Shamanic Path

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A shamanic path is timeless.

A shamanic path crosses the lives of many beings who connect to us and how we connect back.

Ishtar was a spiritual friend of mine. I saved her out of the animal shelter; she helped me find my way out of the times of a painful divorce. Together we helped each other. When I moved to Hawaii, Ishtar stayed with a friend on the mainland.

At the start of this year, I knew it was time for me to go back to the mainland for a trip. I could feel the shamanic path unfold ahead, and I trusted to the movement of it all. I went to deepen my Shamanic practice. So four weeks ago, I got to reconnect to Ishtar. It was wonderful to see my old friend.

During that trip, I also spent time going deep into spiritual meditations. It was a time spent with many different lessons and journeys.

During my 2nd evening in meditation, I began to feel sad, in the spiritual journey. It became clear I wouldn’t see Ishtar again in physical life. I didn’t want her to be alone. While in a trance, I remembered time isn’t linear. So instead, I simply went to be with her as she died. At that moment, I helped her transform spiritually, that her death wasn’t death, but a further life ahead. In the moment of transition, I helped her transform into a silver dragon, to continue exploring the spirit lands as a Dragon.


Shamanic Path IshtarIshtar died last week.

Not alone, and now a dragon.

On a shamanic path, we don’t question the pavement; we find answers with the motion, trust in our connections, and then in awareness share and help as we can.

Life is much more than what is imagined, and the shamanic path embraces the ever-changing transformations we each experience.

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That is delicious writing. You’ve nailed it. Thanks.

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