MidLife Help for Transformation

Finding help and solutions for a midlife crisis is challenging. At midlife, we become more independent and often have a deep need to find your own way ahead in life. However, many traps exist for the person in midlife crisis. We offer help and solutions for people working to change in their life. We can help you avoid most of the traps while still ensuring your independence and personal development.

Mid Life Counseling with Casey Kochmer

Meeting Casey

Casey has spent twenty years both personally exploring and understanding the nature of a midlife crisis. He works with others to provide an outside perspective and guidance to transform confusion into direction and removes anxiety to reveal clarity.

Help now is all about teaching skills and perspective required to move ahead gracefully in life. For the average person, the process is 75% teaching and 25% counseling. Because of this blended approach, the midlife counseling process Casey teaches resolves out much faster than traditional counseling and is also more effective.

MidLife Help

Grow in Midlife Transformation

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Let Us Help You
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Let Us Help You

We teach over the Phone & Skype around the world.
We also arrange direct personal sessions & retreats in Hilo Hawaii. All sessions are by appointment only.

We will help you discover graceful solutions.

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Casey will teach you how to move around being stuck and turn it all into a time of positive growth. This process not only allows a person to re-balance themselves in the first month but the process also quickly allows a person to thrive during their midlife crisis fully and then become the person they dream to be.

Crisis by definition breaks even the strongest person down. Transformation is the proper path to handling your situation and means learning new ways to grow. This is why a guide is so important now, to show you a path around crisis requiring a teacher with experience to avoid the pitfalls.

Our testimonials speak for the effectiveness of our teaching process.

I can’t say enough about my work with Casey. His intuition runs deep and his ability to follow my process–and be right there with me in a space that sometimes has no words–is astounding. His creative way of seeing things is liberating and life-changing. If you are seeking support and expansion during a period of transformation in your life, and you want someone who will honor your spirit, your process, and your individual needs, please consider working with him.

This process will change your life with kindness and grace. Don’t think you have to do this alone! At times we all need a helping hand at the most critical times of our lives to become the most we dream to be.

We work over the phone, Skype, WhatsApp and with retreats.

Midlife Help

Teaching Life Change

Casey guides others by looking into their life path more closely for clues and markers required in their process of personal opening. From these teachings, a person will begin taking the steps for moving around the problems in their life.

Transformation is the active process of learning how to expand upon your nature to be yourself without boundaries.

Counseling Transformation

I have been helping others transform into new lives for over twenty years now.

So many paths exist for each person to find their way. Many people are not ready and tune out. Many people do just fine on their own, and others are on a cusp, just needing a helping hand to balance on that cusp, for a chance to look around and truly become more.

It can be a trap to be too much the adult. A person will often think they must always find their own way as an adult.

Our society doesn’t help people change, it typically either forces people with peer pressure, medication and pre-package entertainment to become happy little zombies or it kicks them out: as one friend of mine said to be disposable, pushing them to the edge and outside of society.

The point is: it’s a trap to always think of ourselves as always being fully grown. If our nature is to change, and we change every day.

To truly be human is to accept the fact we also have an inner child, with needs to explore and play every day.

Transformation balances your child and adult sides at the same time, throwing away the labels “child” , “adult” etc., to instead define life by your search and actions, not to labels or expectations.

To be an adult is a definition trap that society uses to keep people in line and in a lie of how the society views your role should be. By defining you, you stop playing, you stop trying to change into your nature and instead, stay dutiful, “________” (insert definition here) and constrained type of person.

To those feeling like they have been ‘disposed of” or are having problems with what is expected of you, it’s time to drop that role and just play again. Think about that for a second, if society has pushed you out, then why hang on to a role model which no longer fits your life?

I will give a helping hand to help you discover who you are in the heart, to play and always becoming more in that exploration. To those who are strong enough to do this, they become future leaders. Because anyone who is strong enough to be themselves entirely, by default becomes a role model to others in how to live life.

If you feel you are on the cusp of change, then take the chance to look about, since if you do, you will be surprised at how many options will open up and what potential exists when upon the cusp of any change!

Replace anxiety with enlightenment.
Turn crisis into transformation!

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Email: OneRiverLLC@gmail.com
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All sessions are by appointment only.
Over Phone, Internet and In Person.

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