Challenge The Times


Moving Along in life
Moving Along


Swim across time and space…

Earthrise NASA

(Photo NASA)

We can see our earth to which we root

Or to go to the ends of the universe

We can see the connection of the stars to us.

We can connect back to our innocence.


With blogs, social media, virtual realities, news, stories, the reaching out of our presence… It’s possible to dive into and swim so deeply into that pool of data that we avoid living as the fuller option of connecting us to the reality that the data represents. To swim so deeply to take all that data and fill the emptiness we feel inside that we forget to live.

We all have an empty space:
to fill
to shape
to embrace
It’s the nature of being conscious.

And now back to the mirror: the Internet.
It feels easy to bypass our own actions, use this source of information to find, refine and define ourselves: In a Wiki-reality sort of manner.

We can fly, and we should use the tools we can…but never mistake the tools for the experience *of actively living life*.

In being human, only living fills that empty space that drives each one of us onward to explore.

We are living in amazing times. But our times will challenge us, push us and test us deeply.  Don’t let your empty space be filled and then defined by fear.

As we face the challenges ahead, don’t forget you are interconnected with so much more. That we are actually greater than the challenges, we face. Don’t lose hope, strive to live simply but with compassion. Working it out as how to best live together on a world facing challenges. Living with each other, our world and our challenges. Helping each other live through our challenges ahead.

The path ahead isn’t about endings; it’s simply about being brave enough to face our challenges and then continue to push ahead by living in a manner we will call graceful in retrospect.

Challenge the times with how you live!


In the days
We find time
Time like clouds
moving on by.
In ourselves
We find life
Life as a river
f l o w i n g  t o  t h e sea.
But time and life
on their own
have no measure.
In others we find   
noitcelfer | reflection
reflection like ourselves
gives us m-e-a-s-u-r-e.
From each other
we find poetry.
Poems like our souls,
holding secrets 
only a few may share.
I have known many people
perhaps your smile 
can become poems to share.
I have seen many reflections
maybe yours 
will become clear to me.
Time moves, measured in heart beats.
Within this rhythm,discovering 
the mysteries of the world.

I once heard a quote from an electronic game…

“The measure of a man is in the enemy he faces.”

What a limiting way to see life, only regarding conflict.

How we measure our life shapes our life. To measure life against conflict will mean by definition to live a life of conflict. Most people do this unconsciously, living their life in strife and conflict. How often do you witness a parent forcing their child to do their will? How often do you see rage and angst in being late? How often are jobs about an inter-personal conflict at the office?

Simply put, if you are stuck in these patterns, then the smoothest way out of it: is to stop measuring your life to conflict.

Let’s change the quote to be more graceful:

“The measure of a life is within the challenges we embrace.”

You see all too often people are taught to focus on the conflict rather than the challenge. Or another way to see this: to resolve all challenges with a fight.

Kindness is challenging; Compassion is challenging, Grace is challenging. If kindness is challenging should we then express or process kindness with conflict? No!

In Taoism, we understand how we measure our lives and embrace the shapes in our life. A Taoist measures our challenges with kindness, compassionate actions and graceful motion.

Is it easy? Hell no, because it’s a challenge isn’t it? But the wonderful thing is this: by selecting to approach our challenges in a kind, compassionate and graceful manner, we then live the most amazingly kind, compassionate and graceful lives you could ever witness and embrace.

So here is a challenging secret. Many teachings hide answers in difficult paths and answers (since we as humans love a challenge because it defines us!).

Choose your challenges carefully

Understand that the challenges you face are always yours to choose!

This is it! It’s not complicated; it’s merely challenging. No one ever said a challenge had to be complicated. But again people confuse challenge to be complicated. So repeat reading this whole article and substitute the word conflict with complicated and discover how to work around complicated problems also.

Explore Your Essence

Essence is Your Core Nature

Knowing your Essence
Smoothes Out
Your Life

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