A morning glory.
Twined round the bucket:
I will ask another for water.


Morning Glory - Embracing the Morning

To find the light

Is to embrace the light within your very nature.

In growth and exploration we confuse destinations to be our goal, our meaning.

The morning glory doesn’t grow to reach the sun.
The morning glory grows to embrace the light into it’s very nature.

We are no different within our own lines of growth.


A dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly’s dream


Sharing Inner Light

What is it most people truly want?

  • Food – Shelter
  • Comfort and acknowledgment
  • A sense of self-empowerment
  • Etc.

Enlightenment is typically pretty low on the list of things to do for many people.

Matters not.

If you are on the path of bringing light to the world.

Don’t mistake your “inner light” to be a beacon for helping others.

It isn’t.

It’s your own internal lighthouse in the seas of your life.

When diving into this form of self-exploration, our inner light becomes a very bright guiding force to help internally in a wondrous journey. However, your inner light isn’t something that is directly visible to others.

What is visible to others will be the peace and serenity gained from the process of self-improvement.

Peace and serenity are shared in the process of kindness.

Don’t worry about helping others directly find enlightenment instead focus on lighter actions. Kindness itself is the aspect of enlightenment that is sharable to helping others solve the more immediate problems of life.

If you ever desire to be a spiritual teacher for yourself or to others. Remember kindness as a core part of the practice towards enlightenment.

Being kind is the teaching.

If we unfurl into the Light, where does the light unfurl into?


To find the Tao, is to unfurl to your own nature.

To be introduced to the Tao

Means to pause, to take a deep deep breath.
Just taking a moment to soak it all in.
That’s the Tao

In the moment of unfurling, upon discovering:
larger questions, mysteries, and wonder.
That’s also the Tao

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