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I could show you gloom, a thousand reasons why to repair the world. Yet all I would accomplish Is to create a trap of despair.

I could show you hope. A thousand points of life towards the best of humanity. Yet then all you would do is nothing.

This is the damned if you do and damned if you don’t trap of the modern world. Your actions do matter. Your comfort isn’t worth saving. Inaction is destruction.

Worrying you don’t have time to act, means this is the perfect time to start. If you are waiting for the right moment: means having already lost your moment

I will not be your cheerleader. I will not be a leader to push your actions. I will not save you. These are all things you must now do for yourself.

Growth never comes out of comfort. Empowerment isn’t from the teacher nor healer. Power is the ability to define oneself. Power comes from your actions that define you

Actions do define, Find comfort has hidden actions. Dig deeper to discover the price of comfort is burning down our world. Comfort is the worst of all drugs to be addicted to in life.

Yes, we need comfort to rest within to recharge within. But only holding to comfort is to decay.

So you ask and ask: But how, oh how, Do I break out?
Well, follow your discomfort!
Push and surprise yourself.

Comfort Erodes Away Joy

Ever notice how in getting comfort, most people lose their joy? I am not saying you can’t have both comfort and joy. However, the two experiences tend not to play and often don’t mix. How in getting to a “comfortable” life, the “joy” just evaporates?

Watching when times are rough, and it’s a struggle. You can feel joy in living itself: as you strive to improve your life.

What’s more important for you. Comfort or Joy?

Seemingly more people than not, take comfort in the western culture over joy. I wonder why. Let’s dive into this puzzle for a moment

How Comfort Steals Away Joy

I have written before comfort is the poor man’s version of immortality. In comfort, a person doesn’t change, in comfort time goes away, in this: a person has fleeting immortality since it’s “timeless”.

I think this is the real reason most people demand comfort. In a fear-based culture, where people fear death, it makes sense to strive for comfort at all costs to obtain that fleeting illusion of immortality.

Living to change is hard; living to comfort is not to change. Joy isn’t static; it’s, in fact, pushing change and working towards enlightenment, towards a higher state of being. Joy represents change, and change represents facing the unknown. The unknown is never comfortable to face.

That’s why joy and comfort tend not to be together. In comfort, a person pauses in their journey to hold onto what they were and are. While in joy, you actively release into the journey of becoming “more” and having joy in the insights and change that push you to new heights.

Strangely, since most people cannot accept themselves, they can’t have the true comfort to experience their own nature. Instead in western culture. Most people to be comfortable actively intake “entertainment” to fulfill themselves with a fantasy supplied by other people.

Now isn’t that strange, and isn’t that the opposite of Joy? If you intake other people’s stories rather than your own: how can you, in the end, find joy in being oneself, of becoming more into the light?

Hence: without personal acceptance: Joy is a fleeting experience or even a fantasy for most people…

I see joy when people play, but play is the active experience of exploring life itself. So that makes sense also. Play and Joy are interconnected.

This is not judging lifestyle; it’s more understanding why “true joy” is so lacking when I talk to people living such a comfortable life in America.

There is so much I would like to say, but much of what I would say would not be timed right for many people. We have a challenge ahead to improve our lives and the world. People seek answers; they seek leaders to follow. However, people mistake the loss of comfort as being the problem.  This is a problem because people will react to losing comfort in a way to regain their comfort. That isn’t a good path, in fact, that is how social engineering works against you as an individual. Channeling people with discomfort towards comfort provided at a cost.

So if you feel discomfort, I ask you to pause. Don’t automatically seek to regain comfort. First, ask yourself why you are in discomfort. Don’t seek solutions that are comfortable, seek solutions that create growth. Then push against that discomfort to improve life.

Explore Your Essence

Essence is Your Core Nature

Knowing your Essence
Smoothes Out
Your Life

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