Embracing Your Dreams and Working with Hope

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Explore, Expand and Embrace
Your Dreams

I am in the business of helping people make their dreams a reality. I truly feel each person should strive towards their dreams.

The 30-minute video posted here is a starting point and a practical guide on steps to make your dreams real.

Make your dreams real by respecting them as being possible. Your dreams sit between possibility and reality. They are indeed a goal to work towards. Take the time to give your dreams extra energy and visualize your goals. When you put effort into a dream, even with visualization, it pushes the dream from merely being a possibility towards becoming a reality.

Amazing Times
for Amazing Goals

These are amazing times, and more people are waking up to be in their power. I enjoy wandering around the web and watching people wake into themselves. Here is a great example: Dreams.

Many of our dreams are about freedom. Here is an important truth to embrace as you work to make your dreams real:

Freedom is being yourself without fear of how others define you.

It’s just about being yourself.


Taking Control of Your Stories

Another option in how to take control of the dreams in your life is to change the way you think about your dreams.

Dreams are a story we desire to become true.

Here is a trap of making dreams true, we often don’t shape our own stories in life!

For instance, the average person often believes what they need is outside their life and currently out of reach, so a person then looks for outside answers. The trap in a consumer culture is to buy into outside stories as a means to replace personal stories. This makes it safe to experience the hard points of life in a story told by another rather than experience the cutting edge of life personally. This creates a vast spiritual business which ironically under-cuts the deeper message of what we are trying to embrace spiritually: how to live life with heart. In the spiritual business, I watch people, experts, guru’s, weave together both wisdom and prattle into pre-packaged stories to sell to people as a goal.

Make your dream real, by taking control of your own stories in life!

As a day unfolds, in opportunity (potential), we each have to make our own story, by living.  It simmers down to:

(1) What story do you wish to embrace? This represents your “potential”.

(2) Once you know your story, then follow your style as driven by your heart (grace) to live to that story.

It isn’t about how good your story is as measured by other people nor by how sell-able your story might be, It all comes down to:

How your story fills your own heart.

If life makes you smile. Then your story is a good one, and you are living well and fully to your “potential”.

If your life doesn’t make you smile, then this means not to bemoan your life but to “release” your current story and try on a new story. If you lack for ideas, this is when people go out to try one of the countless pre-packaged ones the spiritual business tries to sell.

Instead of buying into somebody else’s story, why not use your dreams as the baseline for your stories?

Make your dreams real by making your story a good story to live!

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Mixing Real Life Goals, Sleeping Dreams and Day Dreams

Dreaming and being awake, the boundaries are not as distinct as what people make them be. We can use dreams to guide us in life. We can use dreams to inspire us to do more. Most importantly, we can work towards our dreams, which brings us closer to our essence and living a full life.

Life is not only lived while awake. It’s easy to be too practical and miss adding in snippets of our dreams to real life. We go to places in our dreams, beyond where our feet can roam. Be awake enough in your sleeping dreams to explore the places that float to you. You might say, but I don’t remember my dreams. Well then, you can keep a dream journal and with that gain inspiration over time.

Also, if you don’t remember your dreams, you can instead practice daydreaming. We can use daydreams constructively, and test run ideas as we work at life. While awake, I always daydream and test ideas out. As an idea gets polished out in the daydream, I can later test out snippets in real life.

Two Truths:

  • We can move in life to places dreams on their own never reach.
  • My dreams can go places my feet cannot walk.

We can mix the two sides, dreams and being awake together, which leads to your sleeping dreams becoming teaching dreams that help you find hidden truth in life:

We live full lives only when dreams and being awake are one.

Working with Hope

Hope is the flip side of a dream. Just as belief is the flip side to faith.

A dream is what you strive to be, while hope is what you wish something to become.

This difference is very important since wishes very rarely become true. While I can help you make your dreams come true, since we create steps to make a dream real, hope is passive.

Never Take Hope Away from a Person

As hope doesn’t help a person make their dreams real, people make a mistake to try to take away a person’s hope.

This is always a mistake.

While hope can hinder a person’s growth, hope does serve a useful purpose. It’s a life-preserver to keep a person afloat in life. Take it away, and a person sinks into despair and more profound problems.

When helping a person, let hope keep them afloat as you proactively look for new options.

Empowering Hope

Hope Blooms
Art By Kay Cross

Hope becomes problematic when it is only based on belief (wishes). For hope to grow, you must plant seeds for it to grow from. It requires personal care, nourishment, patience, and encouraging a person to step towards a new destination. Often the new goal has to look a lot like the hope, but it doesn’t have to be the same as the hope being held by the person.

When a person is stuck in hope, while in a hopeless situation, then you can help them kick-start actions that support their hope. Hope is the process of growing potential. Potential is not real. Instead, it’s something that might be. Potential always requires some initiating actions on our part to kick into motion. In this, it’s possible to help to shape reality towards potentials that can support our hopes.

Ironically in doing this, a person does begin to take actions, and those actions help them grow into new answers. To go beyond or around the limits of their hope.

To truly grow, then understand that hope itself alone is not enough. We must shift our potential, shape ourselves to be ready for a change. Allow ourselves to be flexible to shift to changing times, and also present ourselves in such a way so that the world will connect back to our hopes.

Successful Hope is a Four-Step Process

1) Accepting that faith is required to establish a firm foundation. Without a solid faith, each challenge you encounter will tear you apart. This is the step everyone gets right, but strangely most people never move on to the next step.

2) Initiating actions to grow within, and within that growth attract others / outside forces that can be part of your growth. Be patience to allow connections to occur.

3) Now relax and be flexible in your faith. This will enable you to be open and use opportunities as they arise.  Most people stuck in step one never see how simple changes can shift them to the right path.

4) Leap back to step number one, revise your faith as required, and then repeat the loop. Faith evolves and does change. When your faith is static, you never grow.

Most people try to force this to be a one-step process based on miracles. Miracles can occur, but it’s more graceful and more efficient to work with others and steps towards your hope rather than trying to make it all happen at once in life. In other words, when people are inflexible, there is no room for the world to help you out.

This leads to step 0, the very first pre-step, the first two words of step one:

0) Opening up.

We are not alone, but if you close yourself to be isolated in faith: you have no room for outside help to come into your picture of life.

Many people close themselves off completely. This only ensures failure. If you close yourself off, the universe will assume you need no help and leave you alone.


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