Being Strong in You

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Life is you.

You are an expression of ___________.

People will fill in the blank with larger words, such as god, country, earth, universe, family, passion etc. All the choices are correct.

In hard times people fill in the blank with words of despair. While you can fill in the blank with such words, it isn’t a path I recommend unless it genuinely calls for your creative energy source. Never judge a person’s choice of words, but remember, if someone close to you chooses a negative path, you don’t have to follow them. However, you can wait for them to return later to the shared fire of living together as a community.

It is not obvious that one option to use is “you”.

You are you!

Take the time to be you: not bigger nor smaller than yourself, which wears a person out. Right size your actions to be you. Some people don’t like themselves, so they use words to tear themselves down or pump themselves up. If you discover problems putting the word “you” in that blank space, then exploring how to better fit into that space of “you” is a great exercise.

We are living in times of  __________ .

Again you can fill in the blank with many words, and I teach my students to put the terms of hopeful growth in that blank space.

Life is you.

Take the time to be you and not hide, nor lose yourself to despair, and take advantage of changes to help you grow.

Support those you love without any strings attached to the love. Pace your love so as not to overwhelm another. Pace yourself to be stronger for the future.

Yes, These are ________ times.

Take control to fill in that blank with something you will look back with pride and fondness.

I had a hard summer with that blank space, so I took it off to go slower and recharge myself.  I wrote out the sentence to become: Yes, These are centering times. It was a glorious summer as a result. I always stress the one investment that gives a person 100% returns is themselves, so do invest back into yourself in more challenging times.

If you have difficulty filling in that blank, please ask me to create a class on the topic you find challenging. If I do create a class in this manner, I gift a complimentary invitation to the first requester of the first live session of the new course.

Much __________ to you.

I choose to fill that in with love, strength, awareness, friendship, and a willingness to share the journey ahead together.

End of Summer

End of Summer Greetings and Love!

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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