Seeing Heart


Embracing Heart

Let’s explore the heart today.

Finding Heart

Where do we find the heart?

Lesson: It’s how we hold something that defines heart more than if it were a living beating heart.

A flowing lava heart on Big Island Hawaii.


Hold this truth to help improve the world around you. The heart has many definitions, which is why this works.

For example it means ** Growing Connections **

In seeing the heart, you also expand the meaning it has. It will expand out how you work with what you see.

Use this method to see the world with, and you will be surprised to discover a living growing world rather than a dying one portrayed by the media or prophets.

The future is shaped by this difference in how you move ahead with vision. It’s simple and effective! Be careful in this culture now defined by fear; those in power will try to convince you there is no heart to keep you from acting with your heart.

We have the power to restore the heart to our world. First, we must be reminded it’s still present and then act upon it.

Be alive where you live!

When to Close the Heart

I got this question this morning to share

Is it okay to close our hearts to people? If they have hurt us or even if they love us? To make a conscious choice to do it?

In the larger truth: we are all one. Our hearts always touch and are shared.

In the smaller truth: of where we are now, as we busily tussle and shift about being an individual. At times in kindness: we must move on, to leave a person (or ourselves) be themselves fully. To do so means letting the heart go its separate way. We are each our own person and at times need to establish boundaries for reflection, to grow with new experiences and to become a complete soul. It’s the right action to go our way to help the heart become more.


The simply answer is yes

If closing the heart is an act of kindness

Understanding that kindness has multiple levels, and that kindness of closing the heart means helping the person (or yourself) heal in a complete fashion. Then it’s OK to move on, to let your heart make its journey separate from others who you once loved utterly. So they (or you) may find new answers, share with others, from different perspectives to find their peace of heart.

In the heart, we are always truly connected, always having a part of your life shared in the heart. Nothing ever erases that time, but in the now when two hearts no longer fit together, it then becomes a time to let each heart grow anew into new experiences. To grow back into the larger whole in this very search.

Never erode the heart or break it
Trying to make it fit the shape of another heart.

Let the heart be true & grow in life as life moves.
Rather than mold it to another shape not your own.

So the simple answer is:

Let the heart move with life, to grow and experience connections. In time, as we grow, it always reconnects back to those we love.

A conscious choice to close the heart means to let it grow into your life rather than let it be trapped by false and imaginary boundaries.

Economy of Heart

Having wandered and helped people on the streets, I was always most amused by street preachers. Shouting out their truth only to drive most people away.

Preaching is not an effective tool to push truth, because most people use it to “PUSH” truth. If you push a person, you push them further away from you.

We are living in times of change. This means many many people are actively trying to push their change, their truth onto others. Street preachers have moved to the news and papers. Western Media is a shouting match where “truth” gets lost in the din of everyone pushing their core values outwards.

  • Shouting out the truth is a poor method of transmitting truth.

I am surprised at several simple truths, the most important truth of our economic times being:

The economy isn’t about truth, it’s about power and manipulation.

We can display the truth all we want about the economy; it won’t change people’s minds when they are following larger economic trends.

We can show people the light, but it just blinds people who insist upon embracing darkness.

We sort through all the information to help us understand trends, nothing more. Trying to use the truth to change the world just pushes others away from the truth. The truth exposes their discomfort of the facts and their discomfort of change itself.

The reality is yes, it’s all messed up. But at some point, if you want to change it, ironically you just have to walk away from it so it can crumble and allow new growth to occur.

That is where we are now. Profits will be made in understanding this, and investors will bankrupt themselves thinking they can change the system from the inside out. The change will come, but after the “truth” of today crumbles into being the past.

The other point is money is power; money is how people in this culture define themselves. People are 90% emotions 10% truth, so it only takes a little emotional arm twisting to have a huge negative impact on one’s statements. Don’t fall into the trap of using negative emotions to push for positive change, Negative fear/emotions drive people to act in fear and produce negative results, which drives the money straight to those who wield power in this case.

Just be aware of the unintended side effects of how “truth” is presented since being extra vocal right now may not help as we think it does. I mention all of this, since living in change, it is easy to get tempted and shout a little, trying to compete with all the street preachers in Western Media.

Let other’s do the shouting, for they are just driving people back to the heart.

You see the easiest way of getting the word out on the truth of living to heart, is to live to an economy of the heart. This is not something we shout; it’s something we live. In kindness, one person at a time we do create our new world.

The heart is about connections. An economy of the heart means to connect with others improving our world and finding solutions together. Where we earn a living by how we connect versus what we buy or push as truth.

As an aside here is a fun little video well done on how to help shift truth to a way people can embrace it

Video Thumbnail
The Story of Solutions
The Story of Solutions - youtube Video

Letting the Heart Lead the Way

So many times, I get asked a question on how to find direction in life.

So often, I respond/teach a simple answer at first :

Direction comes from the smiles that lead you to greater potential,

The trick is learning to trust how the heart leads.

/ over /

How the mind builds.

Because building requires direction, we often delegate full attention of direction (project management, etc.) to the mind and then lose our internal sense of direction from other aspects of our life. We always need to understand every person walks multiple paths at once. Never to turn off the heart-mind. If we only live to mind or only live to heart, we miss living a full life.

Now “heart-mind” in Taoism means something different than merging the heart and mind, perhaps I will reflect on this in a different post but right now let’s continue the last paragraphs chain of thought:

The play on words here also has much truth which should help people understand better how to balance out life’s choice in choosing a direction. In trying to focus on only a single aspect of truth or yourself, we blind ourselves to our complete self.

So in trying to focus on only one direction, we often get lost since we lost touch to our larger life.

Healing Your Soul

Reconnect to Your Soul

Learn How To Heal Completely

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