It’s the first day of autumn as I write this. I allow myself to travel back to the redwoods. The forest and the conclave of trees mean much to me. The redwoods in silence are deep teachers. That silence is powerful. A place deeper than any man made zen garden.


The sound of our soul, echo’s in our breath.


A mantra is a simple harmony. Mantras are statements, sounding out of ourselves, repeated, repeating, spun outward into vibration, repeating ever again until a connection to understanding occurs.

Right now you are working upon a mantra.

The greatest mantra is one we all have, each and every day, hundreds, upon thousands of countless statements, which we call…


Breath itself is the personal mantra of our life. 20,000 times day, a person tells the world in whispers, sighs, shouts, words, gasps, breathing in and out: the mantra of their life, twenty thousand times a day:


This mantra is our nature:
Do you take a breath, a deep breath to relax within?
In road rage, do you shout slapping breaths of “Fuck you”?
Ever hit yourself in a sharp intake of breath?
What is the beat of your breath when pushing yourself?
Do you taste the scent of spring upon an inhalation?

Each instance, each breath is our personal mantra expressing our nature. To reveal yourself, pay attention to this personal mantra. More powerfully make it a practice, learning to work with your breath; improving and actually experiencing the statement of your life. Many practices exist to help a person focus on how breath moves life along. Practices of breathing might surprise you; it isn’t all Yoga and Taoist ways. As an example, I discovered becoming a spoken word artist was also my personal mantra of how to express and live within the breath of speaking aloud my nature. You can be your own guide, in learning to live within a breath.

The start of any breathing practice is simple: understand that your breath is with you at this very moment. Take the first step in, feel, knowing life moves relative to the inner metronome tempo that’s within breath itself.


It doesn’t take the last breath of life to discover your personal mantra.
Why do people express wishes upon a dying breath. When within life, we each have 20,000 chances a day to make those wishes true?

For some, 20,000 chances a day is a bit overwhelming to ponder. So my path is simple: It only takes one breath, one action timed within the breath, to make a wish come true. Take the time to notice and act upon a breath once a day, once a month, once in a while: all these actions do add up to make a difference.

It just means not using your last breath to do so.

In teaching others, I help a student embrace various practices. How to work and touch the six aspects of life more completely. A central practice is working with one’s breath. Breath exercises touch upon each aspect of life equally, so it’s a fundamental teaching.

I watch a student struggle with trying to get the perfect breath. In the struggle, a student strays in practice from the goal. Instead of trying to make the moment of breath perfect. I teach a student to embrace the struggle as being acceptable. In doing so, the moment becomes something you can truly feel. This reflection gives the student a measure; they can truly feel.

So the lesson becomes: If you were perfect then you would feel no change in your life, you wouldn’t be “personally and uniquely” alive….As Muslims would say: “It’s for God to be perfect”…


Even Masters have bad breath days.
(sorry for the pun but it works strangely enough)
it’s required for a perspective of living.


People expect and think that the goal is perfection, it’s not, you should desire for being good at something and to embrace various little imperfections that end up being defining characteristics of your soul.

The little bits of imperfection we each have
are elements of chaos
that give each person individuality and distinction!

Now here is a true secret:

As a Master you learn not to be perfect but imperfect with style :)

I have spent far more time in my life learning how to embrace flaws over trying to be the best.

The reason this is a secret because it’s so opposite of what Americans are taught and believe. Arab craftsmen will always include a small flaw in any art they produce for this very reason. Taoist craftsmen, accept a work of art as it happens rather than refining it to be “perfect”.

You can share this secret with everyone, but many people will get pissed off at you for trying to share it. Since often a person can take this statement personally or as an affront to their chase of trying to be perfect.

Many secrets are like this.


(Well, in reality, no secrets truly exist,
humans create secrets to make life more fun in the game of living)

Go figure.

A Mantra of Silence.


Surrounding sights
spin around as a vision.
Surrounding sounds
form the mantra of a wider experience.

Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch
trying to define an uncarved block of me.
The illusion of pressure is resisting
a larger truth of having no shape

Letting go into silence…
Releases me to be free.
as the world tumbles past me…
quietly as snow falling in the forest.


Revealed within an inner peace of acceptance.

A Mantra of Silence is simply: Acceptance.

Many zen gardens do this: in silence they actually form a mantra of silence ->
to show us acceptance,
to show us what is hidden.


Yet mantras are declarations. Mantras for the most part are not silent. Mantras boldly sing out to connect us to the universe. Yes many places stir up feelings, those feelings connect us back to that place. The sounds of a place then to root deeply into us, connecting us to the very essence of that place. But this is a two way connection. We can connect back to anywhere with our own sounds, to reconnect in meaning, in vibration. To move us to different states of mind. We can say the word W-I-N-D with the whoosh of wind to take us anywhere where that wind blows. We can say the word river with a bubbling rii-VE-r to take us back to the banks of any river we truly touched before…


We can declare and say out loud a mantra to do many things.

A Mantra of Light

A new mantra word: Kala

It’s a Hawaiian word that means:

To release, unburden, absolve, acquit, undo; to proclaim, announce; to forgive, pardon, excuse; and prayer to free one from any evil influence;

When feeling like too much is about to happen, or you need to release something that is undercutting you -> try using “Kala” for a mantra sound/word

Ka is declarative like “the”. La is the sun. So this word also seemingly invokes the sun into the process. How nice is that?

I say it right now to reconnect to the trees of autumn, reconnecting to the fresh light filtering down past leaves and to my feet.

Kala In The light Mantra


And I am free to explore, so many places, so many times…

Our verbal zen garden of experiences
To revisit and connect
back to the larger universe.

And now I head home back down the path.

Into the sounds of the man-made world.

Don’t lose the sounds of the larger world.

Remember your Mantras to reconnect you to what is outside your daily routine.

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