Goals for A Personal Tao

Personal Tao

Science is fact

Religion is faith

Magic is perception

Know these boundaries to discover what lies beyond.


As I sit here, I am also revising my book’s text. Strangely It keeps getting simpler and shorter.

Then I had this realization: I could write the whole book in a single word:


And that’s it.

Feels strange I spent 40 years to write a book of a single word.


So I am opening up the field for comments in general about A Personal Tao.

The site will focus on the following topics:

  1. Teach Taoism with modern language.
  2. Help others explore spirit.
  3. Be a world-class resource to help people grow through a midlife crisis. (This goal was added in mid-2006)
  4. Help the world change to be a kinder place. (This goal was added in late 2007)
  5. Help others have balanced relationships. (This goal was added in 2008)
  6. Create a community called Awakening Dragon (This goal was added in 2009)
  7. Help others be whole in their life (health), spirit and soul. (This goal was added in 2010)
  8. Create Online Classes (added 2020).

All of these goals are interconnected, and it shows a simple truth: we must evolve over time to be complete.

Back in the 1990s, I had a vision; the vision was simple: resolving the fundamental problems of the world is all about helping people live kindly. The only problem is the profit-based economic system of the modern world is unkind. I sat down to realize; you can’t go to school to learn to be kind, and you couldn’t earn a living only being kind in the modern world. I know this for a fact: because for 15 years, I worked dozens of angles being kind within the system. At that moment, I knew I had to create a whole new path on my own. Twenty years later, I am here doing exactly what I set off to do, live in kindness. I am here to encourage you to find your answers, in kindness, to live better. A Personal Tao has 20 years of experience built into it to help you find answers for your path ahead.

Always Dream Even When Awake
It Creates a New World and Lets You Defy Gravity

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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The new site looks nice. I haven’t made it much past the first few pages, but well done!

Hi my names Chris and I’m very interested in your page and taoism in general.

The only taoism teachers in my area are charging around £1000 for week long reatreats and thats out of my price range so I was wondering if your could recommend any good books to start me off.

There were also some general questions I have and I would value your insight and input.
Thanks in advance.


I wrote the following to answer Chris’s Question:

Taoism Training


Wow! You have a great site! Thanks, it’s so refreshing to read your entries in PersonalTao.com.

Keep up the good work!

The near death of my father threw me into extreme turmoil recently, causing me to re-evaluate virtually everything in my life. What does one do when a man one feels so connected to is dying on another continent? I was on the verge of switching continents, ditching family here for family there. Pitching my tent on his doorstep. Itching to save him from himself and all of Africa in between. What causes such extreme self abandonment? If this isn’t an ‘out of the body’ experience then what is? I’d like to thank my friend Casey Kochmer for walking by my… Read more »

does water resist its journey to the sea, ascent to the clouds and return to the earth ?

I think water just remains wet for the entire journey :)

The sum of mankinds truth: is to be a man.

For good and for bad.

If you read any of the Taoist Blogs you would find we are all against Bush actually.

To make a difference is to be yourself, and work to help people with a smile, with peace of heart with your help.

It will never be easy nor complete, but we are alive and that means to try.

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