Midlife Retirement

Let’s be clear up front: Taoism has a different approach to teaching retirement. Retirement is not a statement of financial security. Instead, Taoism teaches us to retire to a lifestyle of embracing your essence. Taoism teaches us to retire by 55 or younger!

We will help and teach you how to retire earlier from work.

Retirement by 55, 50 or Before

The simple truth is that you can retire before 50 or 55. Also, a midlife transformation is a process you can harness to help you retire into a better life. Retirement represents a time of life to release from the worker bee grind. For most of us retirement does represent a shifting of jobs, but more importantly, retirement also includes working with new activities to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle. The keyword is “Lifestyle.” From this process, you will discover retirement is all about lifestyle and most importantly learning how to create a lifestyle that you can enjoy, thrive within and use to expand yourself.

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Now the biggest problem is: modern society doesn’t teach people how to retire in grace. Modern society has life divided into two halves: before retirement and after retirement. Splitting life into two distinct halves creates an unbalanced lifestyle. In fact, this approach makes the second half of life a downhill slide into death itself.

Add in the additional problem that society teaches people to give it a 110%, a 125%, to give it our all. The sad truth is: To give it your all, for 65 years, means to be assured of ending up spent out and broken. All too many enter retirement broken, discovering they can’t leave a job, because of needing health insurance to take care of their broken body or needing to make more cash to make up shortfalls.

It’s not possible to retire at all if you break yourself before you even retire. To retire before 55, you need to take care of yourself.

A good 80% of retirement is about positive lifestyle habits and attitudes.

Two Retirement Before 55 Secrets

Retirement Secret #1: Plan and work towards a retirement date. If you don’t work towards retirement, then retirement never happen.

Retirement Secret #2: Start living a healthy, positive, meaningful life now. Living well now is your preparation work for retirement later. In this way when you do retire before 50 you are all prepared to do so.

Sadly all too many following a drumbeat of social pressures, obligations and false assumptions won’t make it to retirement in a manner that will lead to a graceful lifestyle. Ask yourself: how does modern society treat older people? Nine out of ten people I ask this question to will respond that modern society throws away older people pushes them to the side. Modern society does use up and then throws away its older people. Do you want to retire into a trash heap? You can save up all the money you want, but if you are broken by the time you retire, all the money in the world won’t improve your lifestyle or life. Likewise, if your community or surroundings are broken around you, then again retirement isn’t going to be a graceful experience.

To retire before 55, you have held the truth that you have the option to retire before 55!


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How to Retire Early in Life

Retirement is more than a bank account. It’s a lifestyle and a full way to live your life. This video is geared to help you retire before 50, younger and stronger than ever!

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A person faces many misconceptions regarding retirement. In the West, retirement has been made to be all about a “future” savings plan. This isn’t practical nor realistic for most people. Savings is only a small part of working to retirement. Retirement is all about how you want to live when you begin to live as your own person after your mid-life transformation starts.

Retirement is really about learning how to shift your life to be sustainable, beautiful and living to who you desire to be.

The process I have pulled together merges practices from Taoism to modern realities. I teach people how to invest in their lives more than putting money away into an unstable financial market. Let’s face it, the modern financial/working environment is designed to steal both your money and retirement future away. Helping a person get stronger works if a person is 25, 35, 45, or even 65. The time required is really dependent on how great of a change you are working towards and how much healing you might need to get stronger for when you plan on retirement. The process adapts itself to each person’s situation. I feel anyone 40 years or younger should be able to retire before 50. I also know from experience, if you are older, you can still make huge changes in your life to improve how and when you retire.

Trying to force your retirement any further out than you need is just that much more time you are taking away from your own life.

It’s all about investing into your own life, working to improve how you live and developing the skills you need to retire into as a stronger person.

I am tired of watching people work themselves to death; it’s time to begin teaching others how to live their lives gracefully and retire to that graceful lifestyle.

Smashing Retirement Misconceptions

1) Retirement Doesn’t Start at 65.

65 is an arbitrary number set by the public government. Sadly the government will push the retirement age out further for financial reasons.

My personal goal was to set my retirement age to 55. My actual retirement age was 47. Many people retire before 65, and some people who love working a standard job will work beyond 65.

midlife crisis retirement - Retire before 502) Retirement Timing is not Fixed

It’s easy to think of retirement as something that happens far out in the future. So far out that you don’t need to think about it now, and the time to plan retirement is for later. This perspective causes people to push off retirement. When you push off retirement, it simply goes further out.

The fact is you need to do the exact opposite: set early goals for retirement and constantly revise your plans as you go through life.

If you set a goal, you can beat your goal. If you don’t set a goal, you will forever be chasing the hope of retirement! Never underestimate how life challenges and inconveniences will always give you excuses not to start working towards your retirement. If you don’t start working towards retirement, it simply won’t happen.

I was able to retire at an earlier age because I actively set a reasonable baseline. Then I constantly revised and modified how I lived and worked against my life and circumstances.

Retirement doesn’t happen in the future! Rather, all of your actions accumulate over time to add up to your retirement later.

You have to start living for your retirement before you retire!

3) You May Retire More than Once.

Actually, if you retire younger, chances are you will reinvent yourself more than once. Each reinvention point is retirement from your older life into a newer life.

I hope to retire a dozen times in life and explore life fully before moving on to spirit at 120.

4) Retirement Doesn’t Mean not Working.

Life always will have elements of work in it as we push to live. To think you won’t work again isn’t a practical truth for most people. Rather retirement represents the time in life, where you stop running the rat race and start running and living as your own person.

What is Retirement?

This is the biggest issue: most people really don’t understand what retirement represents. Most people assume retirement is when you leave the job market.

I’m going to repeat this over and over again because it is so important!

The true definition of Retirement.

Retirement is when you start living life on your own terms.

If you only work towards not working, you will miss many important personal development steps within your life. You will retire and then feel empty. This is one reason many people do head back to work since work has become their life’s meaning. The ironic twist of fate in the modern consumer society, to work so hard that you have only trained yourself to be a worker.

All too many people don’t know themselves. It’s hard to retire when you don’t know your essence.

One of the first steps of retirement is to train yourself to do activities other than work.

Embrace the first step towards retirement is taking time to discover yourself!

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Re-Define Your Understanding of Retirement

The reality is humans don’t live through two halves; rather humans live thru three distinct phases. The first phase runs to roughly 40 years old is when a person is active in society and raising a family. The 2nd phase starts around 40 where a person begins to shift (midlife transition) to take control of their story outside of social pressure. The last stage begins ideally when a person is in their 80’s and is exploring spirit and legacy.

Modern Society compresses the more natural human lifestyle into two phases: working till 65 and then spending roughly the last seven years sorting out your legacy. The modern version leaves much to be desired and removes out the entire middle 40 years of being your person!

Modern culture forces people to be average, to shoot for only 72 or fewer years of life. Sadly culture in pushing people too hard, by tricking them into living an average lifestyle, ensures most people just live shorter lives.

Taoism teaches anyone can be exceptional
We all can live to a lifestyle that should support 120 years.
(Well technically really 114 years, but we round up to 120 years since we are optimists in Taoism!)

The truth is to live an average lifestyle is to rob yourself of 40 or more years of an exceptional life to explore.

From a Taoist perspective, a person should retire before 50, to live and embrace a full 40 years of the 2nd third of life. The reality is the 2nd third of life represents a rich, healthily robust, 40 years of being in your prime! Then within the last third life, 80 to your final years, is a sublime exploration of what you are regarding spirit, taking time to polish up and refine any legacy you would like to leave behind.

The sad conclusion is: modern consumer society steals away most of the person’s 2nd third of life, and just bum rushes a person into to their last part of life as a spent out worker.

It’s time to change retirement:

It’s time to learn how to retire into your life so you can explore and live within a rich and robust lifestyle.

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Learn how to retire before 55 while you are young and strong in yourself. In my twenties working for an uncaring corporation, I saw the life statistics of how short people’s life were upon retirement. The longer you wait, the shorter time you have left to enjoy your own life. I vowed to retire by 55 as a result. Well, I retired at 47, and it has been the best choice I made.

How to Retire before 55.

The first step is an easy step. Pledge to yourself to retire before 55. Take the time to consider that it is possible and to set the intention to work towards actions that will improve your lifestyle.

If you are already over 45, then a second realization is required, it’s possible over a 7 to 9 year period to reinvent yourself. So give yourself these 7 to 9 years to explore and get yourself into shape for a new life, so it will be possible to retire at the end of that 7 to 9 year period.

These are the points that I help a person address when getting them ready to retire before 55. Each point factors into creating a sustainable retirement lifestyle.


  • To retire, you have to aware what a balanced lifestyle looks like.
  • Proper nutritional balance.
  • Be whole in your health.
  • Balancing your exercise.
  • Starting to explore life spiritually.
  • To be active and present in your actions.
  • Being willing to connect to a community.
  • Coming to terms with family issues.
  • Being willing to take time off for yourself.
  • Giving yourself time to find yourself.
  • Taking time to be able to express yourself.
  • Try not to define yourself to a job. Let a job be an expression of who you are.
  • Coming up with a plan of transition
  • Understanding the challenges/traps of each transition point in the process.

Retirement Lifestyle Planning Assistance.

I work with people to craft personal lifestyle retirement plans so they can move ahead to a future that will be a beautiful life to live. Living to only a financial plan will only lead to always worrying since the future is no longer predictable nor stable based on current social norms.

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I find this information enlightening and helpful at age 73.

@Cyrus: Got your note and sent you a direct reply. Will talk soon and help you sort it out. Mid Life change becomes a graceful path once learning how to reorient everything a bit differently.

Thanks for your teachings and counselling on midlife crisis.Iam 47 years old and have been having this condition without my knowledge, which has led to maritial seperation with my wife of 23 years.
I just drop in your web by chance and it has really helped me to see the light and ave discovered the reason why we are in this situation.
Pls send me more information on how to deal with these situation and how to bring my wife back to loving me.
Rgds and God bless

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