Retreat on the River

One River Retreat Center is located right on the Wailuku River. We spend many hours teaching at special hidden spots along the river. It’s a whole separate world and a beautiful place to meditate, learn, and explore life while on a retreat here with us.

Retreat Photos

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All sessions are by appointment only.
Over Phone, Internet and In Person.

Videos of the Big Island

3-minute hike around Narnia at the lava tube waterfall. Located in Hilo, Hawaii.

Take a moment to just go for a walk.

Drone footage of the Wailuku River taken by one of our retreat guests.

It’s a fun overlook of the river behind our home that we spend much time on, and we often take people to the river for qigong, meditation, and swims!

Wailuku is a Hawaiian word meaning destruction in a spiritual sense, the kind that helps you let go of what is no longer serving your highest.

Some of our Hawaiian friends won’t swim in the river due to the chants that say the river will eat you. Modern myths and stories claim that a dragon lives in the river. It also has lava tubes that people can get sucked into if they don’t know where to swim.

We love this river and hope you enjoy the video!

White Hibiscus at Personal Tao Retreats in Hawaii
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