Is Life Fair?

Life is what we make it be… To measure Fairness is to force it by judgment. In Awakening Dragon Taoism we teach to remove judgment. This removes the need to even worry about the scales of fairness in life.

Show me where in life there is an absolute measure of fairness.

Instead, we focus on the essence of living and do our best to live gracefully.

The Taoist Answer

Fair is relative and instead see it as:

Life can be Graceful

If you are willing to hold it and actively move to it as your life.

What is Fair

Lesson About Rules and Fairness.

The Real Lesson Now

We are seeing a change in society now, where the individual is losing rights more to larger collective entities. This has been occurring over the last 10,000 years. Ask a Chinese peasant 2000 years ago about how happy he was to be forced to build the great wall. Ask a roman slave how happy they were to mine in the pits. Society has been happily stealing power from individuals for as long as we have been “Civilized.”

What’s different about today is the degree it’s been done and being micromanaged in shaping human behavior

However, with information technology, with us being able to communicate more freely, we can organize into newer and more efficient subgroups ourselves to counter some of this. But it takes awareness, actions, and lifestyle changes to impact the larger systems to the point a re-balance can happen.

Many possible outcomes are open, since, in reality, we are at the crux point, a point in time where all the ways we act in society are about to be all shifty turvy. This is the crossroad point, now, today and over the next five years. It’s too late to be at the crossroad after passing it and only then notice to say “hey, that’s when we changed!”

Individuals are quite bad at spotting the significant crossroad moments. Because as individuals, we are too busy trying to survive, so people tend to notice only in retrospect after they pass the cliff.

Don’t jump off the cliff before you get to the cliff! (Don’t give up your power, actions nor hope)

Well, the cliff of change is just ahead. We have 1 to 7 years to make our shifts and lifestyle changes and then starting from 5 to 15 years people will see the true cliff and then in 20 to 25 years most people will be passed the point where they can have a say in any meaningful changes.

Don’t stop moving ahead only becuase you see a cliff ahead. Learn rock climbing instead…

You see

It isn’t a question of how upset you are or how unfair everything may feel, that isn’t the issue at all.

It’s an issue of you how actively live and form your connections now.

I am a seer and sage, it’s what I do: to watch patterns and show people choices. When given a choice, 99% people choose to follow their momentum rather than accept the ability to change.

I have quietly over the last three years let people know: We are near your change point. It’s now a choice of lifestyle, kindness, modesty, and non-judgment to skip out of the unfair options most people flow into.

It’s not about me convincing you of truth. Truth isn’t what people think it is.  I am merely reflecting upon the momentum of the times.

The question I have for you is.

Are you going to tumble ahead into what you will later decry as unfair?


Will you slow down, interconnect with others, simplify and improve your lifestyle while helping others in kindness modestly enhance their life also. So when enough people come together as a group, you can affect true change rather than just be a crowd with pitchforks?

You still have a choice but only over the next few years before it all tumbles into place out of control.

Have fun friends. This is my augury, use it as you will.

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Avoid Becoming a Victim

One trap in fighting for fairness is to become a victim. It would seem that once a person becomes a victim, they become stuck in life. That isn’t true:

Victims sadly do go somewhere: they just get dragged along to their tormentor’s location.

Abuse is when another has the power to define you against your essence. That is the hard truth about abuse. It becomes even sadder and harder for nonvictims to understand the twist that can happen when a victim willingly gives away their power.

It can be a very complicated dance: one that traps many people into becoming a victim without their knowledge. This is why a person needs to have deeper compassion and acceptance for victim’s challenges lest they too fall into such a trap of giving away personal power and then resist all help given to reclaim your power.

A large part of fairness is retaining your own personal power while respecting the power of others.


What About Positive Thinking?

Quite a few people are tackling the times with positive thinking. Also, quite a few people think Taoism teaches positive thinking.

Taoism doesn’t teach to focus on the positive. It teaches to focus on potential.

Potential is neither positive nor negative. Positive and negative are judgements based on how you measure it. Taoism teaches you can use negative forces as much as positive ones to grow.

Potential represents what might be: it is our growth into exploring life.

As a living being a person will want to focus on what is good for them; hence people want to have a bias to want the positive. Our brains are hardwired to pay more attention to the negative due to survival reasons. As a result you get this very diverse response to what is positive or negative.

If you don’t understand, accept and work with the negative you are missing out on half of life. It makes it all that much harder to grow. However, just because our minds might see a lot of negative that doesn’t mean you have to dwell upon it or live within it either.

Now since most people focus 80% more intensely on the negative over the positive. Taoism will flip everything around to refocus you 80% back to the positive to counter balance the bias to the negative. This is the Yin and Yang balance in life and Taoism will always help people walk the line between positive and negative impressions.

So yes be positive, but don’t ignore the negative either. Or ignore them both equally and live to your life with all the more awareness of who you should be instead.



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Living to rules.
Living to a heartbeat.
Living to a breath. Living to our inner nature.

Society piles rules & rules upon rules to live by.
The rules of society are not the rules of living
Despite society’s unwritten rule declaring you must believe otherwise
Society is not nature
Society is human nature
Our actions declare the rules of society
Not the other way around

Which side will you choose?

The debate, musing, arguing fine points
Paralysis from Legal fine print…
Drafted to fight someone else’s war
Homes built as iron maidens of propriety
Fences defining good neighbors

A nap in the grass under the sun.





There are no sides to choose from!

Sides are built out of social rules used within lines of control.

Just be yourself.

Discover there are no sides
Rules pretend to be walls
A convenient place to perch at times,
to watch the craziness of the society from.
A place to hide behind when not wanting to be noticed
Rules are illusions;
Be careful of the arbitrary ways people inflict their rules.

A Taoist’s path walks thru rules while breaking none

A Taoist is true to the heart, free-flowing within a life without walls

A friend was pondering about making one’s own rules

So I decided to add these thoughts

Rules are limitations upon action.

In other words, rules limit / break apart potential. Now, As a Taoist, the practice is all about potential and helping people surf their potential with grace. In other words

A Taoist says: ptttth! And to hell with the rules. If you think about it, hell is all about rules. Breaking free of hell is all about breaking out of the rules.

It doesn’t mean a Taoist ignores rules nor flaunts rules. To ignore the rules is to, at some point, get mangled by the rules. So rules require awareness to flow around properly.

Let’s work to an analogy; Potential is like a wave moving across the ocean surface. We each move with potential, the winds of life building up our potential, but at some point, as the wave comes to the shore, upon hitting the shallows the water piles up in it’s potential and comes crashing down.

So rules are like surf breaks, places designed to force the wave to hit the shallow water and force form and shape to break the water to tumble on down.

More importantly, rules serve to disrupt the potential of other people to the benefit of those who make the rules. So rules require some care to navigate to prevent your energy from being disrupted and re-channeled

Understand your potential is your own to cherish and then you will discover how to move around rules as if rules never existed, and when the rules do exist to surf them in a way you find grace.

Likewise, a Taoist tries to avoid making rules, since to make rules serves to limit oneself, and in the reflection of the rules, you end up hindering oneself.

Now at times, it might make sense to create rule when needing to focus oneself on helping channel one’s own potential towards a purpose, then a Taoist will freely create rules for a short duration to help enable them towards that purpose and then shed the rules later when done.

For example, as a parent: I will make rules for my children, but these rules only exist temporarily to help teach them how to navigate society’s rules with more ease. There exist other times when Taoists will work to “rules” for purposes of refinement of form.

So the point is more to say, rather than worrying about avoiding rules, or creating your own rules: Remember to flow with your potentials. Surf the rules as required and use rules to refine form if and when required occasionally. But more times than not move around the rules (not bend them) since they typically are very disruptive to a person’s nature and are often societies speed traps to harness and trample the free-willed down to be like everyone else.

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