stepping into the unknownFacing the Unknown

As you follow your personal Tao, it’s a path of continually awakening into your life.

When I teach this to someone older, they at times feel sad of only now awakening into their truth. Don’t feel sad if you are only doing this now: feel refreshed by this truth: Each day you take to be kind to yourself is a day you are deepening into your life.

Just when you think you have it. This process will explode down into even deeper truths into how you can hold graceful actions based upon your essence.

And the most fun part is this:
(I know from my own experience)

In this practice: Even after decades, even after a full lifetime, even after going further than what most people would think is the finishing line, you will continually still go deeper and embrace more of the mystery of your own life.

Each day you will explore and face the unknown that presents itself to become known.

This is wonderful, because, no matter how far one goes, it’s always fresh and worthwhile to explore. Because it is your life.

Every day might be hard! Harder than what a person would think would be the case, in being yourself. So hard, many people never even try or give up to follow storylines given to them rather than risk living their own story.

But this path is worth every step: because every step is your own to make as you feel graceful. This is a complete life, indeed.

A Personal Tao is all about facing the unknown: each day with grace, each day with a willingness to explore.

Welcome to A Personal Tao

Viewing The Unknown

We use stories to fill the unknown. So when we examine the unknown we often compare what we see against many different angles.

Comparing What

You see
They see
You remember
They remember
You hear
They hear
You feel
They feel
You perceive
They perceive
You live
They live
You expect
They expect
You think
They think
What you say
What they say
What happened…

Are all 19 distinctly different things.

And then add so many more unknown angles that will get missed. Yet everyone is running around trying to force the unknown to be one and the same story.

Is it any wonder Life can be a bit crazy? To spend so much energy to create a new 20th story, your own unique story to face life with?

When spending so much effort, energy, and time in trying to make one experience into something it really isn’t: how can you have any time left to move to the next experience? This is why so many people break apart in such spectacularly nasty divorces, breakups, and business deals break apart. Being human has the trap of trying to force experience, deals, relationships into only one story. Using tools like social constraints or expectations or judgment to force it all to one story… The result of such an effort always comes down to conflict, letting the strongest story win.

When allowing an experience to be freely 19 distinctly different stories, or even better to be enlightened enough to release it from being about any number at all, frees a person to live to the next moment with grace.

When facing the unknown it really comes down to a choice in how to hold your story in the end

Being human is all about how you hold or fold your stories… Or even more gracefully at times releasing the stories all together. To let the unknown merely be unknown and then to be free.

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