Here is a collection of online courses to help you learn how to better work through Mid Life Crisis.

Midlife Affair

A MidLife Affair – When Your Partner is Having an Affair

Relationship Advice and Midlife CrisisHelp

Helping Husbands and Wives Through Crisis and Change

I am having an Affair

I am Having an Affair

Midlife Crisis For Women

Midlife Crisis For Women

midlife crisis growth

Midlife Questions- How to Deal with Midlife Crisis

midlife crisis retirement - Retire before 50

Midlife Retirement – Gracefully Retire Before 55

Our YouTube Midlife Videos

Healing Past Trauma & Self-Love

Discover how to recreate your life story and move past old trauma.

Below is a general outline of the 2 hour course:

  • Redefine your stories. Release the echo of abuse and create new narratives for your life.
  • Using motion and personal insights to reinforce your life
  • Using Meditation.  Shifting your mindset to release pain, anxiety, and negative feelings.

Cost: $99

Contact Julie & Casey

(360) 245-6261 USA

All sessions are by appointment only.
Over Phone, Internet and In Person.

We work over the phone and also offer couple retreats!

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