Writing upon a Zen Garden…

While always a Fresh Canvas.

Should perhaps be best left blank…

empty space

Instead, let your life’s motion itself be the writing.

Spiritual Practice is not taught by the word.

It’s rooted within your experiences of life.


This work purposely breaks the rules. So follow suit, meandering to whatever calls. This will allow for a more natural form of exploration.

Reveal the Tao at the pace of your own life, rather than the metered speed of written words.

Each section limits itself as a small self-contained topic. While it would be possible to write an entire book on each topic, the goal is simplicity. Long, detailed writings would hinder the process of learning, as it introduces too many tangents to the central theme:

Taoism is simply the process of living to one’s nature.

To illustrate the Tao, the text mirrors human nature by becoming a mixture of Poetry, Art, Literature and Spoken Word.


The Tao isn’t a path; the path is our lives meandered.

In life, I have discovered finding my way has at times been a difficult undertaking. The path sections are lessons learned from my wanderings as a Taoist.

I also contradict myself at times. This is part of the process of understanding ourselves and the Tao. Contradictions are often found when looking at something from a different perspective. Experience is based purely on perspective. Contradictions within a person are an indicator that he or she has traveled several distinct paths within life, incorporating different viewpoints and truths.

A contradiction is the starting point to a more complete understanding.


To help make this a living book you are encouraged to add feedback. Write down what comes to mind. No self-restrictions. All too often while reading, something important comes to mind, only to slip past as we continue to read. Let ideas run freely; mix the moisture of your inspiration to this work.

Everything here is meant to inspire self-expression.

Write, draw, paint, splash out some of your spirit and release something new onto these pages. This, in turn, releases you from the bindings of traditional books so that this becomes a more personal learning experience.

Simply put:

Write openly of yourself to be yourself.

Let loose spirit to reveal the soul.

Freedom is rooted within sharing expression.

A blank canvas
White page
Devoid of meaning

Could be many things, this page, my life…
I could be obtuse,
Could list to the side three other things

But let’s be direct
My life is blank at times

I could tell all the reasons it isn’t so
The Mona Lisa smile of my love
The … …. wait,
no sidetracking
no trying to explain… away.

Feeling blank
means being empty.

Face it

Crumble the page
Dirty it up
Write something down
Dash the ink about

The page is mine to do with as I desire

Crumple it, tear it, burn it,
leave it blank, walking away
maybe doodle or
origami cranes,
paper airplanes


simply write the day away

Always a choice on how to

Use the page

Looking back
this time
The choice was to write.

When I write something: The topic always starts with a blank slate.

  • No intentions, goals or ideas (or very rarely does a post happen premeditated). It’s a simple practice of mine to blank out my mind, melding with the empty space of the page, to the empty space of my being.

It’s very refreshing, since, as often as not the result surprises me. This becomes a process to learn one more new thing about myself. It’s not a forcing of some desired image, nor some magical mirror telling things from far and wide. It’s a simple exercise of acceptance of what comes up and forth.

As a Taoist, you discover an eternal viewpoint. When one is eternal, a lifelong dance unfurls within living to enjoy and explore. But we are not eternal in a static/physical manner. To be always the same unchanging person, is the point of an ending, a form of death: setting the stage for the next major life change to arise.

Instead a Taoist opens up a lifestyle embracing a changing shifting nature: ever kaleidoscopic of ideas, desires, hopes, potentials, problems, accidents, movement, releases, reachings, and enfoldings. Never focusing on a final form, other than Tao, the unknown and our motion.

Right now as I type this, I also within a personal mental dance within images of African flocks of flamingos, sitting at the black river as autumn leaves stain the water to tea, watching Brisamina smile, Kendall and Clay bicker and strain as they become adults, the little Honda we drive covered with child handprints, so many images and stories swirl up and forth to stain this page, this entry.

It’s my life.

All revealed and expanded upon in the empty space of living life.

You may only see the glimpses I share here in words: but for myself, I am spread across over a drum skin beaten into the shape of existence: the Tao and dance (my practice of Taoism) in the space of my being.

All because I just relaxed into this blank space, and let myself be… myself.

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