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Welcome to the Tree of Love Class

Having helped thousands of people over the years, I created the Tree of Love teaching as a new way to understand relationships.

The trap in modern culture is that people think affection is enough to build a lasting relationship. This isn’t true. While love is the starting point of most relationships, and there exist seven other elements that are required to support your love. Love (being more) is only the first element of a relationship. Relationships also need harmony, clear communication, respect, compatible goals, and chemistry.

It is possible to compare a relationship to a tree.

  • The branches represent the active connections between a couple. The four main branches are Harmony, Respect, Communication, and Flow.
  • The leaves of a tree represent the love present in a relationship. (Becoming More)
  • The roots represent the chemistry that binds two people together into a relationship. A relationship’s chemistry consists of Mind, Body & Spirit.

With the Tree of Love framework, you can precisely measure the status of a relationship and what work needs to be done to improve your relationship.

For more about our relationship philosophy, you can read this article on relationship balancing.

If you need help to improve your relationship you can also contact us directly for additional sessions!

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Tree of Love Relationship Teachings