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A Personal Tao also offers a collection of spiritual teachings to help people explore a modern Shamanic Life. Experiencing the movement of spirit is something that goes beyond physical words. The materials on this site are just a starting point for people on their spiritual journey.

While modern culture has many preconceived notions of what a Shaman might look like, it turns out shamanic teachings are much more varied than what people think. Spiritual teachings are not out of place in this modern world. The exact opposite is true; shamanic teachings offer tools to help a person find a healthier lifestyle and perspectives that balance the sensibilities of modern life.

Many different “maps” and paths exist in spiritual teachings. Julie and Casey help shamanic students access and then begin exploring the spiritual aspects of life. We first teach a person a larger overview of Shamanism. Then based on a person’s nature, help each person focus down a path that matches their soul.


At One River we teach shamanism, Taoism, divination, personal healing, spiritual travel, soul healing, ancestor healing, and other pathways of spiritual practice.

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Spiritual activities appear magical to many, since in perspective, how we see spirit varies so much from person to person. No one can deny the larger mysterious universe that goes beyond our day to day stories of life. This larger reality around our physical base essence is what is known as “Spirit.”  It’s the desire to move with the connection to spirit and explore the spiritual worlds that calls to us in shamanic practice. Shamanic practice is an art of lifestyle that connects a person’s heart back to nature and the roots of our history. Shamanism is the art of helping each person connect to and expand their life with spiritual exploration.

Don’t limit a Shamanic experience to a single practice. Open your heart to the exploration of a larger universe.

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