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If you are dealing with a partner who is in the process of leaving or has just left: here is some quick but powerful advice to help you turn around the despair you feel.


When Your Partner Leaves – Part 1 – Introduction

1) Coming to Terms: Release the Feelings of Guilt
2) Don’t Play What if Games.
3) You are not Your Partner’s Healer Now.
4) Don’t Try to Support a Partner that has Left Emotionally.
5) Work on Yourself.

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When Your Partner Leaves – Part 2 – Communication

1) Communication: Less is More.
2) Give Space
3) Will They Come Back?
4) How to Balance the Game.
5) Take the Time to Grow.
6) More about Communication.

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Understanding a Spiritual Divorce

A spiritual divorce is an alternative solution for handling marriage and relationship problems.

Different options exist to guide relationships through their troubles, and some answers aren’t obvious at all. One option I have created for my clients is a more spiritual separation process. This process has an amazing success rate for repairing friendships when they have reached a point of breaking.

21 Minutes Long, 30 MB in size. Cost $3.95 US

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