Coming Together & Moving into the Future


Aloha my friends

It has been a busy year, and more importantly, it will be a busy year ahead.

Julie and I are still here, teaching many classes and directly helping people work through the challenges of their lives each day.

For the last 20 years, we have been helping people be strong and ready for these times we are now within. It seems long ago when we started, and now we have crossed milestones that show the world ahead looks like nothing in the past.

First off, everything I have been writing and teaching for the last 20 years prepares you for the change we face now. Much of the material on the site will already answer many questions for you. If you need help, just call or email us directly. Each person and family require slightly different solutions and answers in approaching these times ahead.

Secondly, the actual inflection point is roughly going to happen around 2027. The exact date may flex a year or two round 2027. The inflection point represents when social and environmental change fundamentally becomes chaotic and unpredictable. People ask me what this looks like and I can answer the crisis in Ukraine is an example of chaotic change in action. The thing about chaotic change is that it cuts in both directions; it can create fantastic options for growth and rebirth and, sadly, also devastation. So 2027 will be like this year but only more so, much more so, and more intense.

The truth is this; we have 3 to 7 years to prepare for the pivot/inflection ahead. To get stronger, improve lifestyles, reposition ourselves, get healthy, strengthen our communities, and so much more.

But that inflection point, as Ukraine shows us, will be like a bomb once it does cross over your path.

As the bombs were falling in WWII London people would say:

 “Good night, and good luck.”
Edward R. Murrow

I wish everyone a good life. I will remind everyone luck is what we make, and it’s how we embrace and build potential while trusting our instincts and not reacting to fear. 

I can’t tell you when precisely the pivot will cross over your life, it might be a series of wildfires or economic changes or something unexpected by everyone. It could be a moment of insight when you decide to shift what you do for your living.

I can ask of you: to empower yourself to live better, be kind, and support those you love, and whenever that pivot crosses your life, face it with full heart and courage. If you do this, you will make the times yours. Don’t miss your chance now, to strengthen your life, build community, and position yourself.

Once the inflection point crosses over you, your world changes as the people in Ukraine, Syria, and other locations have already discovered.

If you wait for the times to come to you, it will be like a bomb, and you will discover such an approach is too little too late.

 “Good night, and good luck.”

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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Hi Casey and Julie. Thank u for your kind reminders for the times ahead..
Is this turning point determined by the circular time rythm on earth or based on other factors that have to do with our superficial state of consciousness, or just the two represent one another…

Talk to u soon..

Much Love from Greece

Thank you Casey and Julie for helping me kindly move into my power and potential, as well as provide a space for community and support for each other. And thank you for the reminder of what’s to come and to continue to move forward with strength and hope.

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