Revolution vs. Evolution

Our times should not be about revolution!

Rather experience evolution.

Our times should be about building a future for our children and a better world.

The failure of many: being taught to think we must be the seed of revolution.

Don’t get trapped thinking that you need to force all change.

Push change with fierce love rather than making change savage.

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Revolution is Limited!

The seed of revolution is formed by those in power who abuse their power. Revolution as a seed only grows into a system that reflects the old system.

Additionally, being a revolutionary is a path that takes one away from life. We are people, working towards living our lives better every day. Instead, let’s release the profit based lifestyles that only consume your very life away.

The average person destroys or limits themselves in their very lifestyle choices. Revolution is just another lifestyle choice that tends to destroy those who live towards it.

However, keep in mind revolution is just a term for a radical change of state. That doesn’t mean a revolution would be a good thing: it can swing in multiple directions. Often a revolution of the “people” ends up being an event changing who is in power while leaving the people eating dust. For example, think about this: we have already seen a revolution, one where corporations over a period of decades subverted control of the population with market forces rather than military force. Our modern economic revolution didn’t do the average person as many favors as the economic systems claims.

I only ask the reader to realize how much power they truly do have in their choices. To be careful on how they give power away, not to saviors, to the “Dollar” or anyone else preaching away. In times of change empower yourself. To do nothing is to give your power away to those already in power.

Evolution is Unlimited!

We hold within ourselves the seed of evolution. Look for this seed of transformation by living a life better. If we stop living to wall street, to what corporations want us to buy, to mass media selling you everything you don’t need: It then becomes possible to live a good life and to shift the balance back to your own life.

This is all about kindness, non-judgment and people working together. This solution isn’t about utopia! It’s about humanity being human and living as well as we all can: together.

You are not going to miss the great changes ahead, provided you take some time to slow down, be aware and work with others.

The moral: Don’t rush nor let your actions be defined by pain or from others trying to profit from you.

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A Personal Look at This All.

Now you may ask:  When living as yourself, why not try to focus upon trying to change the world or to stop the global madness?

I fully understand this question. This was where I started in the process back in the ’90s. I have children, and I would rather work towards making a beautiful world rather than following the current course of creating a husk of a burnt out polluted shell.

So I spent many many years trying to understand our social problems, watching and examining very closely all the options I could find on this subject. I also was very active in trying to help promote change in our society.  I went through every historical example I could find. Finally, I looked deeply into my Taoist teachings.

The issue simplifies down to reflection: action and reaction.

This has two major consequences:

1) If a person works actively in changing the world, the world reacts back to change you.

If you look back to many of the most famous people who did change the world. It came at a very high cost. Almost always coming at the cost of their very own life and everything they love most. So if you take the tact of directly changing the world for the better, the process will and does change you and often in ways you will not desire. Often in ways that prevent you from changing the world toward a better place. I have watched people lose families, happiness, and well being because of this. I have watched people turn into radicals who end up supporting the government. Now that’s twisted! In fact, watch. We have been seeing and are seeing the American government step up the process of exposing and hunting down “homegrown” terrorists who are loyal Americans trying to support the constitution. Their actions will get labeled as destructive and extreme, which promote the terror the current government uses to control people. It all loops around in a twisted way. And before you know it, our children are shouting “Don’t Taze me bro!” for just asking honest questions.

2) Whatever tool you use to re-shape the world, forces the world and society to take on characteristics of that very same tool.

If you start a revolution upon violence, then your new culture will have violence as a very basic part of its nature.

These were not the outcomes I desired.

However, being a Taoist, I noticed something. In the way I lived, by being myself, I did make a difference. I could help people and impact our culture in my actions. I concluded that just living kindly, also invoked those very same principles of Action and Re-Action.

In being myself, the world became more like the characteristics I live within. More importantly, by being kind. I didn’t get attacked or hurt by the system. The opposite happened. The more I was myself, the more the world supported me to be myself and continue onwards in making a difference.

This isn’t intuitive. We are taught the opposite in American Culture. We are taught action, to fight for what is right, to go out and make a difference.

Interestingly both sides of the situation are correct: We do have to take action, and we do need to make a difference, but we must always keep ourselves centered upon our essence. This is a mixture of Eastern and Western ideals. It works. Maybe not quickly, but it does work.

Then I look around at what others have been teaching, looking at other historical figures who made a difference with peace. This teaching has been around all along. It’s just modern society does it best to try to change the subject since Western Society is currently not based upon peace.

Gandhi said it best when saying: “Be the change you want to be. ”

That’s why it’s important not to lose focus. While we work to change the world, we must remember this:

The real path and challenge is living life,

within your life,

which makes a difference in the world.


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In evolving into a newer path, understand this:

Even if you know your path, it takes persistence, patience, and perseverance, especially when creating a new path. Many people think because a path is hard, they may have the wrong path. Don’t doubt yourself. Be true with persistence, patience, and perseverance.

We are all on a new path: the evolution of our times into more sustainable and graceful lifestyles.

To change the times is to realize:

You have a vested interest in making these to be great times. Greatness only comes out of persistence.

A Time to Play

playing to change the worldThe process of evolution is one of many smaller answers combining into larger, more sustainable social changes. This means we have to be willing to play with the smaller changes first.

Yes Play

Playfulness is required now more than ever to change the world.

Innovation on a major scale is happening all around us, don’t make a mistake to think innovation will come from someone else. Innovation simply comes out of you living your life better now. Be open, play, and innovate your life every day! Have the faith to understand and put your energy into your own life and what you would like to build.

Because the time to shift is now, while everything is still quite flexible. People might complain they are powerless, that larger power groups are messing everything up on purpose. Yes, things are being messed up on purpose by larger power brokers, but that doesn’t mean that is our game.


Each one of us now ironically has as much power to change the world as the larger power brokers. Because everything is in a chaotic mix. Even a butterfly wing beat adds to the shifting world.

Your voice, your actions, your lifestyle matter now, more than any other moment in the history of the modern world.

Make it count, live it gracefully, kindly, fully, amazingly, and without hesitation to be GREAT.

I built a worldwide Taoist practice that is growing and expanding and making a difference every day. Fifteen years ago, what I built would not have been possible. It became possible because I dared to live as a Taoist Teacher, in a culture that actively works against Taoist principles of kindness, non-judgment, and grace. And yet, I am thriving. Because in this chaos so many people need help finding kindness again.

My point is this: it’s time to be great by living it. You won’t get this chance again 15 years from now, after society re-locks down into whatever it is we build it to become now.

Now is always the only time you get to make a difference.

Live well to build a new world now. This is your chance.

Our Inner Mirror

What we feel isn’t the mirror of the world. How you say something internally to yourself and how you re-phrase it to make sense for others are two different things altogether.

Not everyone wants to change or evolve. Be careful in how you push your change to others. Kindness means to listen and pace how you reach out to others based on who they are, not what you feel is true.

Yes, we are all shifting. But we don’t all have to shift in the same absolute manner

The Old Social System is Going to Lie.

Let’s face it; the old social system doesn’t want to change. Those at the top will resist change because they are at the top.

The old social system doesn’t know how to measure new change. We are on the edge of fresh waves of change and such change at first is very disconcerting. Up to till recently everything pretty much flowed to momentum and predictability since the changes up to this point were cause and effect for the most part. In today’s situation: changes are becoming unpredictable. What we are experiencing is truly fresh. The media will lie and be surprised as events happen. No one is an expert when cultural fundamentals shift.

This means we all have much more to say and the capacity to help improve the society now. At first, much resistance will be put forth, because society is a reflective process, it buffers its nature in how people act. That social buffering will buffet us about and cause turmoil, don’t let your inner soul be in turmoil right now. This is just pre-change jitters.

Concentrate on how you can live your life kinder and help others in your community live kinder.

This is not a drill to hide away. This is a time to work out, to be present and active in your life again. In this lifestyle exercise, you regather together your personal rights to living your own full life. This is far better than being told what to do by others trying to take charge of your change.

Don’t Fear the Times

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Hello, Bonjour I am an 61 year old African American Artist based in Paris, France. I have a traveling museum I go into schools and offer programming in my atelier. I believe education is important. I love your idea about evolution…

I will do a program for the Day of European heritage in September. The theme this year is education. I want to compare and contrast the Age of Enlightenment with the Black Lives Matter movement. I would love to use your wonderful image with your name. I am not charging for this event. Merci in advance

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