Learning How to Pause



What is Pause?

Pause is releasing an action or thought in order to create space to become aware.

For some people, the moving of life around them and any rough edges would distract them from learning. We often get focused on the distractions or our thoughts, which then prevents us from seeing the true lesson.  We can pause through distractions, which then allows us to focus on what helps grow most and more graceful paths ahead.

If you can’t pause against simple distractions, then how will you pause against the more challenging chaotic moments of your day to day hustle of life?

The trick is pausing by letting the distraction pass through you in life. Just because the world doesn’t stop around you doesn’t mean you have to interact with that distraction. You relax against the sound of the wind and allow it to go through you. Then within pausing, you can focus on my voice or another aspect of the moment that catches your attention. Do you see the trick now: you can selectively pause. Pause isn’t an all or nothing process; you can partially pause part of your senses or actions to create space for other senses and actions.

You will laugh and enjoy it once you get the knack of it down!

Solve Problems With A Pause

Pause in the Moment

More often than not many problems resolve out simply when you pause.

Yes within Pause.

Often prayer itself is a form of pause, a chance to connect to the larger weave of life. I am more mindful & spiritual rather than religious in my practice of living, but I have come to feel that pausing itself is my style of prayer.

Patience and Pause

Without a pause, it isn’t possible to be patient. Pause feeds into the process of patience. Pausing isn’t about only waiting or doing nothing. When you pause, you are stopping your actions from taking stock of everything. Pausing allows us to be aware of everything!

Likewise, Patience isn’t to just wait. Patience is a form of wisdom that lets a person choose their time of actions. Within pause, you watch and step between the world, You exercise patience within pause to only act, when the timing is graceful to act.

I looked up the definition of patience, and most of the dictionaries define it with improper terms and style of nuance. Patience is a very active process. Since patience means to act with timing that supports your efforts/actions to best return.

Patience goes hand in hand with awareness. Since with awareness, you know when to act gracefully, to act with timing that patience has built up to your favor.

What Does Patience Mean?

Patience, by definition means to act: but never acting to timing that works against your essence. It means to pause and pick your actions with the wisdom of timing. To support your essence fully in the collage of actions, you assemble as your life.

If you don’t know your essence, you won’t be able to act with patience.

If you see a person being inpatient, then know that is a person who is disconnected to their own life. So few truly act with patience since so few accept their essence or their own goals.

Patience at times even can run at a fast pace, to keep pace with changes at hand. But know even when things move fastest, you still follow patience to act with awareness and deliberate precision.

These are times to work with patience. Those who rush will only lose themselves to the pace set by others.

Patience isn’t to just wait.

If you wait past your moment to act, then that isn’t patience, but rather merely losing your moments to be you.

Patience is to flow with your essence.

Patience is Not Static.

Once figuring it out, one might think they have patience down. Until starting something new, only to discover oneself rushing again without it. So what is the trick: how to grasp patience all the time?

I am sure many practices exist. Mine is to embrace time: as being now and eternal in no time. Patience is the practice of pausing now to act gracefully later.

While pausing in the now, time isn’t an issue, so patience comes by default. To a non-Taoist, this won’t make sense, so let’s change the words to explain it in another way:

It’s only when connecting “now” to “future expectations/conditions” that lack of patience becomes an issue.

If a person can remove expectation: then they will also discover patience. A person can just let go and be present in the now: That is patience, and ironically this is also pausing.

Pause Protects You Against the Times

The times are getting chaotic, so let the times be chaotic.

It’s in your own heart that you reflect against the times with calmness.

In pause connect to your own strength.

Pause is part of the answer for how to work in these times of transition. You pause in a moment of chaos to best know your next steps. Never stepping to rashness, nor fear, nor anger, nor any other judgment based action. Be present and then as everything else releases, in your moment of pause, discover the strength to act like yourself and grow.

Seeing the World With Pause

This scene from the movie Cashback shows one thing you can achieve with a pause. You truly can step in between moments of your life and expand into a complete life.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

A little help
goes a long way
in becoming whole.

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This is a wonderful article and the video is incredibly helpful. Thank you!

Great analogy to car gears. I’m enjoying these video posts accompanied by the text. So true that the pause opens us up to the present moment in so many ways of infinite possibility. Simple and profound teaching. I’m going to do my homework!

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