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Zen Garden

Exploring a Small Digital Zen Garden

moon rise

Under the Moon

Under the moon in a zen garden - Exploring Poetry of the Moon.
Tao - Yin Yang of Life

Lost Wisdom & Tidbits

Lost Wisdom - Wisdom is Only Lost With a Closed Mind.

The best parts of old web pages long deleted but still here to echo whispers of wisdom.

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Spiritual Writings

Spiritual writings should flow with minimal words to help bring out the most for the reader.
Nora Rose Kraken

Cats and Spirit

Life is our temple, and even the animals around us are fellow temple goers. We share this world with all living beings.

Reaching the Light

In growth and exploration we confuse destinations to be our goal, our meaning. Learn to instead enjoy the journey and lessons you gain on your way to the goal.


Remember to use a Mantra to reconnect you to what is outside your daily routine.