Truth Compared to Answers

Truth and Answers are not the same things. They are each very relative to a person’s current perception/situation. This means most answers become a delicate construct that mix together elements of story and truth together.

For instance for the question: Is life deterministic or do we have free will?

  • I can answer for some: It’s both: so leave it alone to instead enjoy your life.
  • For others, I might write out an essay describing aspects of the debate.
  • I could craft various answers proving how each statement is true or false…
  • I could show how the question is immaterial to how one lives life, so the question isn’t worth losing sleep over.
  • I might answer with silence… since a person could be depressed and could take the answer in a harmful negative direction. Being stuck in “wonder” isn’t a bad place to be. (Many different types of wonder exist.)
  • Since both conditions are true: I often answer the opposite of what a person believes to help shake them up and expand their thoughts.
  • Since both conditions are true: I often give the answer the person wants to hear so they can meander onwards so I can be left in peace. Not everyone should be shaken up.

So many questions are like this. People desire “satisfying” answers, but Daoist answers are rarely easily packaged in neat and simple tidbits. Some people make money packaging simple Daoist answers to the masses. Quite a bit of the self-help industry works like a spiritual fast food chain. So it goes. It’s neither right nor wrong, just supply and demand.

Of course, if you eat enough big macs or fast food: it does harm the body. Similarly just living on fast spiritual answers leaves a person empty in the long term always looking for “more”. Supply and demand is a terrible way to find spiritual peace. But that’s my opinion.

Truth Answers

Looking At Other People’s Answers

When reading another person’s works, digging into the past to read another person’s path to enlightenment. It’s never just that. Instead, you find clues and pieces of the story before enlightenment.

If you ever wonder what is missing when reading scripts and text of old:

It is this: you are out of phase to the final path of the author. You have to read to the side and ahead of a little. You need to make a leap of faith so to speak

I watch scholars, historians and seekers try so hard to connect all the dots from past works with a literal tact. Watching them seem so close, yet totally off the mark when not being aware that they have to look to the side, ahead and to the now. To be back in the present and in their heart to complete the puzzle.

At Times be Poetic in Your Answers.

Finding your answer can become a poem.

People expect answers to be literal. Precise snippets of knowledge to awakened one’s understanding. Daoism teaches Daoist answers are poetry: a collage of potentials and possibilities.

To limit a Daoist answer to be literal is to limit yourself.

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Answers and Looking Ahead

Answers, people seek answers for what might be… for tomorrow… in the end for comfort’s sake alone.

These answers are not worth the price, as

to know what is to be… sacrifices how you live now.

Keep that in mind when looking ahead and planning out what might be. Don’t forget to consider the quality of your life in being free.

Of course with so many not living freely, it is natural only to look ahead, not realizing what has been lost in the here and now. And in looking ahead with only profit and comfort in mind, only further reduces and limits choices available to embrace in one’s life.

Expand Your Possible Answers

With judgment, you have only two answers: Guilty or not guilty…. Yes or no.

In Taoism, we know there is always a third answer: Release! You can walk away, Start fresh,

-> To Let go of the whole question and make your answer! <-

Then in releasing judgment, you discover how to go beyond being stuck. The third answer of “Release” opens a whole world of additional answers to follow with your heart, your steps, and life.

These are great times if you make them so. But one needs to release judgment to make the first step into *Great Times*. The one thing I want to help everyone with is: to grow beyond feeling stuck in life.

To live is always to include release in order to make room for your next step ahead.

A person stuck: releases their future to remain stuck in their past.

I have written about this many times, but certain lessons need to be repeated because they are critical steps to a full life.

Releasing Answers

When working to resolve an issue, People often chase answers.

Release doesn’t require answers to work, it’s instead a process of letting go.

People in midlife crisis will often release too much in order to try fresh answers. Chasing answers often will cause additional problems to crop up. Yes at times knowing an answer can help a person resolve an issue. There is an art to how to release with grace while finding new answers. However, most of the time it’s easier and quicker just to release everything and then move on.

Another issue that wraps up into this is: when a problem is something that has evolved from multiple sources. It morphs into a seemingly complex issue requiring experts to untangle.

But again release is often a shortcut… letting go of a whole entangled mess at once is often easier than untangling a long chain of events that were in the past and no longer matter. Looking to the past means holding on to problems that simply aren’t relevant in the now anymore. In other words: it’s common for a person to keep alive and energize their problems by trying to solve it with knowledge and holding onto the past.

If you want an expert to help I am more than happy to assist: but release only requires you to hold true to your heart and let go of burdens chaining you down. You don’t need a locksmith of the heart to unlock the chains binding you: It’s a matter to stop carrying the chains limiting you.

People then get worried that releasing their issues will cause another mess elsewhere. A release is to let go; you deal with side issues one step at a time when releasing. Otherwise, you are just projecting fear and creating new problems for the sake of fear alone. You release with kindness to minimize problems while always letting go of fear to reduce issues later.

Understand “release” is a generalized answer, but also understand the ramifications of release are profound.

Release is both a powerful answer and quick path towards personal healing

Provided you don’t limit the process with fear.

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Personal Tao
Chapter 30

People insist on definitions

tell Me what it Is!
What’s the Color? What’s the Taste? What’s the …
All this adds up and up and up
to being a box,
within which a person is buried.
The box decays into the Tao

Future and Past are definitions
definitions come and go.
We are always as we are
as is the Tao.

past, Now, future: What time do you live within?


A definition could be based on the future, in which case it’s a pattern. A definition of the past is a memory. In the “now” we are alive where all “definitions” are meaningless until the moment passes. The act of later adding value to the “now” would be called intro / retro – spection for the past and expectation for the future. Each of which is an organized method of “lying” to oneself.

An ability of humanity is storing memories to build up patterns. This summarizes down to the basis of being “I”. We as living creatures constantly recompile our terms of existence relative to terms of the past and future. Our behavior/actions are then directly related to how much of the future and past we mix together to form the “I”. An infant of 1 isn’t an “I” or “Me” yet: how can the child be so when not yet having the time to compile the concept of self-relative to a past/future combination? For this reason, an infant is always one with the Tao.

Remembering the past and predicting the future are both powerful tools we possess. To a Taoist: life is defined as it happens not by the tools used in life.


Does water predict where it will flow? Does it remember where it has been? Water just flows to its nature. In doing so, it shapes the world, flies as vapor, cascades in the rain and is the basis of all life on Earth. Hence Taoists always refer to water in examples of how to be one with the Tao.

Student Questions

I get quite a few emails of questions from students working on papers.

Before I publish the list of simple answers to the questions, I got today, here is a fuller more complete answer to any list of academic questions.

To answer questions very directly is like catching raindrops on the tongue.

  • While fun to catch and seemingly at first they do satisfy; These answers quickly fade away leaving a person thirsty for more. This gets people to chasing raindrops. (it’s more fun to dance in the rain). It’s easier to sit down and take a drink later from the rain barrel. People think the rain barrel to be books and learnings from enlightened beings… That rain barrel is actually your life, and it’s filled only when living to your heart rather than chasing consumption or answers outside one’s nature.

So the answers I would give to only get categorized would not have meaning, to instead get added up and up and up… to chasing “right” answers which don’t exist. Any such answer wouldn’t be right for “you” . Would this template set of questions really provide answers which fulfill to the heart? Or would too many answers then drive an endless chase of knowledge? (Keeping in mind to some, an endless chase of knowledge is what fulfills their life)

Most questions asked are very rarely the question needed to find our answers.

Taoism is a process of release, into the undefined: the Tao

Any direct answer given in this case are given against creating a paper to receive a grade and then to be measured against isn’t the point of Taoism teachings at all.

So to all your questions, I must answer that the answer is to release, find answers which make you smile, answers that explore potential and possibilities. It doesn’t make a difference if they are correct, wrong or fit best: As all answers are always both wrong and right. This is one reason why answers form an endless search for truth. All answers also contain their seed for their own invalidity.

So what a Taoist looks for in an answer or What makes an answer powerful: is how it opens you to “release” to the exploration of your personal life.

Hold to your heart what works

To each person, the answers that work: are those that create a connection.

The heart is the center of how we connect out isn’t it?

So my answer to all of these questions are:

A Smile, Potential, Release, Acceptance and then finally Heart

Then mix and match these five answers in such a way to compose a larger answer

  • That fit into the paper
  • That achieves results to enlighten those five answers in a way you can relate to.
  • While helping you jump the silliest hoops of being graded.

Now one last thought for students who are working to make the grade:

Does a letter grade of effort really “define” if you are on a “right” path for exploration of life?

The grade only reflects how well someone else thinks you are doing!

When spiritually should you ever use another person’s grade to define your meaning of life?

Peace 🙂 and wonder

To Ponder Away

Living is not easy nor hard, it’s what we make it be: life.

I sit and ponder; I feel a disco ball explosion of emotions each day: from Happiness to Sadness, mixing about in wondering (wondering for many becomes worrying don’t fall for that trap) and carefree abandon. But I am still too disciplined to have full abandon. Working so incredibly hard and yet also not. It all mixes up each day. Strangely I do not need to ponder since answers are all too easy to come by (be aware that finding the answers that fit, well that is really about acceptance more than the answers.)

Some answers are Blue and mournful for deep souls needing dark answers.

Some answers are Yellow and joyful for those ready to explore the skies.

Some answers are Green and neutral for some only needing a smile.

Pondering shouldn’t be for answers; If you ponder for answers, it can spin you around wasting time leaving no time to live your answers fully.

Today I talked to a couple of souls: lost in pondering answers, looking for answers to fit them perfectly, that they hope to jump into and discover a life they dreamed about. Instead of jumping they then only ponder more, oh so much they ponder. Pondering breeds pondering, to then trap the person in bronze, as the thinking man unable to move out, unable to live a life, as the pondering itself becomes the form to set them into shape.

No, if you are to ponder then let it be about a release, about freedom, about emptiness and other such freeing topics.

Today in retrospect I decided to release my pondering habits all together personally. It’s not where I want to spend my time. I will keep wonder but pondering will only be saved for those occasions I need to look like a statue sitting in repose.

A Poem as an Answer

(Sitting on the front porch, morning breeze mixing the flower scents perfectly)

I am thinking about how we guide others in spirit.

(A blue sky, a few clouds… but for me a clear day)

So many many answers get written.
I drift back into the winds of need from others.
The answers, the good ones: are always simple.

(Mina dances around me
asking asking asking
a young bird chittering away)

The heart is the guide.
A smile is a path.

(A mongoose runs past me in a rumble,
the yellow songbirds scatter back into the wind)

People desire complicated answers,
as their life is complex so must be the solution.

Everything starts simple to then grow to fullness.

Why start at the ending?
Why do people believe fullness… -> (the destination)
is the start of the answer?

When an answer starts simply
then treat it as the seed
to grow more completely
into your needs
into your complexity later.

The sun draws me out, to now and walking with my life.

Peace in your answers!

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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