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Spiritual Math

Spiritual MathLet’s look at some Spiritual Math.

0 + 0 = 0

You don’t get something from nothing.

1 -1 = 0

You have nothing if you undercut yourself.

1 + 1 = 2

You become more with another. But also become something new…(and hence can lose sight of oneself.)

Spiritual is all about motion. Math is a model to describe motion.  Spiritual math is all about creating models to show us spiritual motion.

I have degrees in math, physics, and engineering. My favorite math teacher would scream at us. He would throw blackboard erasers to wake us up and equations to make us cringe. Once he tormented us with a hideous beast of a partial differential equation on the board, then he would show us how it would be a more straightforward abstract algebra matrix. The fear came from looking at it from an obtuse angle or making the problem too complicated in the first place. If you only shifted your perspective, everything could change, and life became simple again. At other times he would throw us a complicated abstract algebra construct to wrestle with and then scream it’s 2nd-grade math: erasers would fly, and he would reiterate that we have been doing it since 2nd grade. And to our amazement, he would deconstruct it down to 1 + 1 = 2 again for us. To show we didn’t need to be a genius or have a tremendous amount of knowledge: instead, we had all the tools already to make sense of it all. I will always be grateful to Ron for being an excellent teacher, his lessons ever going deeper than the math.

It was funny that everyone thought I was smart only because I would ask questions that would unravel hours of work. I would only ask questions of what I didn’t understand, which was most everything being thrown around. To be smart is to understand, I wasn’t smart, rather I was brave enough to ask questions when I didn’t understand how something added up and I had good timing to ask the question at the right flow points.

I surprised people when I left academics, but I could see people being too busy spinning in the cogs while missing their own life. I also knew I didn’t have enough knowledge to be weighed successfully against their scales to climb higher in that system. I avoid most religions for the same reason. Religious frameworks are designed to keep people spinning within stories. It’s about holding life against the story or memorizing the stories rather than evolving the stories to life.

Understand that a Spiritual path isn’t a religion; it isn’t a story either; spirit instead is how you move in life. Because of this, math surprisingly matches to spiritual concepts pretty well. So spiritual math isn’t as crazy as it might sound at first.

It took me a decade or two to understand and separate spiritual discovery from religion. Once I untangled away the stories being sold and bantered about, I was able to flow more spiritually in my life again. Don’t get me wrong, we use stories to show spirit, but the story is the challenge, and the spirit is the motion of life that solves the challenge presented within the story.

Many math concepts surprisingly can map to spiritual concepts.

  • A derivative represents the spirit.
  • An integral sums up your spiritual travels into the soul.
  • Eigenvalues can reveal archetypes.
  • Fractals represent the patterns of living.

So many connections exist in spiritual math.

Math is a model; it isn’t life itself. Powerful yes, we can map the world with it.

It may not map out joy, but it can give us insights into how to find ourselves.

So the simple truth is this:

If you are living your life gracefully then life is adding up, and you will have joy.

Advice for living based on a pretty simple piece of spiritual math that everyone can master.

A Final Spiritual Math Lesson

While doing nothing changes nothing, small changes can be powerful. Small shouldn’t be equated with being the same as nothing. People make a mistake to round down small efforts. However, small consistent efforts can be very powerful.

Let’s look at the difference .01 vs. 0 makes in life if you are persistent with your small efforts over a year of time.

Spiritual Math - Small Changes

Small changes can add up in life.

Evolve in life with small changes. Each day work on slight improvements in both your lifestyle and in being creative. At the end of the year, you will be a new person.

Relationship Math

Let’s look at some Relationship Math.

Relationships use multiplication rules.

0 * 0 = 0

You don’t get something from nothing.

1 * 0 = 0

If one person isn’t present, then there is no relationship.

1/2 * 1 = 1/2

You cannot find wholeness by being with another person who is whole.

1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4

When both people are only partially in the relationship, it falls apart quickly

Strangely we need about a 75% (3/4) to 80% (4/5) connection in our relationship for a bond to be strong enough to last.

4/5 * 4/5 = 2/3 

Actually, .64, but a .02 difference between friends is acceptable.  So close enough to 2/3 for paperwork.

More commitment than that causes people to burn out from the relationship (not enough space for oneself). Less than that means not enough cohesion to keep things moving through the hard times. Larger scale studies and my personal experience with working with so many people seem to prove this point out.

But be aware relationships oscillate with how much space we need. At times a partner needs quite a bit of space and at other times, deep reassurance. So that 75% to 80% is an averaged outnumber over time. The bigger challenge is that at times, a partner can be at the opposite extreme of what we need, and that can quickly break apart a relationship.

1 * 1 = 1 ?

Wait a second isn’t relationship = 2

If both people are full of themselves, there is no room for each other.


One could represent a blended wholeness. As I warned earlier, we always need some space to be ourselves.

Relationship Math Dynamics

I have been teaching my daughter 5th-grade math this year. Of course, in my day to day work, I have been helping people in their relationships. As a result, my mind blended the two for fun.

Now relationships are not only about math. People who focus too much effort on pushing their relationship to fit a model will be more likely to force themselves into a broken relationship. So be careful when looking at any relationship cookbook or teaching guide that tries to give a perfect answer for your relationship.

An important truth I want to stress from this: we shouldn’t push for our completion through our partner. This is a hard truth. As social beings, we don’t feel complete often until we are in a relationship. So this sets us up for a contradiction that can break up a relationship. Our partners can help us grow, but they should never be used to complete us. If a partner completes us, then it becomes a relationship of consumption. A relationship of consumption is a co-dependent relationship which over time, decays, and falls apart.

It’s great to feel complete with your partner; just don’t use your partner to define your completion.

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When you develop a pattern tool that reliability predicts outcomes, one must study opposites. Faith & Fear Charity & Selfishness Gratitude & Envy Forgiveness & Revenge Each outcome either produces spiritual pleasure (more truth, growth and meaning) or spiritual pain (less truth, regression and meaning). I believe our conscience is a divinely given engine to discern morals right or wrong. The more we take care of it by obeying it the more sensitive it will become and lead us to more of a sustainable, meaningful and productive life. Joy is another way of saying spiritual pleasure. Despair is another way… Read more »

Some specific definitions I have found:
Faith: Obeying for reasons you can’t think of.
Fear: Not obeying because you feel you are unprepared to succeed.
Charity: Unconditional love for all, no exceptions.
Selfishness: Conditional love for others based on comfort and convenience.
Gratitude: Recognition of the value of your stewardship despite others having more.
Envy: Seeking power over someone else’s stewardship.
Forgiveness: Redrawing personal boundaries to reflect newer, lowered level of trust.
Revenge: Seeking to immorally damage those who violate your personal boundaries.

I can’t help loving this article as an A on Spiritual Mathematics.

I LOVE it, its so simply logical.

I am a spiritual math guy…and i (the small letter i being a great journey!) and your work and your writing blow my mind.

First, I would like to thank you for wisdom, as I follow the tao, more possibilities appear and it’s hard to explain; I feel like you can get anything out of life in every moment…
However, I seem to notice how degrading/negative society is. I’m picking up how what others say seem to have only one reason: to help their ego by degrading things or drawing attention to themselves. Is this why silence/acceptance is valued in Taoism?

Me too. Exactly.

I know that the clean is real, not just some kind of high and I want to make myself like that always. I seem to do better when alone. I think others whom I love are distracting me. Lucky I travel extensively in my work as a service engineer supporting electron microscopes and can find such time. Last fall was harder. But I think it will flow more smoothly now. A lot of clutter still to cut through, but huge steps have been made.

John: You are still on the path of Tao, always accept your humanity, and the power of old patterns and stories to come back into your life. With time you learn how not to be forced by such outside flows but to have more personal control and freedom in how you live. This takes a simpler approach since the more entanglements a person has in life, the more those old patterns will drag you around. It takes time to remove and understand how all of this entwines so be patient with yourself as you learn to flow more cleanly. So… Read more »

Casey, First let me acknowledge that all your responses to my past questions, as well as your work on this site, are greatly appreciated. I have, for the last 3 years have acknowledged Tao, but have been starting to truly follow it for the last year. So my question is, I sometimes will “snap” back to old habits (usually it’s making a comment or expressing a rush of random frustration) that comes out of the blue(usually after a long school day or working on “stressful” things, they also go as quickly as they came). Am I still on the path… Read more »

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