First, it is good to know that just like our physical relationships, there are different types of spiritual relationships.  Recognizing the differences is important.  When we understand and nurture our spiritual relationships in a grounded way, we are less likely to hurt ourselves or others.

How do we know if we have encountered a spiritual relationship?  Spiritual relationships aren’t necessarily what we think they are.  For example, an obvious spiritual relationship would be a childhood imaginary friend.  A less obvious one might be a favorite stuffed animal that you keep nearby for inspiration.  A dream may connect you to an animal or person that influences you long beyond the dream.

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You can even find spiritual relationships with other living beings.  Sometimes a single look into a person’s eyes or a hug feels like there is something more than physical to it.  You may be drawn to a particular tree or rock.  A clue to spiritual relationships is that you will feel drawn to it, awakened and attentive.  You will feel inspired to move or do unexpected things.  There will be an unexplainable edge you have not felt before.

Connecting to and building spiritual relationships is part of the oldest spiritual practice called Shamanism.  Below is a brief description of some of the more common spiritual relationships.


People in our family line who have passed on from the physical world are often available to us in the spiritual world – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents.  Typically, spiritual relationships are possible with anyone from our mother or father’s side who has deceased in the past 100 years.

Spiritual relationships with ancestors who love us can provide us with support and guidance in life.  They also provide the potential for ancestral lineage healing.  A physical symptom that won’t go away, despite many varied attempts, often has a spiritual component that can be healed by working with an ancestor.

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Future Life Spiritual Relationships

Spiritual relationships with a person from the future are possible.  It is common to dream or vision a person we have not yet met.  This person may be from our future or a person from the future.  In the spirit world, time and space do not exist in the same way they do in our physical world.

If you’d like to know if a person is a future life relationship you may ask them (through active dreaming or shamanic journeying) or wait and find out if you meet up with them in the physical world.  It is also possible to have spiritual relationships with future versions of your self.  This can provide support and guidance for our life actions.

Past Life Spiritual Relationships

Spiritual relationships with a person from the past are also possible. Again, in the spirit world, time and space do not exist in the same way they do in our physical world. This particularly allows us to connect with people we’ve energetically connected to or been in the past (a past version of our self). We can also meet people in the physical world we knew in a previous life.

If you’d like to know if a person is a past life relationship you may ask in the spirit world (through dreaming or journeying). Similarly, if you’d like to meet up with your past lives, you can try a Past Life Journey.


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Soul Mate

A soul mate is a physical relationship.  We cover this topic in the Soul Mates and Soul Companions article.

Spirit Mate

Spiritual RelationshipsA spirit mate is someone we meet on our journeys or dreams which we do not know in our physical world.  This spirit may be playful and loving.  They are often drawing our attention and leading our places in the spirit world.   Spiritual relationships with a spirit mate are often intimate.  Typically, they are teachers of creativity, love, sex, and relationship.  These teachings can directly transfer into our physical world relationships.

If we end up meeting the person in our physical world, then it is a Future Life Relationship.

Spirit Teacher

From the shamanic perspective, we have a higher self – an energetic part of our self that never dies and has the potential to connect to anything and everything, universal energy.  Shamanic cultures also perceive the spirit world as a real place with three distinct levels.  The upper world is considered to be a place of only compassionate beings, primarily spirit teachers and the home of our higher self.

Through meditation and awareness practices, we may come into a conscious connection with our higher self, sometimes with the help of a spirit teacher.  Spirit teachers can take the form of a great leader or healer such as a Queen or King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Buddha or Mary Magdalene.  Spiritual relationships with Spirit Teachers can be a great source of guidance and assistance in our life.

Power Animal

Spiritual relationships with power animals provide power, protection, and support in both the spiritual and physical worlds.  For example, once connected to a power animal, we may find we have keener night vision and more creativity in the physical world.  In the spirit world and our dream travels, power animals will often accompany us and assist us with different tasks such as seeking information and healing.

What is your power animal?  Were you drawn to an animal as a child?  Do you remember any vivid dreams about an animal?  Through dreams and journeys, most of us can consciously connect to at least one power animal on our own.  A shamanic practitioner can also assist us in connecting with a power animal through a shamanic method called Power Animal Retrieval.


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I was watching a recorded concert of a group whose lead singer has since passed. I never met him and did not know anything about him but from that time on I feel a close connection with him a d think about him everyday while listening to his music what does this mean

Your in love with a spirit and that spirit is also in love with you. The spirit wants u to know he loves u and that’s how u connect through the mind

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