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Explore Taoism! 10 hours of recorded online classes.

9 recorded classes that go over the aspects of Taoism and how to live a better life using Taoist teachings.

The best way to learn Taoism is to live Taoism. So the classes will be applying Taoism to everyday life situations.

Here is a brief overview of what is in each video.

1) Introduction to Taoism Class.

  • Quick historical review of Taoism
  • An overview of the nature of Taoism

2) The Three Treasures

  • The three treasures: Kindness, Modesty, and Nonjudgment
  • Introduction to spiritual Qi Gong
  • Pacing your life
  • Kindness is not being nice; it is about working to the essence of the situation
  • Exploring essence
  • Nature of our soul
  • Expanding our senses
  • How to pause and expand our awareness

2b) Working with Stories and Releasing Abuse

  • Power is the capacity to define oneself
  • Abuse is taking away another person’s power
  • How to work against abuse and release abuse
  • Using the three treasures to work with abuse
  • Remove conflict by removing judgment
  • Working with kindness, embracing the essence of a situation
  • Defining a new story to release abuse
  • Pacing oneself
  • Meditation exercise to release

3) Wu-Wei, Knowings, and Potential

  • The layers of our life
  • People live to the stories given to them in life
  • The different ways people live to their stories
  • Wu Wei requires a person to flow with their essence
  • Flowing with Wu Wei
  • Using Intuition
  • Flowing with Stories
  • Integrity
  • Working with Pain
  • Working with Potential and Vision
  • Understanding our Knowings
  • Working with our 3 minds
Taoism Class

Taking a moment to flow with life around us!

4c) Virtue

  • The core teachings expand into the advance teachings naturally over time
  • How to flip the teachings into new teachings
  • 99% of Taoism has been lost over the last 4,000 years;
    Yet all the Taoist teachings are still present in the core teachings!
  • Working with Loss
  • Balancing out what we hold to in life
  • How to expand Taoist teachings into new teachings
  • How to find your words: redefine your experiences that don’t match English into your personal language
  • Exploring Virtue – Embracing your inner integrity
  • Virtue relates to Kindness
  • Understanding the Uncarved Block. More about working with potential
  • Exploring the nature of grace
  • How to engage and be active in your practice. Live your practice!
  • Working with the crystal space.Lesson 4c does repeat Lesson 3 materials, but from a different angle to make sure you truly understand these concepts better!

5b) Pulling it All Together

  • Engage your practices so old habits and patterns don’t derail your growth
  • Life teaches you Taoism, not the books. Books are for hints
  • How to find acceptance in life
  • Using “Pause” to change the momentum of problems in your life
  • Being stronger as a human being
  • Understanding and working with the momentum of stories
  • Learning from the patterns around you
  • Taoist Nuggets
  • Releasing to create more space for our future
  • Using pause and stories to expand your memory
  • How to Pause and expand your life
  • Don’t only live one life, learn how to embrace many stories and lives at once
  • Your identity isn’t your memory, nor your stories, but it’s your essence
  • Release boredom by living multiple stories at once
  • How to live as a Taoist
  • How to work with other people’s stories
  • Quick overview of the Tao Te Ching book
  • All books and stories teach Taoism if you approach them as a lesson

5c) Q&A Session

  • Working with perception
  • Magic is all about perception
  • Managing Your Relationships
  • Crystal Space Tips
  • Releasing Bad Elements in Your Stories
  • Balancing Out Your Relationship as You Expand your Spiritual Practice

6) A Taoist Map of Life

Maps are a powerful tool that allows a person to understand and redefine their position in the world. A map can help you see new paths in life or find the most efficient path towards your goal.

Typically Taoists use poetry as a map to describe a path in life. However, at times you just need a good paper map to see things in a different light. This class creates a more concrete map to understand the worldview of a Taoist.

This session explores how a Taoist navigates between Body, Mind, and Spirit. I share a simple map to help explain the flow of life from an awakening dragon perspective. This map, while simple, has many profound truths that will explain various truths about life.

In the video, we will go over some of these truths. Finally, in the video, we teach a simple meditation to help a person visit and understand the concept of the sacred garden.

Please note: I do touch upon consciousness and what it means to be Taoist Immortal and Taoist Alchemy.

6c) Deep Dive Back into Our Stories

Now that we understand the Taoist worldview better, let’s reapply that worldview and show how it impacts our understanding of the stories we live. This is a final deep dive into Taoist story management and improving how we live by understanding our stories better in life.

1-year access to video recordings. The video includes teachings and experiential exercises. Go at your pace. Re-watch the videos! Repeat the exercises. Most students will watch each video multiple times due to how much material we cover in the classes.

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