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Grace and graceful living

Spiritual Coaching & Transformation is a six-week course geared towards teaching important spiritual principles for transformation. These teachings are easily integrated into coaching sessions for clients and your own personal transformation.

Below is a general outline of our six-week course:

  • Session 1 ~ Cultivating Presence & Expanding into a Medicine Story: Being Rooted, Centered, and Grounded
  • Session 2 ~ Building Integrity, Clarifying Communication, and Creating Empowering Mantras
  • Session 3 ~ Engaging our Senses, New Senses, and Emotions as Energy
  • Session 4 ~ Transforming our Stories, Identity, and The Weave of our Stories
  • Session 5 ~ Reclaiming and Being the Light, Soul Remembering and Authoring our New Story
  • Session 6 ~ Pausing as a Gateway to Your Medicine Story

There will be teachings and experiential exercises each session, so please plan to be in a quiet place you’re comfortable.


    • IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO SPIRITUAL COACHING & TRANSFORMATION TEACHINGS: This is a way for individuals to take the course anytime from anywhere. Contact Us if you prefer private sessions or an in-person retreat.
    • SIX PDF DOCUMENTS ~ one for each video session recording
    • **2-YEAR ACCESS TO ALL SIX VIDEO RECORDINGS: Each video includes teachings and experiential exercises. Go at your pace! Re-watch the videos! Repeat the journey exercises!

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If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please contact us directly.

No cancellation policy. Once you’re registered, you’re IN, and you have access to the materials. Contact us with any questions prior to registering!