Julie and I are both teachers and healers. Over the years we have helped many people find peace, completeness and healing. Here are the testimonials to show our work on a personal level.


I ended up in a very shocking situation when my ex-husband suddenly left our marriage when he got into a mid-life crisis. I received an enormous amount of support and clear-sighted advice that made me find my way to continue moving forward in my life. The help I received was absolutely crucial to ending up in a good place.


Midlife Crisis Marriage Problems

One day, 8 years ago, a day like any other day, my wife for 30 years told me that she was not happy, that she had met someone else, and that she wanted to split and start a new life. I could not believe it, but I knew she was serious about it. Until that moment, I was 110% convinced that she could not be without me. At that precise moment, my entire world collapsed, and my heart got broken in so many pieces. It was impossible for me to accept her leaving. We continue living together for a while, thinking that it was better for our son, but she continued to move ahead in her own life. Then I understood that she was, in reality, looking for herself. I was so desperate; I did not realize how I would be able to continue my life without her because, for me, she was my life.

One day I found an article talking about a similar situation and middle life crisis, which made a lot of sense for me. It was Casey’s. I send him a message explaining to him that I was in a similar situation and would like to talk with him. I was so surprised when just some hours after I received an answer saying that of course, he could. From that moment, Casey’s wisdom, patience, and love guided me to a new world: the real world. The world that our conditioned minds do not want to or cannot see. A world of no judgment, awareness, and love. The three elements that allow us to open our hearts and see with different eyes and to connect with ourselves and others in a completely different way.

It took me several years to accept and release, it was my own time, as Casey used to say, and he was there patiently waiting for me. Three years ago, while I was still finalizing the process, I met Mariana, and we started a long-distance relationship, and we will now be getting married soon. If I had not been able to release, if I had not been able to connect in a different and deeper way, if I had never got to understand what to be aware was, I don’t think I would have even met Mariana.

Thanks so much Casey! For being there for me and others. Thanks for your infinite patience and love.

Midlife Crisis to a New Marriage & a New Life

A Stronger Life After Midlife Crisis

The simplicity of what Casey teaches eliminates the need for years of microscopic self-analysis. It merely bypasses it in favor of being still. I’m the author of a book that approaches self-improvement through modifying the subconscious motives behind behavior. However, Casey’s influence in my life has been like a still pool of water in which the root of my resurgent seeking was visible along with the ease of the path forward through nonresistance.

A Stronger Life After Midlife Crisis
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After My Partner’s Midlife Affair

Five years ago, I was sad, scared and worst of all, had lost myself. I was a new mother and my husband had asked for a separation. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find my way through this situation, but I knew I wanted to do it with grace for myself and my son. Casey and Julie were there for me during my darkest hours. They helped me find my way when life felt out of control and change was all around me. They gave me the strength to not only get through the darkness, but also re-emerge a lighter and truer version of myself. I carry their teachings with me each and every day – knowing they are there should I ever need them gives me peace.

Life Changing - After My Partner's Midlife Affair
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Midlife Dreams and Transformation

I started working with Casey by phone when my life was in turmoil and I needed a major shift in my understanding of who I was and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Talking with Casey helped me see the old stories I had been telling myself of who I was that were keeping me locked in a life that I no longer wanted. After about six months of conversations, I felt ready to work more directly with Casey and Julie and arranged a four-day retreat.

This personal retreat was very different from any other workshop or retreat I’ve attended. With the entire focus on me, I felt totally supported to go deeply into the work. Casey and Julie made it easy to accept support and assistance. They planned each day according to what I needed in the moment. It was clear from the beginning that we were not following a prescribed formula. At the end of each day, I felt I had gone deeply into my interior landscape and created new pathways to previously hidden destinations.

Casey offered a combination of real-world techniques for difficult situations as well as insight into motivations that drive behavior. Julie offered a new way of working with dreams that reminded me to bring together my waking and sleeping worlds, my inner and outer worlds, to create my own life. She also introduced me to journey work which opened my consciousness to new ways of working with my higher self in the inner world of archetypes, symbols, inner guides, and sacred places.

It’s now six months after the retreat and I can still tangibly feel the solid base it gave me from which to launch deeper explorations into who I am. What I had thought of as a mid-life crisis has turned into an opportunity to shift from an old worn-out state of consciousness to a light-filled new awareness of the preciousness of this lifetime. I’m now ready to start defining for myself the meaning and purpose for my life.

religion and god
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Turning Midlife Crisis Around

Casey has been immensely helpful to me in a very confusing and painful time in my life. He has offered insight and suggestions that are totally outside of the realm of what friends or a therapist have been able to offer me. I credit my allowance of new paths opening up to me to the guidance I received from him. Reaching out to Casey was such a good decision for me.

midlife crisis growth
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Midlife Crisis Affair Help

When I look back over the months that I have been working with Casey, I realize that he has played many roles in my life. My teacher, my trusted friend, a father figure, and my mentor – minus all of the judgments, projections, fears, and expectations, that are so often unintentionally placed upon us by those who actually play these roles in our lives. Instead of living up to somebody else’s expectations and beliefs, Casey has taught me to lead. He has shown me how to turn down the background noise in my life, enabling me to make decisions that are true to myself and in keeping with my own values and beliefs. Casey gives you exactly what you need. The right amount of guidance, reassurance, understanding and gentleness. Along with the occasional push and jolt, wrapped in the kindest tough-love, there is. Ensuring that you continue to grow and move towards your goals, as you unravel life’s lessons together. There have been times over these past few months when I have felt particularly uncertain about the direction of specific things in my life. I felt unable to completely trust myself in making certain decisions, and I simply did not know how to ‘fix’ these things from where I stood. Yet despite this, I have felt the greatest sense of relief in knowing that I could instead put my trust in Casey’s experience and wealth of knowledge. And felt great reassurance in knowing that no matter what the outcome, someone very skilled and in tune with me, would always be in my corner.

Through Casey’s guidance, things have consistently changed for the better – just as he said they would, and in ways, I could really not have envisaged. These are the moments that have led to some of the biggest personal breakthroughs I have ever made. There are no words to convey, or any act great enough to express my thanks and gratitude in a way that is comparable to what his teachings and guidance have offered me. I have said before, that although I have met Casey during a very challenging time in my life, on some level I have found myself not wanting the tough times to end. Because if not for this combination, I would not be getting to know myself to this degree, nor would I be able to say goodbye to many of the unhealthy fears and limiting beliefs that I have held onto for decades. I may never have acquired the awareness to go on and recognize my full potential in various aspects of life, or to stand on the peak of a very high mountain from where I could see happiness, trust, and love from again. If you are ready for change, my advice is to work on yourself through Casey. To ‘grow, expand and explore’, as he teaches me. Thank you, Casey – my friend, teacher, and everything else in between.

Midlife Crisis Affair Help

True Happiness After My Midlife Partner Left

More people should know what wonderful work you do.

I have a couple of friends that have asked me how I’ve managed to be strong enough to move forward and be happy so soon after him leaving me. I told them that true happiness lies within yourself and if you need a little help finding it, visit the Personal Tao site.

I’m doing excellent. I remain very good friends with my husband but no longer feel like I need him and believe that I have truly let him go. You were absolutely right as I have grown much more than the person who left me for that very reason.

I have bought your videos and audios on Midlife Transformation and how to deal with it and I watch them daily. They have taken me from crying every day over my husband leaving to knowing that he’s doing what he has to and that it has nothing to do with me. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle, but I am in a better place about the whole thing.

I’ve done so much reading, have learned a lot, and I’m meditating twice a day. It’s really a wonderful thing. I have bought a new travel trailer and am planning some camping road trips for the summer. I also signed up for motorcycle school and will be buying myself a Harley Davidson soon.

You helped through one of the worst times of my life and got me back on my feet. When I thought I had lost everything and had nowhere to turn, I found Personal Tao and you helped me climb out of a dark hole. For that, I will be forever grateful!

The last time we talked you had me write down the word ‘Explore’ and it has become one of my mantras. I’m excited about what’s ahead for me and know that opening myself up to the universe will allow the universe to bring me everything I need.

As I continue down this path of self-love and discovery I’m sure there will be many questions and I know that you will always be there to help me answer them. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

True Happiness - After My Midlife Partner Left

Using Midlife Crisis to Make My Life Better

It’s quite hard to describe in words how Casey has impacted my life. One of the things he’s taught me is the futility of trying to verbalize deeper concepts. So I’ll just focus on the outcomes. I was utterly lost when I first started working with Casey. Personally and professionally. In working with him, I’ve been able to take what has been a real crisis and turn it into a fundamental transformation. Casey teaches concepts by illuminating them within your own life experience. The lesson is crystal clear when you can learn against your own situations. He teaches us to view things within the core concepts of kindness, grace, non-judgment, and modesty. The amount I’ve learned in just a year is astounding.

When I first started working with Casey, I was ready to find my teacher. And there he was. For that, I’m grateful and excited for what lies ahead.

If any of you have the opportunity to do a retreat with Casey and Julie, DO IT! They are gracious hosts, fantastic teachers, and good friends. It was very special to be able to ease into the next phase of my life in Hilo. And the scenery is pretty good too.

Using Midlife Crisis to Make My Life Better
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Amazing MidLife Coach!

Julie is an absolutely amazing teacher. I’ve been working with her for over a year. In that year, she’s taught me movement meditation and I’d previously been unable to meditate in any way. She’s also helped me develop spiritually and find my path. Julie is very personable and doesn’t judge. She tailors her teachings to each individual so that they work for him/her. I highly recommend her!

Before I started working with Casey, I was slowly and surely destroying my life, all aspects of it, with poor choices. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person I saw. From the outset, Casey treated me as an individual, a real person with her own unique story, not a caricature or a stereotype. Without judgment, he helped me see what was really happening in my life and gave me practical suggestions for dealing with my issues. He didn’t fix my problems, he empowered, encouraged, and supported me to make better decisions, learn, and solve my own situations. Thanks to Casey I’m in a better place to appropriately handle what life throws at me.

Taoism 101 - The flow of Tao
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Additional Testimonials and Review Excerpts

  • Casey’s teaching has transformed my mid-life crisis and given me a faith in myself and the universe and an awareness of my power to create my own world of new possibilities and limitless potentials.
  • I wholeheartedly recommend his writing, his retreat and his sense of wonder wrapped in wisdom with a dose of wit and fun. Onward, and thank you, Casey! You have made a real difference in my life and in helping me get to flow and balance.
  • A place and a teacher like no other. Excellent service that is well worth your time. If you are unsure of what is next in your life or where you are going, you will find a warm welcome in Casey and a beautiful local to explore your path. His ability to conceptualize the different angles and shapes of a situation provides the kindness and comfort needed to explore your own life in a way never imagined.
  • An Angel on Earth I was blessed by finding Casey’s web site on the internet. Just talking to Casey on the phone gave me so much comfort that I knew that I needed to fly to Hilo to meet him and attend his retreat. Casey is truly a gifted healer. He shares his knowledge and wisdom in a simple and humble way.
  • He can make you smile, he’s a funny guy, but he never makes fun of you or anyone else. You’re safe because he’s a real participant. Maybe that’s a clue, because when the reader/helper/therapist/analyst/caregiver claims or pretends to be separate from the subject, – uninvolved, neutral – they are not able to be as sensitive to the feeling inside the process. There is no such thing as neutral, in my opinion (and I was an art therapist for 15 years). Here there is no pretense of neutrality; you are working with a magician, a magician with the discipline to maintain his own good heart.
  • Casey “reads” people deeply, and very little gets past his scrutiny – so one has the sense of being completely “seen”. He gets past social masks and defenses, and gives people a sense that they can be open and honest- first with him, and ultimately with themselves. Even when the feedback is difficult or challenging, he is attentive and supportive, guiding people through their process as if he is a type of “midwife” coaching them through their own personal “rebirth”.

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