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Whole Life Healing

Whole Life Healing

Learn how to heal yourself. Healing is to make whole and takes into consideration the body, mind & spirit. Here are the baseline truths in healing yourself.
Working With Pain

Working with Pain

Pain is a powerful force that drives people to hurt themselves more. Learn how to combine meditation with the sense of pain to better navigate life.
Meditation Introduction

Exploring Meditation Class

Learn two different styles of meditation. Explore the tricks and tips to help your meditation practice become expansive and efficient.
Shamanic Coaching & Transformation

Spiritual Coaching & Transformation

Shamanic Coaching & Transformation is a six-week course teaching important shamanic principles for transformation. Go Deeper into Shamanism.
Finding Peace with Anger and Anxiety

Resolving Anger and Anxiety

Anger & Anxiety are more complicated than the common perception of their nature. An online Course about working with your anxiety and resolving anger.
Essence Layers

Exploring Essence

Essence is our baseline and foundation to our soul. It's the engine that drives our spirit. Essence transcends each of our stories to make us unique.
Blessing and Prayers

Shamanism Foundations

Shamanism Foundations is an introductory course exploring Shamanism as well as helping you develop a personal shamanic practice.
Tao - Yin Yang of Life

Taoism Introduction

Explore Taoism! 10 hours of recorded online classes. 9 classes that reveal Taoism and how to live a better life using Taoist teachings.