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Is enlightenment a state of transformation?

The answer is yes: enlightenment does represent one possible state of transformation a person can strive towards. Understand countless paths in transformation exist, and enlightenment represents not necessarily a final goal but one destination of many in transformation.

People assume enlightenment is the final goal in transformation. The trouble is humans tend to get stuck in time. Enlightenment itself is a timeless state, and as such, it isn’t first nor last. It merely is one state of life humans with awareness can exist within.

I find it amusing and odd both that people seek enlightenment as a form of transformation. Most personal transformation processes require a person to build up the potential to become something else. Enlightenment is based upon exactly the opposite process. To become enlightened is releasing your potential from one state of awareness into another.

Never seek enlightenment, rather release into it.

This is one reason why seekers can spend decades, even an entire lifetime, trying to find their enlightenment: they are using the wrong approach *** of seeking *** . Literally, enlightenment is an instantaneous process, of simply releasing oneself. Anyone proud about how long they have been seeking enlightenment has totally missed the boat. In fact, there is no boat at all to miss in the enlightenment process.

Enlightenment Quiz

Which statement about enlightenment is correct.

Enlightenment already happened! (Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, etc.)

  1. Enlightenment is happening now! (You, right now merging into total truth)
  2. Enlightenment never happens nor will happen. (It’s human folly.)
  3. Enlightenment is about to happen! (Any day now!)
  4. Enlightenment will happen in the future. ( Once all people truly embrace love.)
  5. Enlightenment will happened. (The wrong tense is purposeful.. think about it)

The answer: Does it matter?

Answering yes, or picking any answer at all, reflects the process of trying to know. The needing of an answer, or even trying to answer my question, in the end, is still a process of seeking.

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Steps to Enlightenment

For those trying to transform towards enlightenment. Here are the steps of becoming truly enlightened

1) Release 100% what you are.
2) Extend awareness
2) Accept the wholeness of what you just became in Release

That’s it…

For those seekers wanting a map, For those wanting “you are here dot” to mark your achievement. Then refer to the previous diagram.

Enlightenment can be quite easy, once you get the knack. Living and the fact most enlightened souls circle back around to complete living out their life on a day to day basis… means living gracefully actually represents the tougher challenge.

It’s not becoming enlightened that makes a person great. (In fact, you have even to release greatness to be enlightened, think about it.). No, it’s how one lives gracefully and to fullest potential that makes a person great.

It could be argued that Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, and other teachers weren’t great for becoming enlightened. Instead, they were great by living: kind, compassionate and full lives through their actions.

People think that finding enlightenment will help them become kinder, more compassionate or more complete. It usually is the case that for many people enlightenment represents releasing old life patterns and within that release discover new options on how to live more gracefully. This then helps open a person up towards a realization of how special and unique living is in its own right. To release what was holding them back and to expand in their nature. Different people need to release different things to grow. Yes, there are some nice standard paths to take, I have found it simpler to help tailor paths to each person rather than having a person force a path upon their nature.

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The Path to Enlightenment

Why do people make (or think ) the path to enlightenment (is) difficult?

It’s simply a reflection of a person’s life.

When making a personal life to be complicated, in reflection typically a person will then make the path to enlightenment to be similarly difficult.

People make an unconscious choice that the path to enlightenment should follow the path of one’s life. This seems to be a pretty simple and direct relationship.

However, if we already are connected, having the “light” within us, then actually no path is required at all to embrace it, all a person has to do is relax and accept it as it is. Since it’s there for everyone already…

So here is the trick of the situation: the path of enlightenment is:

(a) the path to become the light…


(b) the process of coming to acceptance that one is the light.

The core answer is (b) but 99.99 percent of humanity choses answer (a) to get to answer (b).

A fine difference in grammar. This is the “trap” most people fall into. While option (a) is a perfectly valid choice to explore. Option (a) is also the path that takes 20 to 70 years of purification and simplification, practice, reduction, personal rebirth and finally acceptance to reach.

The true “trap” here is not everyone accepts that the light is already within themselves, or they don’t accept that the light is readily reachable. This is trick of ego. Ego has to let go of control in order for the light to shine.

Taking path (b) goes straight to acceptance. However, path (b) will not work, if you hang on to ego. Ego is a very sticky beast indeed. It’s sticky for a reason, if it were easy to rejoin to the light, then most of us wouldn’t stick around to experience all the hard parts of life either. (I hear a few people going “ah” and getting the connection now)

Seems too simple? That’s the point, it is too simple for many people, so instead many people take the harder path for the journey itself. Thats why path (a) is perfectly fine and nothing is wrong for taking it. In fact by taking it, a person does get to experience a whole lot of neat practices along the way to help make the journey more interesting.

This is a core reason why many enlightenment practices teach a person to simplify and reduce down their life to be as simple as possible.

Is this required?

Not absolutely. However, the majority of people who have issues with attachment, typically do require to follow such practices, over quite a few years, to get to the point where they can focus on their inner nature and light.

As I often teach: the path to enlightenment is not a matter of dogma; it’s a personal choice of direction.

Dogma merely provides guidelines and practices to follow to help a person along the way. For this reason, Taoism teaches many dogmas and paths to enlightenment.

I myself prefer option b, which lets me laze under a tree as I watch life bounce about. I have poked about many of the practices within the path of (a) to help sand down aspects of my nature. Which brings up another option (c). You can mix and match (a) and (b) also to get your own version of (c). Live, explore and enjoy life.

Don’t worry about the answers, it only comes together once you let it all go. And there is no rush to do that since we have our entire life to play around within to “get it”.

I’ll be under the tree if you have questions.

Enlightenment Starter Kit

A good place to start finding enlightenment is releasing into one’s own heart.

Some simple dots to consider in finding a heart-centered enlightenment.

  • Isn’t to be turned on:  your heart already beats.
  • Isn’t a destination: it is already within you.
  • Isn’t so many things people insist that it must be, release the insistence it must have form.

Take a sec to connect the dots. Then release the thinking of it all together to instead be present in your core. If you do, it will shorten the journey, and you will have time to enjoy something most people rush on to pass by.

How can one not shine: if basking to the warmth of their own heart?

My friend Chantal sent me this quote to highlight this truth:

“The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.”

–Sioux Legend


Svaha = “(SVA-ha) The time between when you see the lightning and when you hear the thunder” – (Native American)

SvahaEnlightenment can be a flashing moment of insight. Yet, it’s the rumbling after effects of the thunder that does the most work in shaping a person later in life.


People often rush into enlightenment to then ride the thunder. Yet to miss the most wonderful part of the full experience: the moment of Svaha in between the insight and after effects.

One of the most powerful teaching techniques I use is to pause. A pause allows for awareness to connect everything, to pull all the seeming disconnected truths into larger insights. Svaha is a perfect example of pause connecting lightning to thunder. Connecting action to results.

If possible linger in the moment of Svaha. It’s a special timeless moment in which you can see between: everything.

Bonus extra tidbit:

Sometimes the process happens in reverse. Enlightenment is a process of release. People fear releasing so many things in life. This means many potential enlightenment events can instead stir up fear in a person. Fear will cause a person not to release but to tighten up and hide instead. It isn’t until the thunder passes, and a person comes out of hiding they might release in a smaller secondary enlightenment moment from the thunder instead. Be aware that sometimes it’s the thunder itself that shakes a person awake to change.

The point is to be patient with enlightenment, especially around others. Patience and small kind steps are often required to help a person step out from their fears.

Extra Bonus extra tidbit:

Svaha: In Hinduism and Buddhism, the Sanskrit lexical item svāhā is a denouement indicating the end of the mantra. Literally, it means “well said.”

No connection: I just like how certain word sounds can have many meanings.

Living Enlightenment

It isn’t hard to post pictures to show so many terrible things, all happening around the world today. To post such pictures to highlight truth only numbs people. I don’t think people need to be shocked awake.

It isn’t hard to post a pretty picture to help a person find inspiration. To post such pictures to highlight such truth only numbs people. I don’t think people need to be lifted into enlightenment.

Enlightenment is release. You can’t force nor lift a person into it: A person just starts by willing (opening awareness) and then (followed by actions) releasing what doesn’t work anymore to start living a better life.

I don’t need to post any pictures to connect any dots for you. If you are reading my site, you are already waking up.

So the question simply becomes: In waking up, as you begin pulling together a newer life: Are you also willing to release what doesn’t work to make room so you can live that new life?

This is the start of a simple truth that echoes in all aspects of life, your own life, for how you connect and help others, how you explore, grow and help the world also grow, rather than diminish in your actions.

Yes if you are reading my site chances are you are starting a new life. So begin living it as a new life.

If you are still looking for a first step: try this: Turn off the media. Turn on your life.

Release & Embrace

Humans love to embrace stories, since we are all about stories: enlightenment gets wrapped around ever amazing stories of what it achieves.

As a result enlightenment gets lost in the details of the stories. It’s easy to confuse enlightenment for what it helped a person to attain rather than pay attention to the humble nature of release that actually permitted space for your attainment later.

Living to enlightenment is not actually holding onto enlightenment!

So discover a simple process of living enlightenment with the release of baggage (or other “cling-ies” ). Then remember to continue the day to day life with your new revised perspective gained from release.

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Enlightenment is unconditional Love!
It dissolves all boundaries and limitations, mortal to immortal.
The only way to surely know unconditional Love/Enlightenment is by it’s always attendant unconditional Virtues; Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Gratitude, Humility, Charity (Charity is never taking more than your share of anything, ever!), Honesty, Happiness, Faith…
This is how one can recognize the Enlightened!

More please!

I concur. Thanks for the confidence from one to another!

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This clean and clear that I am not saying was enlightenment. I was surprised by it as it was not a goal. I have found this 2 times now and it was exactly as your teachings say, a process of release. Which I was doing with no intent or purpose, but because the concept of release appeals to me. It was ingrained in me through nurture in my youth, I believe. The concept re-awakened in me by reading here. Two times now this has slipped away like mist in the desert sun, leaving me as muddled and unclear as before.… Read more »

The Spinning Wheel of Yin and Yang This unending symbol has many tales to tell Have heard a few but now can see it also spins Like a flywheel with momentum that holds energy And so it tells a tale anew, a story of up and down So high time fades and down time comes around An ice skater pulls in her arms to spin faster Then puts her arms out wide to spin a slower arc But energy remains the same So maybe therein lies the game Pull in to let the down time pass me by And furl… Read more »

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