Spiritual Laws & Tao of Law

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What are Laws?

Laws are principles that define a structure.  Are physical laws the only type of law that exists? Nope, we have layers of Laws.

From Wikipedia

A physical law, scientific law, or a law of nature is a scientific generalization based on empirical observations of physical behavior. Empirical laws are typically conclusions based on repeated scientific experiments over many years, and which have become accepted universally within the scientific community. Laws of nature are distinct from the law, either religious or civil, and should not be confused with the concept of natural law. Nor should ‘physical law’ be confused with ‘law of physics‘ – the term ‘physical law’ usually covers laws in other sciences (e.g. biology) as well.

The way we define law is very complicated in practice.

As human, we are body, mind and spirit, as a result we can see laws that represent all three of these aspects.

As examples:

  • Law of Gravity would be a physical Law.
  • Law of Attraction would be a mind based law rooted in homo sapiens’s psychology compared to Laws that define Felony (murder, etc.) which would be mind based laws based on group social values. Ironically most statements of morality or religious laws are social laws.
  • Consciousness. As consciousness transcends physical and nonphysical reality, there are laws of Consciousness. While very little has been explored in modern western society on this topic, it is now an area that is currently exploding with activity. Another example: Murphy’s Law (“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”) strangely enough could be considered a spiritual law in how people hold it.

Spiritual laws would be generalizations we make that impact how we move thru life or see and interact with nonphysical reality. Let’s use Murphy’s Law for an example. Murphy’s law isn’t a physical law (It isn’t tied to entropy as some believe), It isn’t based on stories, but experience from stories can reinforce it in people’s minds. Rather Murphy’s law is based on the flow of life and how objects/communication/coordinated action tend to break down over time. Unless you are proactive to keep things in shape and live with awareness, then things tend to go wrong. So it’s a life in motion based law. That motion is what would push Murphy’s law into the spiritual law category. Since Law of Attraction does change how a person moves in life, it will be considered by many to be a spiritual law. However, the Law of Attraction is truly rooted in the realm of the mind within personal and social behaviors. But in how people hold and move with Law of Attraction, they ironically push it up into being a spiritual law for how they live. Many mind based laws get pushed up into the spiritual law category for this reason.

When I did a google search for spiritual laws, many of the spiritual laws I saw listed were actually social and mind based laws. People will say Laws of Faith are spiritual laws. If faith is based on a story: then, in reality, it’s a mind or social law.

The Tao of Law

These distinctions are important for one good reason: Balancing your life. If you understand where a law is rooted you can use it more effectively.

Let’s use law of attraction as an example of how to understand and use a mind based law.

Law of Attraction is a mind based law. You can’t use it to directly manifest physical change. You can use it indirectly by changing your mind set and awareness. Then as you change your story, that changes how you connect to the physical world.

You will find people making money off law of attraction. But they are not manifesting money! No. they are selling an idea or action. It’s the change of attitude or exchange / implementation of ideas that makes money.

Law of attraction will not directly solve your problems. But it will set up steps that can change how you live so that later in life you live better.

If you just use law of attraction without action, nothing will happen! If you back up law of attraction with action, then yes of course your physical life will shift.

Exploring Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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