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Below is a general outline. These five personal energy sessions will help you build, expand and learn more about your personal energy.

  • Session 1 ~ Introduction to Energy, Measurable Effects of Practicing Qigong & Healing Sounds Passive Qigong Exercise
  • Session 2 ~ Taoist Cultivation – Being in Peak Form, Dragon Fire Meditation & Breathing Exercises
  • Session 3 ~ Engaging and Expanding your Senses, Knowing ourselves as Motion and Energy, Guided Visualization Exercise
  • Session 4 ~ Balancing Yin & Yang, Anchoring Energy & Grounding with the Elements, Guided Visualization Exercise
  • Session 5 ~ Building your Energy and Working with Potential, Build a Relationship with Qi, Applying Qigong throughout Daily Life Exercises.

There will be teachings and experiential exercises each session so please plan to be in a quiet place you’re comfortable.

$197 for the LIVE ONLINE 5-week Course starting August 18th (choose either 1 pm or 4 pm HST below)
This will be the last time this course is taught live online! 
Contact Julie & Casey if you have questions


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Cancellation Policy: You must cancel at least 24 hours before the first class to receive a full refund. Partial refunds will be considered the first week before the 2nd session.

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