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Exploring Your EdgeWhat is the edge of a person’s life?

Your edge is that line that you cross to feel life.

Our essence defines individuality and our edge is what we sharpen our essence against.

An edge requires both change and a shifting of perception.

Movement is the easiest edge to feel, but it isn’t the only edge in life.   Often for my students, the first thing I teach them is a movement practice such as Qi Gong or Yoga as part of their healing path.

While movement is the most accessible starting point to let us feel an edge, it doesn’t necessarily represent a person’s core edge. Often the hard work in spiritual practice is discovering your deeper personalized core edge in life.

What is my Edge?

Everyone has a unique edge. Don’t try to force your edge to be something you can just look up and hold. Look at your actions in life, look at your patterns, and find the recurring theme.

A simple truth is this: the most common edge is living to the story you claim as yours. Most people unconsciously push against that story, and that is enough to feel and live life against.

Finding Your Edge


The wild rivers up by my home have earned the name of Narnia. I never expected to live next to Narnia. It’s an enchanted place, moving to its own pace. I have focused on hosting retreats, helping students and seekers find peace and strength for their life in this magical place. Too many people have lost control of their pace in life, being driven to the tempo of larger dramas.

I live very quietly. In a simple life, the days flow without twisted problems. The deep truth is this: The universe doesn’t beat or move against drama. Life has its own pace outside of words. Yet humans live to stories. The trap of living to stories is then the drama creeps on in.

I watch the larger world, and currently, modern societies are all abuzz within turmoil. We are within a major transition time for the human world. The current 417-year-old modern society (Based on the founding of the East India Company, the start of corporate power) is desperately trying to survive by becoming more dictatorial. New societies arise out to challenge this old social order. The next 50 years will be filled with turmoil between different social options. But keep in mind: All of this is drama.

There is enough time and more than enough resources to solve our problems. Yet due to greed and the desire to hold power: war and terrible battles will follow the steps of many people ahead unless they choose to release such a path. You still have choices that help lead to more graceful options ahead. You are not limited to the choices your society limits you towards. You can force options back and re-channel society itself.

In such major transitional times, it’s all too easy to lose oneself. Don’t make a mistake to think you are destined only to fight or run.

It doesn’t have to be like this, nor do you have to lose power in these times ahead.

Using Edges In Life

This 20 minute audio goes over what an edge is, learning with edges, knowledge vs edges, traps of assumptions, edges in communication, stories as an edge, edges and Taoism as well as Magic and Edges.

Remember the teacher isn’t your edge, the edge is the teacher.

This is a patron only audio file. Become a $10.00 a month Personal Tao patron to access and listen to this audio file.

Never Make Drama Your Edge

Avoid allowing Drama nor Fighting to define your edge in life. This is important as outside conflict increases, we are being pushed out from our edge more and more.

Just remember a trap when you lose your edge of life, is to create false drama, or get caught up in other people’s drama to feel life again. This is a severe trap because drama isn’t required to live life. Drama takes energy away from living our lives.

So if you encounter a drama queen, then you have met a person who has lost touch with their core-essence and life.  A person who has replaced their edge with something outside of their own life will forever chase false drama. Over time, living a life of drama will undercut and destroy a person.

Choosing Your Edge

When you release drama, the story becomes simple. A simple life in itself is a complete in its style. But without deeper edges that color in our memories, it makes time fly by without feeling life ironically. So there is a balancing act in all of this to help make life complete in what we could call a meaningful manner. People tend to get pulled back into the drama to help color their life. This is a trap. We can live against edges which are not based on drama.

It isn’t as if there isn’t enough drama happening in the world. But you have to be careful not to let that drama roll you into something that isn’t yours to live. Pick your edge carefully since it does define you. Generally,  don’t make your edge a battle, or all you have on your hands is a war to fight. While some edges will become a battle, you can also limit the fights to only the ones that matter. Don’t waste effort on battles that don’t serve us growing or improving our world and life.

Right now, the times are helping others wake up; my edge isn’t against the times, rather, my edge is working on personal healing. It’s a good time to help others grow. To show magic and enchanted places still exist.  Making sure those who I help are in a place to be themselves. Don’t lose yourself to all the edges flying around right now.

Accept Your Challenges & Reject the Conflict

When in human history, have we not been fighting? Our times have been framed by previous conflicts, and new conflicts will try to sweep into us till we feel forced to run through these battles to find our way. But the deeper truth is this. The conflicts you find yourself thrown into are not yours. They are false conflicts driven by greed. Only fight when the battle is yours to fight. Support those you love who are fighting their true fight so they may prevail. Give space and move around those who are fighting false battles.


Most edges in life don’t have to be drama nor a fight.

Also try not to live your life like an epic story.

Work gracefully against your edges, and may you not have to face too many swords amongst the edges.

Why Do We Need An Edge?

Without an edge, we don’t feel our life.

A simple truth: if you don’t feel your life, you cannot properly live your life.

The curious truth is that very few people understand or even know where their edges are in life. This means most people will ignore the signs of losing touch to their life. Then they will begin to get depressed, overeat, get angry, or start activities that work against them in life.

A simple truth is most people don’t realize they need an edge. So, as a result, they never learn to embrace their edge.  Consider this for a moment. Have you ever pondered your edges? Did you know you even had an edge?

Even worse, since being near an edge can be uncomfortable, risk-averse souls actively avoid going near any of their edges in life. Over time this can lead to a person being disconnected from their own life.

In spiritual practice, a person slowly removes all the false edges they had in their life.  Then with time, a spiritual seeker will also see their true edges and embrace them. Finally, a spiritual practice will challenge a person to push against their edges in life to help them grow. As a spiritual teacher, I will teach against the current challenges a student has and then, with time, show a student their essence. If you take away the false edges of life too fast, a student will reject the help, since at first, they still need those false edges to feel life against. This means healing a person takes patience and time as false edges are released in stages to be replaced by a person’s true edges of life.

Inherited Edges

Don’t be fooled by family, social, or inherited drama. It takes five generations to remove abuse and other problems from a family. It has been shown that environmental stress can propagate genetically over ten generations. This means some of the edges you hold, are not your own.  You could be pushing against your grandfather’s drama, for instance, rather than your own. This is important because once you discover an echo edge from a past family member, it becomes easier to release it and find your freedom. You can find many teachings in spiritual practices that revolve around releasing drama from our ancestors or even healing our ancestors of their drama.

Healing Around Your Edges

Our very nature includes rough edges: “Issues.” Everyone has issues to work against. These internal issues often prevent full healing, and yet, they also give a person “edges” to work against to find personal meaning in life.

It’s an interesting paradox to deal with.

Spiritual work includes resolving personal issues. It’s the working towards completion against these problems that gives each person a unique spin to life.

Let’s look at freedom as an example:

Freedom is an inner truth: each person needs to find their own freedom in terms of their life.

Because of “issues”, many people cannot accept this definition. Often a person will try to force a larger definition of freedom on themselves and the world. It’s easier for many to let go of personal responsibility and just live to the dictates of others. But then this just extends their problem, as it means suppressing the discovery of personal freedom! To live to another person’s version of freedom by definition means living to the dictates of another: Do you see the trap?

You cannot force a definition of truth onto another: no matter how profoundly true it might generally be for yourself or many others!

Truth is not determined by weight of public opinion.

Here is an example:

A person abandoned as a child could hold on to the “issue” of abandonment, to the point they can’t leave a bad relationship for their freedom. They may not accept that it’s required to leave and define their freedom in the leaving. The reasons can be many: for example, they don’t want to subject children of the relationship to the feeling of abandonment. In fact: If I were to tell such a person that freedom is an inner truth and described what it meant: They could rebel against the idea and hold on to the bad relationship even harder.

In this very simplified example, a person leaving the lousy relationship doesn’t have to leave their children. Sadly, people tend to clump together multiple situations as if it had to be all resolved by a single action. This causes even more confusion and problems in the untangling of personal truth.

So in this example here, a healer doesn’t separate the person away from the issue. The answer isn’t a final truth about freedom, to simply leave. Instead, discover that the answer is a path. It takes a little work to help discover a way that works against resolving the issues of abandonment also! It’s about teaching a person how to not to trap themselves into prisons of self-judgment and larger statements that bind them down. The healing isn’t to remove the issue of abandonment but to instead work with it to find acceptance. The true healing is a path of acceptance, not the destination in the cure of personal freedom.

Many many variations to this example will exist. I happen to see this quite a bit, but it doesn’t make the problem a universal truth just because it’s a standard pattern. Many people will find exception with my example, precisely because of personal issues. I used the idea of abandonment or leaving a bad relationship because it stirs up issues and serves as an example of how we feel and live to our problems. This example is also so simply stated, that it doesn’t include all the variations of the problem.

A healer needs to be very flexible and understand the variances we each have, and work with that in with acceptance.

For a healer, a larger truth isn’t always the best tool for healing a person.  Instead, the truth is discovered in the process of healing.

Some healers try to cheat by only teaching “truths” since it can pull a person towards a solution. (They do this since it’s easy and it does work for those close to your truth). The problem is depending on the issue; it could also push a person further away from where they need to be.

Healing comes out of acceptance and kindness and to work with that person’s flow of life.

The Worst Trap of Addiction

People will chase addiction as the final solution when they lack an edge in their life for too long. This sounds extreme, but it isn’t, this truth represents natural behaviors people will follow in trying to avoid inner pain.

When a person has lost their edge of life long enough then they will crack their very soul to find it again.

Addictive behavior is the attempt to redefine and feel life by some outside substance or means. Addiction is when a person literally breaks themselves to feel themselves again or to avoid dealing with their edge. In the act of breaking oneself, you then have to lean permanently on outside forces to define yourself against. It’s the ultimate way to lose oneself. It’s possible to heal from addiction, but the price of healing is to become a totally new person.

Never underestimate a person’s capacity to hurt themselves and others when they are desperate to find their edge in life.

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