We get a very common question:

Can you help my husband / wife in my relationship crisis?

To ask for help for your husband or wife within a relationship crisis is to ask for help yourself in relationship crisis.

relationship crisis
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If the person you love is going through a midlife crisis, then also read more about helping your midlife partner change.

  • A truth of help: You can help a person who asks directly for help, but rarely directly help those who don’t ask.

This means I help those who directly ask me for help but never a person who doesn’t directly ask for help. We help you instead to shift and find centering out of the chaos you are now within. Our process isn’t about marriage counseling. Instead, Julie and I are spiritual guides helping people discover kindness and how to resolve transformations peacefully.  We can help you grow directly from issues being revealed by the relationship crisis at hand.

The process we use is to assist you, the person asking for help, build up inner strength and confidence so you can improve all aspects of your life.

  • It’s always up to you to take control of what happens now.

If you do nothing, when having a relationship crisis: then the reflection of crisis defines you through the breaking of the relationship.

Rarely do people lead “happy” lives when letting crisis control their destiny. But this is a choice many people take. Instead, choose to control your destiny. We also have to keep in mind that the history of many families often cause individuals to play out more complicated journeys. So at times, people choose crisis as their path. We have to respect each person’s journey and what has happened up to this point.

  • Everyone does have the option to work on themselves first before tackling a relationship crisis. Ironically,  this can turn interpersonal earthquakes into personal transformation events to make life better!

Moving Past a Relationship Crisis

By helping the person who asks for help, we can help awaken a partner in crisis to also ask for help.

The first step in helping a partner is often helping you to grow, to become fuller, to renew your strength. Your growth is their growth.

The harder truth is: sometimes by growing so much; a person may not choose to not take the partner back, because of the opening into a new life which is better.  Some people don’t tackle personal problems because deep down inside they fear, the best and most graceful answer might be to leave the relationship. This is also why at times a co-dependent partner will try to talk you out of help to prevent you from leaving.

In all cases, helping the person who first asks for help to find new strength: is the most spiritual and graceful path ahead of resolving a relationship crisis.

The simple truth is this:

If you want to keep a partner, you have to be willing to accept and let them go fully now. Look into your heart, learn from the mistakes made, making corrections, so the relationship more closely follows to each person instead of outside ideals.

Some people don’t seek help: they value relationship more than their happiness: unconsciously knowing to be personally whole might let the relationship be over.

Don’t try to find wholeness within a broken relationship, instead start personally looking to your own core self.

Working on yourself during a relationship crisis is a very hard choice to make. However, working on yourself is very practical since you will not find wholeness from a broken relationship.

We teach the person asking for help since by asking for help, you have stepped up and are now ready to work on your side of change. In this manner we know for sure our process will help you find wholeness. This is the seed starting to make a larger difference and then in time these teachings improve, repair and lead to fuller relationships.

Things don’t magically become easy. Yet Julie and I know from experience: those who accept their heart always grow to live fuller lives. It’s a most amazing path to explore and this path of kindness is our personal choice how to teach and show others how to resolve relationship crisis.

Release is the key to unfolding into true relationship.

Release is accepting and moving with heart.

To do this means releasing your own heart to also be free.

Discover you don’t have to be alone, in figuring out how to improve your relationship.

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