In the push to understand our visions, people often pull them apart and destroy their visions.  We will teach you how to work with visions with a light touch. Let’s review how to be successful with your visions.

Working With Vision

The 5 Steps of Working with a Vision

Overall the first step is patience, awareness, and practice. Initially working with visions is about imagination and being willing to accept you can have a vision at all. At first, you don’t do anything other than accept the occasional vision you may have.

Step One: Pause into the Vision.

Pause. That’s right the first step to learning how to work with a vision is simply to pause. You cannot listen to your heart if you cannot pause. Visions require centering and patience. Without pause, you will not truly connect to any deeper to your vision. Yes, you may have visions or have intuitive hints, but you will miss any deeper experience without pausing into the vision in the first place.

Step Two: Be Modest in Holding the Vision.

Don’t make a vision bigger than life. All too many people blow out of proportion a vision they experience.

Step Three: Watch the Flow
Practice just watching life flow around you. Visions are patterns of the world unfolding around you. As a result, the more you understand the patterns of nature, the easier it is to understand what a vision can represent.

We can spot trends, and often our mind will clue us into a trend with simple insights and flashes of inspiration. So many visions can just represent a simple pattern unfolding. To force a vision to mean more than it does will sidetrack a person from the simple pattern you just saw being revealed.

So keep the interpretations as simple as possible and then grow out, expanding the meaning as you get better at interpreting any vision experience.

Step Four: Pause Again

Back to Pause.

You pause when receiving an intuition. Visions do not use the logical thinking part of the mind; rather, they form from other sections of our mind. As a result, if you rationally think the very moment a vision begins to appear, it disrupts the full process. It’s like shouting at a person the first moment they are forming an idea: hearing the shout distracts a person. So you pause to prevent the logical part of your mind from interrupting the overall process of the vision.

Step Five: Double Check Your Senses

Visions are a wonderful way to see more of the world. They expand how a person connects to the world, adds another dimension to how we connect to everything. But it’s never the full picture either. People tend to focus a bit too much only on one sense, and that limits a person quite a bit then. So you have to be patient and learn to use all of the senses together, or you are missing the larger world.

After you get a vision you check all your other senses, even use your logic, you poke about and add in other pieces of information to create an even more complete picture if possible.

If your other senses and information return contradictory information,  then you slow down. Take the time to process more carefully in how you use your intuition. If other information extends and validates what you sense, then you move ahead with a bit more surety.

Personal Tao – Chapter 36

Chapter ???

what might/have be/en

Mixing in the mind,
life like fantasies:
dreaming of what might have been.
In so many different ways
at so many different times,
looking to the past, clearly seen -are-
countless choices, countless possibilities

— Yet, only one happens. —

Flip perspective.

Looking to the future.
Looking towards
Fortune tellers, Astrological charts and Soothsayers
As if
only one choice
only one possibility

Cruxes and puzzles
Looking to the past, desiring so many changes.
Looking to the future, wishing only one option.

In this perspective
So many ways, So many people
Living backwards.

Simpler just swirling
Watching, embracing, acting out
As leaves tumbling to the wind, as they may
As our lives: happen regardlessly
mixing with the wind

Thoughts About Mystery

Now ignore the poem. Drop thoughts missing in action. This section is about nothing.

Should this be written about something missing in your life? Why? Life is filled with everything you make it to be. Ignore the blame games (the worst sort of trap, binding whole generations to hatred), ignore what might be, even empower yourself to say “fuck it” to the past. What do you really want, here and now? Go, go now, only you can write the directions for this path. The directions are embedded in your feet. No one else will give you the car keys: in fact, there is no car. Just walk and go.

Your Path

A period is a fiction, nothing stops, don’t stop, even if by doing nothing,
Just Go


fore·bod·ing (fôr-bdng, fr-)
1. A sense of impending evil or misfortune.
2. An evil omen; a portent.
Marked by or indicative of foreboding; ominous.


Up and coming, just another day to be.
(If you are reading this now, well 10/10/07 is just a day far in the past, dust and gone)

As a Taoist. I live now, flowing with my life as it happens

As a person. I live remembering the past, thinking about the future.

At times, my body, my mind, my actions shift. These are typically times of change for me, when knowing things are shifting. So I slow down, wait, relax all to let the times move pass. Always to then act accordingly in the now rather than overreacting before things happen.

As a seer, as an oracle: its possible to cheat to look ahead. Cheating like this is a bad answer since a Taoist doesn’t want to fix the future. (The past is beyond fixing, while now is always open to changes.) So rather my policy is to leave the future alone to be flexible and open to all possibilities.

So now yes, I feel a sense of omen, a sense that 10/10/2007 will be a turbulent day. A good day to stay at home and just take care of business.

Does that mean I believe something will happen 10/10/2007? Nope. Not at all, it’s a day like all other days to come: open to the possibility. A day to some representing a day of change, to some a birthday, to some the opening of new possibilities and to some an ending of the way things were…

What I am trying to say: just because I feel a sense of foreboding doesn’t mean I will enable it or let myself dwell on what might be. Instead, I listen to my inner voice, acknowledge the feeling. Take the time to slow down and enjoy the moment even more. Tomorrow will come, it always does a step at a time.

All sorts of things are always possible, but they are always dependent upon the energy given to it now. So instead of fixing the future as it were the past. Build into now everything you know life should be. In that way, all: forebodings simply fade to pass away. And you can fix the future to be a more wonderful place.

For example: global warming can be solved but only by acting in the now. See what I mean?

A Time to be Modest

So a lesson for working with visions is one of modesty. Don’t try to share everything. If it is graceful to do so, share only the drift of vision you have, the hints of which you know will help another life more gracefully. You only need to share the hints, not the full vision 99.9% of the time.

Since most people are not in control of their motion, this also means that a person’s motion will drag the vision into a direction, it wasn’t meant to go. Just because you witness something doesn’t mean you have to repeat it. You are merely a witness, don’t make a mistake to think you are a player. The sage plays no games. In nonjudgement, you simply move with life; with kindness, you sometimes nudge things along. Nevermore than a nudge is required. If you believe or try to go beyond a nudge, you will stumble, and counterforce will shift the visions into something else.

The river was my true and first teacher so that I will share some a lesson from her. Think of vision as water. Let it flow like water and work with them like water.

People will try to trap water, force it to do work. But in reality you don’t hold the water, you let it move through your grasp, you drink of it, let it flow through you and just smile. It’s enough just to remove your thirst and get a touch wet.

In this manner, the experience will expand out, and you won’t lose your attention in trying to hold it.

Go Beyond Destination
Embrace Your Destiny!

Visions are Personal!

All too many people think of visions as always being a shareable Hollywood moment. Visions are quite personal most of the time. Many times visions are quite subtle and gently guide you towards your life’s goals. Yes every once in a while you will see an amazing take your breath away vision, but the majority of visions are simple and elegant in how they blend into your life. A person often needs several years of practice to truly learn how to tease information from a vision in a manner that can be shared with others without confusion or mistakes.

I know for myself, some visions might be too large: there is only so much in a vision a person can hold. A vision can be so powerful that your first instinct is to share it with another person to help understand it. Visions are often larger than words, which also means most visions don’t translate cleanly into words. This means, sadly, when sharing visions many times, the words we share will create misinterpretations from others.

A Time to Share

While visions are personal, at key moments we can modestly share to help expand a vision out also.

The big trap is over sharing. Expand/Share too much, too fast, and it all gets corrupted.

Potential and visions are susceptible to corruption since they have yet to manifest. Visions are not physical; rather, visions represent potential or spirit. All visions are fluid and not rigid at all. As a result, visions are easily shifted and changed by different perspectives and interpretations.

I will use the Awakening Dragon Taoist community as an example.

The Awakening Dragon community did start as a vision. While I did share it with people to assist within the flow of the vision, I didn’t initially share all of my vision, in fact I didn’t share it with anyone for 2 or 3 years, because I needed to slowly process the vision first in a modest way myself, to test ideas out, to explore out the nature of what the vision could be or in what manner it should be shaped that would be graceful.

Then only with a very small handful of friends, I tested and tried out ideas of the vision. Only after seven years did I expand Awakening Dragon to be more open in its format. Without modesty, I would have failed in my interpretation of the vision because initial insights to the vision were not polished enough.

Over time I have shared more and more as people have grown within the Awakening Dragon community, Yet I still haven’t shared my entire vision, -> not even with myself < -. I will allow myself to discover the vision over time rather than limit it to only its starting seed vision. Because the actions of a few hundred people will alter it away from my vision also. This is fine, since the whole point of a vision is to follow growth. Initially if I shared too much, had too many people come in at once, that would mean too many varied interpretations would diffuse and undercut the growth process of the community itself before the vision would have had a chance to mature. Too little focus hurts, too much focus hurts… so in the end modesty is usually the initial perfect path of following a vision. Later this can change once a vision is mature, but before that maturity all visions are like children and need proper nurturing.

Additionally in sharing the vision of the dragon community I had lightly, allows for feedback and evolution to come into the process, the vision itself then shifts, adapts, evolves and become more powerful, and in some respects very different than the original vision. Or the interpretation of the vision. Here is one trap of sages, to mistake the interpretation to be the vision itself. That is not the case, vision is always merely Potential. Interpretation of any vision is merely an opinion of what it could mean in our more limited physical form.

I have allowed the vision of the Awakening Dragon community to be shared as a small mountain spring, over time, it is growing into a smaller stream and now into a little pond and river. In time it will flow into a lake, then a larger river, larger flows and even into a sea, and the ocean of larger community. In this manner of slower shared growth, it will never lose its original flavor of the spring it came from, and yet also grew to be something greater than I could have explained in the first vision.

I hope this sharing of how I worked with a vision within my own life, illustrates how we need to use caution but also must be willing to share truly the delicate art of visioning itself.

Soul Work

Healing Your Soul

Never Force a Vision!

Part of keeping a vision modest is not to judge your visions.

The simple truth is: the future is neutral. It isn’t bad nor good.

The future is what people make of it with their actions.

Think about this for a moment. The future is never a vision; the future is always based on your actions. Visions exist to help guide our actions but never have the power to force our actions. We have free will, and it’s our free will that shapes any future.

It is much easier to have visions than people realize, it is harder to let visions guide us and most difficult of all to accept that it is our actions that fulfill any vision.

So work at that which is harder, Focus on what you truly want to become, put effort into making the future better. Doing nothing means not having a future. To only stare at a vision ironically also stops a person from doing anything.

It is all too easy to have visions of crazy possibilities which then paralyze a person. Turn that around to use any vision to guide you to more graceful options.

The challenge isn’t what we face: We face ourselves.
Rather the challenge is what we decide to make the future into.

Are you up to making life better tomorrow? If so, you are ready to explore your visions.

People often ask me to share what I see.

What I see is:

People think they’re alone.
They feel powerless that they don’t control their futures.
I see the future depends on the choices everyone makes now.
I see power is a choice.
Most people are fooled into thinking they are alone and powerless.

We always have a choice in how we use our power and visions can be insights for making wiser decisions for our actions. They can be used to bring us closer together and help teach us new ways to work together. Or sadly they also isolate us when we judge them since judgment just imprisons one into doing nothing.

The times will shape us, direct us and teach us. Our visions are moments of inspiration to help us grow and move ahead.

The future is what we make it be, not what is given to us nor even what the vision shows to us.

We can reflect upon a vision, learn from it, watch it unfold. It’s always up to our actions to create our future. Always hold visions modestly, so you have room left for your efforts to build a better future.

Visions are flexible; Actions are powerful. Blend vision and action to empower you to shape a future.

Visions of the Future

Being able to foresee the future is not what people think it is:

Nothing can change if you truly foretell the future. Simply because that measurement of the future fixes it into being so.

If you want to change the future then don’t know it.

Oracles look ahead to fix points in time.

You don’t have to know what is in the future, rather use visions of the future to help guide you to learn more about yourself.

Seers look ahead to only learn about stories of what might be. To be a Seer is about having a vision of the future to explore your own possibilities.

If you want the future to be a certain way, then be true to knowing your own nature!

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