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Revealing Essence

One of the most powerful teachings is to show a person their essence. Taoist practices work and revolve around essence. One of the earlier steps in our teaching a student is to help them find and then see their essence. Once you know your essence, it explains many of your mysterious actions and desires.

Watch our 2-hour video to learn more about your essence and a second 1-hour video about kindness.

We will go over

  • The nature of our essence.
  • Walk through two examples of revealing a person’s essence
  • Explore how essence impacts our relationships
  • Explore our essence impacts how we move through our life’s stories.
  • Exploring Kindness in the Second Video. Kindness is acting to essence!

Let’s start with a general overview of the nature of essence!


What is My Core Essence?

Core essence is what makes you uniquely “you”, and is what separates each person in their individuality.

I should tell you what core essence isn’t.

It isn’t your story. People will search for their essence over decades due to the mistake of thinking their essence is a story to complete. This will keep a person chasing an entire lifetime after ever-shifting stories.

Here is a starter answer:

Core Essence is your style. It’s how you express your stories.

Core Essence is your spark that continues to burn after each story you fill out in life. Look at two twins, identical down to the genes, yet each one is a very separate person with a unique style of expressing themselves in life.

Essence is a profound word: the engine that drives our souls. Essence transcends each of our stories and follows us no matter which forms we may take. To see and accept the essence of another is to have power in how you work and flow with another. To embrace your style is to never work against yourself. Essence can have other meanings, but for a human being, this definition of style will take you far.

Too many people lose their essence by letting the story take over their style. Letting a story overwhelm your style is to lose touch with yourself. Losing oneself to a story is the classic trap where work becomes more important than living your own life, where a relationship overshadows your individual needs, where expectations are a whip, and you are no longer in control of your life.

Now surprisingly, while our core essence is beyond words (words are stories after all), it’s often possible to summarize our core essence into a simple statement that is highly accurate to capture a snapshot of our unique nature in play.

Here is a small sampling of some core essences I have had the fortune to see in others:

  • Teaching Kindness
  • Building Clarity
  • Striving for Success
  • Three Steps Ahead
  • Creative Play
  • Freedom to Explore

These statements are not the core essence itself, but instead, they capture the style of how a person’s essence plays in life itself.

If your essence is “playful freedom” you won’t be delighted trapped in a life story where another is abusing you. If your essence is “Outstanding Dark Horse,” you won’t be happy in a tale of a life where you are ahead all the time. Discovering your essence will unravel the mysteries of your actions and explain the mistakes you make.

Understanding your essence will help you flow with more grace in life.

If you want to arrange a session with us, Julie and I can help you find your essence. It’s a special service we provide to help people live more gracefully.

This process we teach will help you expand spiritually. Revealing your style will open up options and clarify which choices move your life more gracefully. With working in essence, you will then begin to see how life flows around you. It will clarify why people do what they do, and it will connect you to the world more deeply.

Shamanic practice is one that teaches you to see the essence of everything around you. In seeing the essence of something, you can then move and work with it with grace; you can relate to each living being rather than working against life. If you want to work in a soulful manner in life, then the truth of the practice is to flow and work with the essence of everything that intersects your own life.

One of the deepest parts of a Shamanic practice is learning to connect, see and work with essence.

Essence Layers

Layers of Essence

We have layers of essence that entwine and merge to complete us as a person.

So our core essence is what makes you uniquely you. However, the strands of other parts of our nature are entwined around the core essence.

Some words are fractal; they mean seemingly different things depending on how you examine the word. These are words based on a pattern rather than a result. Essence is one of these fractal words.

The inner definition of essence is the fundamental / core nature of something. The larger definition of essence also represents the layers that also add up to make a person who they are in life.

Look at yourself as a human, and the essence of a human is in holding a story. If you look at yourself in terms of biology, then your essence is a collection of cells & DNA and how the cells reproduce. If you look at yourself as the universe, then you quickly might see your essence as god.

Then there is the problem of labels. Labels are premade of simplified stories. We slap labels on top of everything to muddle the damn definitions, to change them with that label. If you label yourself as Christian, then seemingly, you see your essence as relative to “Christian” written ideals compared to a Hindu who would hold their essence as “Hindu” traditions. Labels seemingly change everything. So much so that we fight wars over trying to common-“ize” these dang labels. Yet labels don’t make a difference since labels are merely a story. Remember, true essence transcends a story.

In Taoism, we talk about True Essence, it is a statement of your fundamental nature and, likewise, your essence at a deeper core level. And then original essence hints at the core to the core. However, if you think about essence, it’s still fractal and all the same. So essence becomes an exploration of the levels of perception now and how it plays out relative to how you ask the question: “what is your essence…”.

So many different ways of seeing the same thing. But it all changes radically depending on how you view it, hold it, or play with it.

For example:

We are an animal, Homo Sapiens. We have our instincts, which drive us to act in a particular manner. Our instincts can be summarized as the essence of being Homo Sapiens.

We are a Human Being, which means we have stories that extend us to go beyond the limitations of our Homo Sapien’s instincts. Each story we hold has an essence within it that tries to define us further. Being a Mother, a Worker, a Teacher, a Sister, etc. all will influence you in the motions through life.

We are part of the universe; we have the essence of the earth in our bones, oceans in our blood, and stars in our mind’s desire to reach out and be more.

We are a mixture of all these essences combined. The core essence is in the driver’s seat to give more significant direction as we move in life. When Julie and I work with a person, we consider this all as we help you improve and expand your life.

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