What is Destiny Coaching?

In spiritual teachings and destiny coaching we refer to destiny as when the body, heart, and mind are connected and in motion.

A simple example of this would be, I think I want chocolate ice-cream with my mind, I feel passionate about choosing chocolate ice-cream with my heart, and my body physically goes into the store and buys some chocolate ice-cream and eats it!

This may seem simple, however, for most of us, it isn’t. We find ourselves thinking we want chocolate, feeling passionate about vanilla and then selecting the strawberry. In more than one way, we are fighting ourselves. This disconnect plays out in our work, relationships, and day-to-day lives, wasting energy, losing power and distracting us from living a life we love.

Destiny coaching helps you align your thoughts, with your feelings and physical motion so that you are moving through life in a connected, soulful way. We have all had moments like this, where everything aligns, and we feel joyful and free! Destiny coaching helps us live these moments more and more so that we live a life we love!

Destiny Coaching

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Destiny Coaching for Relationships

Think about a relationship in your life.

How does your body respond? Do you enjoy being physically present with this person?

When you are with this person, do you feel energetically charged, imbalanced or drained?

And, do you think fond thoughts about this person or criticize and judge them mentally?

If you’ve recently had a significant other leave, you may find these two audios we created called When Your Partner Leaves – Part 1 and Part 2- Communication helpful.

We also have a video called Love, Soul Mates & Finding Your Life Partner as well as a free video called Be Kind to Yourself in Relationships. These audios and videos are a great place to start. Many people we work with start with our audios and videos.

Then, if you feel you need more guidance and support, contact us to schedule a one-hour session. Destiny coaching guides a person’s body, heart and mind to align in a relationship so that more and more, the relationship you are in as well as the relationships you choose, are conscious, connected and fulfilling!

Destiny Coaching for Work

Now, think about the work you do on this Earth.

How do you feel about it? Is it fulfilling? Does it energize you? Do you feel passionate about your work?

Does your work allow you to be physically healthy? Or, does your body complain at work? Do you develop migraines and stomach aches when you go to work?

Is your mind clear about making daily choices at work? Or, is it a doubtful, worrisome mess always wondering if there is some other work you are meant to be doing?

We’ve created a video called How to Retire Early in Life that we recommend watching if you are considering destiny coaching or simply curious about our approach.

Destiny coaching helps a person shift within their work onto the next stepping stones gracefully, connected to your passions, living a life you love!

Email us and we’ll help you move more gracefully in life.

Destiny vs. Fate

From a shamanic perspective, fate is what happens to us when we don’t act within our power. On the flip side, destiny is the motion that takes us to a higher self, connects us to the larger universe while creating a pathway for us to shine.

Someone asked me recently if you need to be physically fit to have a strong spiritual life. Interestingly, our physical body does impact both our fate and destiny.

Most of us walk through our day disconnected from the needs of our body. We think about going to exercise, feel like staying home and then go sit in the park. Our thoughts, feelings and physical motion are not aligned and we lose our flow and focus as we are ping-ponged around and about throughout our days.

People believe they don’t have a choice relative to their fate, that fate happens to us outside of our control and we have to accept it as is. This is not the case.

Fate is what happens to those who move from a disconnected body-heart-mind. When moving from a place of disconnect we are more likely to hurt ourselves and others. Hence, many people live with a physically weakened body that complains and then limits their options.

Destiny occurs when we are inspired to go for a walk in nature, where we have the strength to go for that walk, have the presence of mind to see the connections around us and a strong spirit allowing us to embrace new options that arise from the walk. Spiritual practices, such as meditation, help us strengthen our mind and spirit so we can have more and more of these connected moments as we move in life.

When our body-heart-mind is aligned, we move along the path of our destiny. When we are weaker or unbalanced, then a person often has to accept what happens to them as their fate. Given a choice, it’s more fun to strive for your destiny rather than get limited to your fate. So, it ‘s important to strengthen your physical body through exercise, nutrition and sleep. There’s always something every one of us can do for our body!

Now, typically, a person may be weak in one aspect of themselves and strong in another. Maybe we’ve always had a challenge taking care of our physical body. Maybe our energy and emotions are often unbalanced. Maybe we are one of those people who live in our minds and thinks all the time. This creates a challenge in balancing out our actions and it’s important for us to keep our body-heart-mind aligned so we can smoothly shape our destiny over tripping into our fate.

Whatever the case may be, once we realize who we are, we can start shifting and connecting our body-heart-mind in more and more moments.

A little help goes a long way in smoothing your path ahead.

Moving Towards Destiny

Body Questions

Am I getting a good amount of exercise? Not too much, not too little.

Am I eating as healthily as I can today? Consider increasing organic and local food options. Consider reducing sugar, processed and fast food.

Am I sleeping well and getting enough physical rest?

Heart Questions

Are my emotions balanced today? If not, do I have tools to help re-balance them?

How is my energy today? Consider including an energy practice in your life such as Qigong, Acupuncture or Reiki.

Mind Questions

Thought Check: What are you thinking right now?

If thoughts are seeds what are you planting in your garden? Is it what you want to grow and harvest?

Find ways to check in on your thoughts throughout the day. Maybe set a timer or put reminders in your calendar. This practice assists us in breaking habits of negative thought patterns. Do we get sucked into the collective sabotage, judge ourselves or complain? See if you can transform these thoughts, replacing them with a different possibility, a positive spin.

Hold the world you want to create in your thoughts more and more. If you think it, it will come.

Balancing Body-Heart-Mind

By taking good care of the body, maintaining and building energy as well as keeping our thoughts clear we will experience more and more moments where we are being the person we want to be, have the energy and emotions to support this person and the clear intellect to follow our destiny.

Destiny coaching helps balance body, heart and mind more and more to live a life you love!

Please contact us to schedule your initial hour-long private destiny consultation session via phone/Zoom. Cost $150/hr

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