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Aging With Grace

CaseyWestern culture focuses on youth. When westerners get older, they beat themselves down, and yet this shouldn’t be the case. Being in my fifties, I can say safely; it’s a time to be even more alive and in my power.

What does it mean to be Gracefully 50?

Gracefully 50 means:

  • Accepting 50 as a point to take control of your life.
  • Not to give your power away to society.
  • Be brave enough to live as you want to live.
  • Being smart & modest while building out the various opportunities that caught your interest, but you allowed to slip away earlier in life.
  • Not letting anyone else tell you how the hell you should be aging right now.
  • Retiring into your lifestyle: to live with style. Not some style determined by fashion, rather being the unique flavor of you.
  • Understanding a midlife crisis means embracing transformation!

What Gracefully 50 Isn’t!

Modern culture treats life as a consumer event. Society consumes you. Once you get too old, you get pushed aside and thrown to the garbage pile. It isn’t graceful to get consumed by society. Once you hit 50, modern culture teaches a person they crossed the halfway mark. It tells you to have to work 15 more years so you can retire to enjoy your last five years. This is all absolute bullshit. You don’t need to play this game.

If you live an average life… you get an average life, limited to 70 some odd years of work, work, work, work.

If you live an extraordinary life, you can go beyond the average! You can strive to go to 114 or even dare to touch 120. You can enjoy the years between 40 to 80 as the prime of your life. Letting 80 and beyond be all about legacy.

Discover Gracefully 50

To live a graceful life is to live a full life, exploring your potential.

Gracefully 50 means not being at the halfway mark: instead, you are solidly in the 2nd third of your life. Use all of your experiences to take control of your life and then live it fully. You have another 30 years to move ahead with your wisdom and dare to be yourself.

All too many people get stuck in their previous years of life. Whoa! How does a person get stuck in who they were?  All too many people let the last  30 years behind them define them by struggling to fit in, to get the job right, to not get fired, to compromise, and compromise to make it all work. People forget how to be boldly themselves within the crush of the earlier life of always having to fit in.

Living to the past at 50 will only lead to you throwing away the next 30 years of your future!

Instead of throwing away your future, the challenge of being Gracefully 50 is to throw away the years of bad habits. The challenge of being Gracefully 50 is to accept you have 30 years ahead of you to be yourself boldly.

Gracefully 50 is attitude that the next 30 years are yours!

Ironically, initially, when acting boldly at 50 will set others around you to chide you, they will say: “Act your age …” and roll their eyes. Well, you are acting your age, you are living and not accepting the status quo nor rules, rather you are status quo now. So be a living example of living well. Don’t let others trick you into false compromise. Do act your age: live with enjoyment and fullness.

Don’t let a youth base culture make you feel old. Don’t let a consumer society trick you into throwing yourself away.

You have a long, rich life ahead, explore it. Don’t trick yourself into thinking there isn’t enough time to make your leaps. Fifty years of experience is a huge asset. Understand, once you reach 50, each person opens up to having their unique path to create. Generalizations at this stage of life don’t work well. Rather be flexible, be adaptable, and then mix in your experience to guide you to better answers and a full lifestyle.

If you are under 50

Before 50 is a good time to experiment and get mistakes out of the way. It’s a great time to play around with your initial ideas of retirement. To save up to 50. Then to re-engineer your life with the resources and experiences tailored along the way to make it all work. It isn’t always easy, but retirement at 50 is very achievable, and I teach people how to do this.

As an example, I set my initial retirement goal to be 55 when I was 28. I then experimented in my younger years to test ideas out and explore various paths. Once I had an inkling of what I would want to do, I spent 16 years releasing what didn’t fit as part of my life and pulling it all together to retire into a very flexible lifestyle, based on kindness, living as myself, outside the 9 to 5 grind. I ended up retiring at 48, seven years ahead of schedule! I don’t have security in something outside myself: rather, more importantly: I have confidence in my abilities. So I know for a fact it’s possible to retire by 50 and live gracefully, even for a person with a very modest baseline, resources, and income.

I am my retirement plan. It’s my lifestyle; it’s who I am. Not an outside managed plan or set of ideals that were forced upon me. Rather every day is unique, with unique challenges, but each day as Casey.

I encourage all readers to find their path to being Gracefully 50.

Being 50 and Aging Gracefully

It’s time to play and take time to enjoy spending time with myself.

The label of being called an adult or mature is not a final marker to a Taoist. Age represents a series of many changes. Every 7 to 9 years, we evolve into a new story to hold. Aging as a process represents a deepening of one’s maturity. Spiritually speaking, we go through many different types of maturity and degrees of awareness. Generally speaking, it isn’t until we hit 80 ish that humans reach a deep enough level of maturity that allows us to better connect to our spiritual form. Pace oneself to work with this fact.

All too many peace seekers try to rush their spiritual development to ignore the aging process. As a result, seekers who rush will miss so many wonderful experiences along the path of life that are the baseline for future spiritual stepping stones.

All too many thrill-seekers consume their physical life. The mistake is to think they peak at 25 when becoming an adult. So those who worship youth push and burn out their physical nature. In this, a person will undercut the chance to live a longer expanded life.

Yes, we do face many misconceptions and traps around the aging process.

Aging is a very important aspect of Taoism. Age with respect, grace, fun, joy -> all focused relative to life. It’s about life!

All too many people think aging is a battle against death. This isn’t the case at all.

A Taoist accepts the image of death as a misperception, an illusion if you will. When a Taoist ages, it’s always a process relative to more fully exploring life. Not because of the fear of death, but simply since the enjoyment of living is part of our nature of being human – > at ALL ages.

A simple secret to aging but one that changes everything. Let me repeat this secret:

The enjoyment of living is part of our nature of being human – > at ALL ages.

Age with style, and you will understand the Taoist approach to aging.

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I love this! Everyone started asking me if I was going to have a party to mark the monumental occasion of turning 50. I kept thinking, what’s the big deal… I will continue living my life as gracefully as possible ~ exploring, learning and living! Thanks Casey!

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