidLife Crisis I get quite a few emails from partners of people experiencing Midlife Crisis. This article is for all partners: wives, husbands, married or unmarried to help you successfully navigate…
Relationship Balancing

Relationship Re-Balancing

Balance in a Relationship The simple truth is that being in a good relationship extends and expands our life. While being in a bad relationship shortens and hampers a person’s life. It’s hard work being in a relationship. People change…
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Midlife Relationships

Introduction to Midlife Relationships Midlife crisis changes a person’s life in many profound manners including how they connect to other people. As midlife changes a person, it shifts who a person talks to for insights in life. A person in…
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Spiritual Divorce

A spiritual divorce is an elegant and alternative solution for handling marriage problems. Different options exist to guide relationships through their troubles, and some answers aren’t obvious at all. One option I have created for my clients is Spiritual Divorce.…

Coming to Terms with Death

<Prev | Book Index | Next > Introduction to DeathFacing DeathPersonal Tao - Chapter 26 - DeathNo Words for DeathIntroduction to Death The feeling of death, confronting the emptiness left behind, is a challenge for each person. No words will…

Expectations and Marriage

Marriage is all about expectations and then meeting those expectations. Marriage is a mixture of social, family and personal expectations all bundled together. Conflicting expectations often will break a marriage when two people don’t address conflicting expectations. A Question About…
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A Romance to Last Forever

A Relationship is Mind, Body and SpiritBe kind in a relationship by being active in all three aspects of your life: Mind, Body and Spirit! They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. Oscar Wilde A Lasting…

In a 75 year study of happiness from Harvard shows that it comes down to our relationships as being the most important factor in a person’s happiness in life.  A Personal Tao includes learning how to explore our relationships to help improve the flow of your life. Let us help you strengthen your relationships. We have been helping people solve relationship problems for 15 years.  These relationship articles will give you a new perspective on how to grow, repair and improve your relationships.

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