A Closer Look at Health Care

The best health system includes practices of exercise, meditation, social interaction, balanced sex life, and also taking time for yourself.

Practice being present in your life. Take time to be aware of your body and pause several times in a day to scan your mind and body. Then mix in motion (this is adding spirit) in places that feel off and give these points a little extra attention. We call this practice Qi Gong in Taoism. While this might not seem much, these little steps allow your body, mind, and spirit to harmonize into being healthy. Yes, as required, use doctors and others to help you as needed in centering or curing specific problems as they arise. However, with a practice of awareness, 80% or more of problems can be addressed long before most problems can even arise to be serious.

My Doctor Father’s Microscope

Antibiotics and A Broken Health System

I recently managed to get an infection and had to go in for some antibiotics.

One thing was very clear, western medicine is not very holistic in its approach, and the medications themselves can be like taking little mini-nukes into your body.

Don’t get me wrong; my father practiced western medicine and taught me much. I respect western medicine, but over the years, as western medicine became about the money, it then lost something more important. Western practice and medicines have lost their respect back to the people they heal.

For instance, I was given the antibiotics, but not pro-biotics or an improved diet afterward. I could go on about the little things. Such as when going into the Kaiser group health as a patient, we are shown no respect but rather are pushed about as numbers, around their system, for profit.

It is also sad since it has become clear to me that healing western medicine practices usually create the next set of problems they will have to heal and use for making more money later.

Perhaps it is time to heal the western medical system; Let’s hope reformers don’t try to fix the system in the same way the system works to fix people.


Politics of Healthcare

I worked at the national level for many years to improve mental health. It is just insane how out of touch Washington DC is to reality. The corporate dollars/insurance industry has destroyed the whole system for the sake of profit and has lost almost all humanity to it. And the last bits of public health which are public are about to be lost.

The big problem is health care should never be a “For Profit” System

It should always be “In Kindness” system

An “In Kindness” system doesn’t mean the caregiver only gives. Any system requires support back and forth. Just as a caregiver gives kindness and care to a patient: the patient in-kind returns support back to the caregiver.

The trouble is in a capitalistic culture; everything has been defined as money, and this means kindness has been lost.

I work “In Kind,” and it works.

But the current insurance based system is not “in kind” as a result; we are seeing all the caregivers, the doctors, the nurses, the people who help others are getting hurt. The people making money are the corporations, those who run the systems from the top. Sadly, many of the healthcare professionals in the system have become cogs, and they are all breaking by the unkind policy’s to ensure a maximize “For Profit” bottom line.

The mental health system has always been partially overlooked by the “for profit industry” because the poor cannot afford help. As a result, mental health was very much in the public domain. However, this is all about to shift as the private industry is trying to suck every penny out of our health it can.

It’s not going to get better soon since for an “in-kind” System to fully work, People generally must truly value their health, and sadly many people don’t value their health as much as their pocketbook.

If we want to improve the health care system. Then we start by educating our children to value their life fully in terms of their own heart rather than by money or outside measures.


We work over the phone and also offer healing retreats!

Healthcare Solutions

Most people don’t understand what defines true healthcare.

People think health care is to fix something when it is broken. This only represents 10% of actual health care, but sadly it’s the 10% that gets 90% of the attention. (Because that is where most of the profit exists.)

Expand your definitions to be complete

To heal is to make whole, to care is to be present and give attention. So this means:

Health care is literally to take the time to be whole in your essence!

Take a few moments to let this idea settle in since unfortunately many misunderstand Health Care, and as a result, have very unhealthy disconnected lives,

  • Most people only take time for themselves to heal when they’re broken.

A broken approach to healthcare leads a person to skip from injury to injury, to leap from malady to malady.

If you want to be healthy then take the time to be whole, present and aware all the time!

Explore Your Essence

Essence is Your Core Nature

Knowing your Essence
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Healing Herbal Teachings

These healing herbal teachings are to be educational, help inspire everyone to have an herbal apothecary and promote expanding both personal & community kitchens.



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Very much so Courtney!

Mm, how true. I had planned to go to medical school for a brief time, but then I realized I don’t need six years of strict conventional schooling to understand how to share this sentiment with others. ;-)

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