A morning glory.
Twined round the bucket:
I will ask another for water.


To find the light

Is to embrace the light within your very nature.

In growth and exploration we confuse destinations to be our goal, our meaning.

The morning glory doesn’t grow to reach the sun.
The morning glory grows to embrace the light into it’s very nature.

We are no different within our own lines of growth.


A dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly’s dream


Sharing Inner Light

What is it most people truly want?

  • Food – Shelter
  • Comfort and acknowledgment
  • A sense of self-empowerment
  • Etc.

Enlightenment is typically pretty low on the list of things to do for many people.

Matters not.

If you are on the path of bringing light to the world.

Don’t mistake your “inner light” to be a beacon for helping others.

It isn’t.

It’s your own internal lighthouse in the seas of your life.

People often become a hermit to reduce outside noise and more clearly see this inner light.

When diving into this form of self-exploration, our inner light becomes a very bright guiding force to help internally in a wondrous journey. However, your inner light isn’t something that is directly visible to others.

What is visible to others will be the peace and serenity gained from the process of self-improvement.

Peace and serenity are shared in the process of kindness.

Don’t worry about helping others directly find enlightenment instead focus on lighter actions. Kindness itself is the aspect of enlightenment that is sharable to helping others solve the more immediate problems of life.

If you ever desire to be a spiritual teacher for yourself or to others. Remember kindness as a core part of the practice towards enlightenment.

Be kind to yourself.

We are always our own teachers in the life we wander within.


To thrive in life

Art By acapulc0

Push Past Survive and Thrive!

How do you thrive in times of survival? The push to survive can create beauty. Only living to survive undercuts a person over time.

There is a big difference between surviving and thriving. We want to keep this in mind as we examine our lifestyle. More deeply, we need to be aware of this difference because it’s very easy to get manipulated into falling into survival mode.

Repression is used to push people into survival mode. But we the people are resisting. In standing up a person starts to go beyond survival, it’s the beginning upward push to reclaim life.

The first simple truth of thriving is you have to step out of survival mode. To hide from our times is to be defined by the times. To thrive we must instead turn this around:

Our actions define our times.

When a person is in survival mode, they are cut off from others. Worse: they are then within a process that limits their options. At moments we have no choice but to be in survival mode, but never make it into a lifestyle.

The Path Towards Thriving

Thriving is a process of growth. So we must remember to grow, to use our challenges to improve against.

Thriving is an ever-shifting process. It’s the long walk through our life.

Traps that Undercut Thriving

Don’t confuse thriving as a life of comfort.

Comfort is a form of stasis. Stasis undercuts your life as others push to grow against your comfort.

Don’t try to fix everything.

Focus your attention towards what matters most to you. If you try to fix everything, nothing will change, and you will feel spent and wasted on the efforts.

Determine what actions you CAN take in your life. (Don’t lose energy in worrying about what you can’t do) Focus instead on how to live more simply. Balance in what actions to take in helping family and friends. Then add to the mix when and how many phone calls, emails, visits, protests CAN you do to support the causes that matter to you. Focus first on simple levels of action. Then as you get more proficient in being proactive, grow out your actions.

Let me re-state how to balance out your actions because this is so important:

Don’t over commit when trying to save the world. The world cannot thrive if you are not thriving. Start in small steps in how you live, then expand those steps in helping/supporting those near you. Then expand out with larger actions. Balance out how you act in 3 small groupings. Take some actions for yourself, some for friends/family and some for the world. In this manner, you will keep your energy growing to thrive rather than draining yourself too fast.

Don’t obsess over the news or the facebook/twitter / etc. feeds.

To only focus upon a Facebook feed, ironically disconnects you from a personal action and the larger world. Proactively join with some physical community-based projects and efforts. While reading Facebook feeds will help keep you informed about your friends: it doesn’t physically connect you to the real world either. The electronic community is not enough of a connection to thrive against. Be plugged in enough to stay informed, share enough to keep information flowing, but don’t become a prisoner in an electronic cage either. Don’t lose your action in a haze of electrons.

Don’t just vent
The times can feel quite depressing. People like to share their depression as a way to escape it. If you are depressed from the times only venting to another person, who is depressed only creates a deeper shared state of misery. Socially induced depression is contagious. Rather you have to work towards positive acts.

Healing Depression

To only vent to someone who is also venting, means you both will stay in the same spot. If you need to vent find someone who will listen without judgment. If you both need to vent then take turns. Take roughly two minutes each to vent and non judgmentally hear each other. After the venting is done, do a decisive action to firm up feeling better.

Steps to Thriving

Work on yourself!

The times are going to stir up insecurity, anxiety and old emotional injuries. Don’t be afraid to get help. Work with teachers, learn practices such as yoga, Qi Gong, dance or martial arts to calm the nerves.

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution”
-Emma Goldman

The whole reason I because a teacher 15 years ago was exactly for this reason. To help people be active during times of more significant change so that they could be part of the greater change. Ironically in being stirred up, it gives you extra energy to heal yourself entirely now against the times. Be brave enough to work against this, and you will discover greater personal healing for your own life.

Never Give Up.

This is your life we are talking about. It doesn’t matter what set back happens. We learn from everything; we refine each step to improve how we live. The basic difference between those who thrive and those who don’t is a simple one. Those who thrive, never give up.

Keep a positive attitude.

Be proactive in your steps. The times feel dark, and politicians are focusing on this darkness to push people into survival mode. Instead, we must focus on proactive changes to live better. It’s critical to keep our eyes to the prize: the prize of a better world.

Thriving as the Light

Every person is connected, part of the weave/awareness that we call consciousness which is both universal & personal at the same moment from a Taoist perspective. Modern science is now seriously considering that the roots of consciousness could be universal. If this is true, it means we are the universe’s voice in speaking up and out.

We are the universe’s agents of change.

For change to happen, it’s then up to us to strive towards it. We can only change and thrive if we stand up in our actions.

Kala is the Hawaiian word that means to bring one into the light. Our consciousness is considered the “light” of spiritual awareness.  It might feel as if we are living in dark times, but hold to this truth: you are the light. Don’t suppress yourself in the face of challenge.  We don’t have to let others who shout out their darkness trap us in that darkness. Our voices & actions can counter and bring light to the darkness others try to push upon us.

In accepting we are part of the light, it’s possible to switch out of the darkness of only surviving and then push into thriving.

Our path, Tao, journey is a wonderfully long one. Don’t drag along stones of despair or darkness. Release unnecessary drama/judgment. When we stand up to improve life, at times our hidden judgments can be the seed that sparks conflict. Releasing personal drama/judgment makes it easier to stand up against outside judgment. Also, our energy gets sapped when we maintain hidden judgment/drama.

The less we drag with us, the easier it’s to thrive in our life.

Am I a man dreaming of being a butterfly?
Or am I the Butterfly dreaming having been a man?

Chuang Tzu

Cunningham 1925


To find the Tao, is to unfurl to your own nature.

To be introduced to the Tao

Means to pause, to take a deep deep breath:
Just taking a moment to soak it all in…
That’s the Tao

In the moment of unfurling, upon discovering:
larger questions, mysteries and wonder…
That’s also the Tao


A dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly’s dream


A Taoist Garden

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