The Power of Release


Releasing StoriesReleasing Stories

Releasing a story is more powerful than people realize.

For example, I taught a student how to release distracting stories this week. In doing so, it opened up a whole new way of seeing life for them. The process revealed all the unconscious stories and wasted energy spent in maintain those stories. It gave them the space to exercise with a newer lifestyle and then expand into a fresh way of holding themselves. In their words:

Just working on my “being” and staying true to my needs – MY real needs.

My stories – some I haven’t thought about or shared for decades – are resurfacing. Yet I’m looking at them from a “new” perspective – and not letting the energy or emotions attached to those stories over take me. This is NEW!

A release is how you create an atomic explosion. It’s a process of getting several atoms to split apart, to release subatomic attachments. Then the newer, smaller atoms cascade apart, slamming into larger unstable atoms; this cascade of breaking releases tremendous energy. So much so, it explodes outward into a new state of matter. Sadly, modern culture uses that process destructively and thinks of it destructively: since it does tear apart the old structure. But this can also be a creative force.

Humans are no different. Stories are what holds a human being together. So when stuck in a bad life or bad lifestyle: the solution becomes to release the harmful stories.

Turning Release into a Creative Force

With modest actions with awareness, we can use the release as a sculpting tool in our life.

Patience allows a person time, time to see all the new angles as old stories split apart. With patience, deeper realizations come to light as your old stories shake apart, and then you can let go of additional stories that don’t serve you. Within that space of release, you can give your energy to the stories that matter and have space to create newer and better stories to live by.

Release opens up a cascade effect of self-discovery

We apply kindness, so the release process isn’t indiscriminate. An atomic blast is indiscriminate; it tears apart everything. Kindness is about essence, focusing on who you are rather than what others try to force you to be. With kindness, we can selectively focus the release towards stories that no longer serve us.

People fear the future because they see so many bad options. The truth is we release the bad options and grow into the better choices. We evolve.

Up ahead as a society, we are approaching times of great release. People talk about enlightenment, about consciousness shifting. This translates into: We are reaching the point of time that collectively, we can release useless social stories. The first step is for you & myself to release our useless unkind personal stories first. The renewed energy we received from this personal story release process leads to each of us being able to reach out and help others, to assist each other kindly remove additional shackles of abusive stories. And then, within the new space created, create new freedom of motion, we can come together to craft new life stories that evolve society into a better place.

Can we fix a world seemingly broken beyond repair? Yes, we can!

The first step is simply: letting go of the stories that hold us back.

It’s that simple.

But it starts with each person being brave. Brave enough to let go of the stories that are harmful or useless. This doesn’t seem to be that hard for a world-changing path.

If you are stuck, don’t know what story to kick away from you. Release that “stuck” story itself. Release thinking that you are stuck at all!

Just begin living again, simplify your life in the easiest ways that naturally come to you. And with each step, each story released, it will re-energize you more and more to allow for ever better improvements in your life. You will be able to dissolve away all the hidden stories binding you. Before you know it, you begin to help others, which becomes part of a larger waking up of our world, our society. As you help others let go of bad stories, this is the collective consciousness point people talk about but gloss over how to achieve. It isn’t that complicated nor mystical. Working together to release the social stories that drive injustice is an efficient and attainable path. At this point, “we”: yes, you and I and countless others will turn around the negative path everyone feels trapped by into an ever more humane place to work together within.

Learning how to release isn’t spiritual mumbo-jumbo whitewash; it’s a practical step-by-step process to evolving a world we want rather than fear.

How Taoism (and Zen) Teach Release.

Let’s look at this more closely today.

  1. Simple doesn’t mean easy! Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it is easy. Learning release for most people is the hardest thing there is to do. It often takes active seekers of the Tao 20 to 40 years to master the process.
  2. To release doesn’t mean – not to learn. Teaching the process of release is special since it requires a special style of teaching. As a Taoist Teacher, I match my teaching to each student. The process requires information to complement what the student knows in such a way to help them let go. As a result, this process is still a process of learning, where a person acquires both new habits and ways of thinking to support living without “burdensome” attachments.
  3. A release doesn’t mean to destroy or throw everything away. Some people make the mistake of letting go too much, Cutting off so much in such a way they hurt themselves and others they love. This is not what Taoism teaches. Some seekers make this mistake when reading some quick snippets of Taoist materials. The path of Taoism also always integrates heart and kindness into our actions. As a result, the process of release that Taoism promotes is very kind and active. One which plays out over time in such a manner to ripple out in a way that considers our place in the heart of being.
  4. A release doesn’t follow a timetable, Yet timing is everything. You can’t rush nor stall the process. Teaching release is an art since timing makes a difference. If you force release, then the release will either break something, or a person resists the release, and it then ironically increases how much effort and time is required to discover personal release. (This is why the process can take some seekers countless decades as a person keeps adding in what they need to know… which ironically then lengthens their process of release) Most traditional subjects can be learned at any time just by increasing knowledge in a metered manner. Release requires complementary knowledge of acceptance (see #2 before) and must be taught in harmony to a person’s life cycle. At certain points in life, we naturally add to our life and seek additional knowledge to become more, and at other points in our life, we are naturally letting go and are ready to embrace release. As a Teacher of Taoism, I oversee each teaching session according to a student’s personal life. As a result of Taoist teaching, even though we are teaching primarily forms of release, we also teach many other subjects to match a student’s life fully. Taoist teachings tend to be holistic as a result. Each Taoist lineage is taking a slightly different approach, but all teaching release in some manner.

    Of Tao.
    Of your way into… releasing into yourself.

    This is why in the stories, you hear about the guru or master rejecting students so often. A guru knows timing is a critical factor in a person’s ability to release into their heart.

I hope to see you on this path of release.

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I have been reading your posts with great interest Casey. I am particularly interested in this: *We apply kindness so the release process isn’t indiscriminate. An atomic blast is indiscriminate, it tears apart everything. Kindness is about essence, about focusing to who you are rather than what others try to force you to be. With kindness we can selectively focus the release towards stories that no longer serve us.* I understand that this is necessary. What I struggle with is not getting blown off course by the reactions of others around me to me focusing on who I am, especially… Read more »

Wonderful post! I happened to read it at the right time just like with all your other posts. :)

Hope your holidays are bright!

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