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Having helped thousands of people over the years, I created a process for a person to understand and embrace their essence. This process helps people resolve problems, remove conflict and live a kinder life.

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Essence Layers

What is Essence?

Kindness is the process of living in your essence.

Living to your essence is discovering how to have a kinder life with less conflict.

Essence Short Definition

For a person, “essence” is:

  • The core nature that makes each person them!
  • It’s your core aspect before the words, even before the stories.

We each have a spark of life: but that spark of life has a “core personality to it”, a “Style, ” and that is your essence.

Essence as a term is overloaded and means several things at once, so understanding essence itself is an art that keeps growing over time.

Essence Longer Definition

Some words are fractal; they mean seemingly different things depending on how you look at them. Each way of looking at the word in the end still is based on the same core truth.

Essence is one of these fractal words.

The inner definition of essence is: fundamental / core nature of something.

If you look at yourself as a human, the essence of a human is their style, in how they hold their story. If you look at yourself regarding biology, then your essence is a collection of cells & DNA and how they reproduce. If you look at yourself as the universe, you might quickly see your essence as God.

Then there is the problem of labels! Labels, labels, labels. We slap labels on top of everything to muddle the damn definitions, to change them with that label. If you label yourself as Christian, you seemingly see your essence as relative to “Christian” written ideals compared to a Hindu who would hold their essence as “Hindu” traditions. Labels seemingly change everything. So much so we fight wars over trying to common-“ize” these dang labels. Labels don’t make a difference since all labels are merely a story.

So true essence transcends a story.

When we talk about True Essence, this is in part what is referred to as being your fundamental nature and likewise your essence at a deeper core level. Original essence hints there is a core to the core, but it’s still fractal and all the same if you think about it. Instead, we are talking about levels of perception now and how it plays out relative to how you ask the question, “What is your essence?”

So many different ways of seeing the same thing. But it all seemingly changes radically depending on how you view it, hold it, or play with it.

🙂 Our essence love it, explore it, play with it! Hold to your style, and don’t forget to embrace it as your essence.

Many times spiritual healing is simply a process of reconnecting to our essence!


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