What is Positive Thinking?

Thinking does shape society. Positive thinking is focusing on actions that improve life. Learning how to shift focus on the positive aspects of life can have huge impacts on improving a person’s life.

Positive thinking can be a very powerful technique to break a person out of bad luck and problems. If a person is concentrating too much on a problem, that focus can distract a person away from solutions and actions that would help them grow.

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Law Of Attraction

Law of attraction is positive thinking with lots of marketing. Law of attraction takes the concept of positive thinking and wraps it around a trademark term to sell the term.  Mass marketing takes over to create best selling practices called “Laws of Attraction” and movies such as the “Secret” that do prey upon wallets of those seeking to buy solutions to life on the cheap.

While money might be power, life’s problems are answered through our actions. These answers then grow against the reflection of our experiences.

To those looking into materials about positive thinking, I suggest walking past the “Laws of Attraction”. All of the Law of Attraction material I have reviewed goes overboard to focus on material wealth and should be translated into “Laws of Consumption”. Consumption by its very definition leaves seekers empty always wanting more. An ideal mass marketing ploy to assure that customers will always come back for more of the latest techniques, to get more. See the vicious feedback cycle?

A more graceful approach to positive thinking is to teach a person how to act in terms of Potential.

10 Tips in Positive Thinking.

  1. Mistakes are not bad. We learn from our mistakes. Don’t view a mistake as a negative experience. Instead, learn from each mistake made and then refine how you live and act.
  2. Release your judgements. Judgment is an anchor around a person’s life. If you undercut your actions and thoughts how can you grow in potential? Releasing judgment allows you to be fearless!
  3. Release people who judge you. It’s hard to work with positive thinking if another person undercuts your actions and baseline.
  4. Focus on simple changes rather than big changes. Trying to do too much often will trip a person up. Allow yourself to make a hundred smaller changes that over time add up into a surprise larger change in your life. Also: do all the prep work for a planned big change. Each big change you do will require 100 smaller changes up front to support it.
  5. Be patient. People and society resist change. Take the time and have the patience to let your smaller changes add up into the potential to shift other people’s viewpoints. Be successful in small ways so others can see that success and then join in.
  6. Be flexible. Allow yourself to take advantage of opportunities and ideas as they come up.
  7. Don’t wait for others. People often want to change to happen from the outside. True positive change happens from your steps.
  8. Never underestimate how much other people will delay and drag their feet. People generally don’t want to change. You can be as positive as you want, but as you change positively, others around you will resist your positive change because it impacts them to change. In fact: your positive changes can create adverse changes in people around you. So be aware of this truth.
  9. Positive Thinking is a personal and social process but not a natural process. Don’t expect the universe to do your work for you. Work with yourself and social trends.
  10. Be proactive in creating your story so other people can clearly see you. If people can’t relate to what you are doing, they won’t help. Remember Positive Thinking is a social process, if others don’t connect to you, a positive feedback loop cannot happen.
  11. Bonus tip: Be kind. In the end, a person becomes what they pretend to be. If you are unkind, then what you will shape will get distorted over time. You will not be happy in life or with what you achieve in positive thinking without kindness. If you are unkind, if you work out of greed, that blackness will eventually undercut all the positive thinking and work you strive towards.


I feel we live in times of great potential. That is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative in a cosmic sense. Discover in potential much can happen. As such: we each can do much, as individuals, to live in a manner that is graceful & kind. I like to reinforce “graceful” as too many people push agendas and greed with their positive thinking.

So despite the increase of preachers, pulpits, political posturing, economic wars, mass market spiritual healers and a countless list of other commercialized truths. We also have access to a wonderful mixture of people just reaching to improve life and community.

One step, day and moment at a time to just live in a way that explores the potential of the times: in a manner which we can look and say: Damn this is a good ride down the hill this time around. As we each tumble as children despite playing at being adults. In a world which the rules are not the rules, but only one of many games of exploration of living itself.

Our times will be crazy indeed, but with positive thinking, with proactive actions, with combined efforts, we can make the most of these great times.

A day at a time.

Positive Thinking Vs. Being Negative

A student asked me:

(1) Why do people approach positive thinking in a manner that appears to be way overbalanced in terms of being “Too” positive?

(2)  How does being a devil’s advocate relate to positive thinking practices?

My response is: It’s ok to play the role of devil’s advocate provided you balance it with a huge amount of awareness of when not to be the devil’s advocate.

The reason is: it’s all about balance.

All in all, the positive and negative aspects of life are linked together. In balance, it’s important to understand we need some of both to be in a healthy life.

Those who very actively play Devil’s advocate often tend to think towards the balance in a cosmic sense, but they miss the fact that people view it from their perspective and human senses.

So this means the balance of positive/negative in human terms is not 50 / 50!  Rather studies show that on average people focus 2 to 3 times more on negative aspects of life choices rather than positive outcomes.

So the secret to positive thinking practice is actually to overcompensate for our instincts to focus on negative things. The answer turns out: is for most people, the balance needs to be 80 – 90% positive to 10 – 20% negative.

Now, this is counter-intuitive, yet it’s important to look at the way our minds work. In other words, the human mind gives greater emphasis on negative events and activities. It’s a survival issue since negative events can often lead to deep and vastly difficult issues to overcome. As a result, our minds DO focus on the negative in a weighted manner.

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So in a human-based “reality”, the human mind skews its perception to pay more attention to detrimental dangers.

As a result, if you point out the negative a bit too often (more than 10% of the time), you actually will upset people more than you realize and create more problems than positive outcomes due to the way people emphasize negative items.

This is why it’s important in all the positive thinking programs or processes they teach to concentrate so much on the positive side of life, as it doesn’t take much negative to counterbalance out all the hard work you put into a positive mindset.

Its also why its so hard for people to fully push a positive mindset, as it’s harder for the mind to let go of the negative images.

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the power of positive thinking !! this could change your life.

Very thoughtfull post on Positive Thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

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