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Tao Talk is a personal video project exploring life from a modern Taoist perspective. I will wander around Hawaii sharing what my feet discover.

Tao Talk will approach Taoism with the perspective of how do you apply kindness, modesty, and nonjudgment to living a better life. How do you apply older Taoist ideals to a modern life. Tao Talk explores dogma not found in a book but led from your own feet.

Ideally, a practice needs to fit within the heart and not get lost in countless written pages where only scholars roam.

Here is the simple core heart based Taoist practice.

  1. Pausing into essence.
  2. Extend your awareness with nonjudgment.
  3. Stepping into modest actions that allow you to explore and define your own story.
  4. Repeat.

Add steps 1 -3  together, and you discover kindness.  Step number four means Taoist Dogma flows and evolves as you live.

Tao Talk will explore living life in a modern culture where stories have exploded into big business. Capitalism tries to convince you to buy an experience compared to Taoism which teaches you how to handcraft your life. Taoism a journey for showing us how to be human, in our power holding your own story.

Personal Tao Video Blog Journal

We also post a video based blog entries to explore relevant topics for living more gracefully in society.

Relationship Advice and Midlife CrisisHelp

Relationship Tips

Relationship Notes We have started to write the Tree of Love book about relationships. This blog post is simply a first pass of transcribing some of my notes and lectures.…
Moving into the light and church

Angels, Saints and Holy Days

Angels, Bodhisattva, and Immortals. Angel: An extension of God that works to make others whole. – From Zoroastrianism and Abrahamic Religions Bodhisattva: A human striving in compassion to help teach…
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Hi dear Casey
It was a source of bottomless joy to run into your website. I enjoy your words immensely and have made my best essay to put them into practice. Books are dead and when we put them into practice in life they become alive. I’m endlessly interested in Taoism and have found it really profound. I just wanted to know if it is possible to work on Qi Gong trough books or having a master is indispensable.

Greetings: It was such a great moment to come upon this site. It has only added fuel to the fire that has been burning within me over the last several weeks. I, like one of the replies above, too struggled with that feeling of something missing. I was raised Catholic and did feel out of step with that faith. I did travel around from one Christian denomonation to another and still felt an emptiness. One day, however, I opened up an old copy of the Tao Te Jing that I had had from my college days and the first two… Read more »

Hello, I suffered a TBI about three years ago I have found during the pineal gland awaking exercises that I have found online, I have no pain. Your comments make so much sense to me in the fact of being able to accept others. In stead of trying to form others to fit your own perception. I was taught to be nice nice nice until I could not listen to my inner voice telling me some thing was out of place. I’am very much a Christian so new things generally are perceived as something to fear. Jesus was not one… Read more »

Hi Raemelle A honor to meet you If you are interested I can arrange some starter Taoist classes. I teach Taoism to students from 13 countries over the Phone and Internet. The learning process for Taoism has several distinct steps, One of the earliest steps can considered to be practicing awareness. Taoism is very old and many variations exist. I start by teaching a simple variation that focuses on each student’s nature. This means the lessons about Taoism grow by matching the student’s heart, rather than teaching a framework that students bend themselves out of shape to reach. Please feel… Read more »

I am very interested in learning more about Taoism. I’m 54 yrs. All of my life I’ve felt like something was missing. I’ve been to many churches trying to find myself; (nothing there). I never stopped my mission, though I discontinued church. I purchased a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer some years ago, “Pulling your own Strings”. I loved this book. I read it over and over again. I don’t have the book now; I guess I lost it because we moved so much (relocating). I’m a follower of Dr. Wayne Dyer, that’s how I found out about Taoism. I… Read more »

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