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After being quiet on the Newsletter front, we are now ramping the newsletter up as we develop an expanded Awakening Dragon School for our students. See below for details.

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A Moment To Share

Julie and I went for a walk down a new hiking path. We came across this great old tree.

To me, I can hear the tree saying:

“As we strive for the sky, remember also to stay grounded in who we are!”

A lesson of essence. Know your essence to grow fully. While the essence of a tree will have a different path ahead than you and me, the lessons can be all the same.

I often imagine what a tree, bird, or insect would be saying to me as I cross its path. At first, this type of dialogue teaches you about your inner voice.

Side note: It is essential to listen to your inner voice as you can release trauma and other pain that is trapped in your inner voice. This can be a very healing process if you use it as such. Contact me if you want help doing this! Also, watch the dragon fire meditation to interact with your inner voice.

How much of:

“As we strive for the sky, remember to also stay grounded in who we are!”

Is Casey’s inner voice?

How much is the moment?

And how much is the tree?

It is all three. You can hear my voice saying it as the tree branches creak to the sky, and you feel the roots grab the ground.

Later, you learn to subtract out your inner voice and hear what the moment is teaching you. It is fun; you will find some very talkative rivers while others are too busy to give the time of day.

Anyway, we are all connected, and many amazing insights pop out in these connections. More importantly, in this, we know that we are never alone.

Try it for fun.

New Videos Posted this Month

Makani’s Roundabout – Living with Wu-Wei & Grace

Personal Practices and Empathy – Dragon School Teachings

After 20 years, I am now doing a significant expansion to how I teach Taoism. Each month, I will post a new revised Taoist teaching. This month’s post was a first pass of my teaching Makani’s Roundabout. After this class and a few chats, I have revised it to be better and smoother. I will redo the presentation either this month or next month.

Now for the details of my planned expansion!


Awakening Dragon Lineage

News of the Updates to Awakening Dragon teachings.

I wanted to share the process of expanding Awakening Dragon Taoism Teachings. These are my notes on what I’m developing and smoothing out the presentation of the teachings. Different people need different styles of teaching, so Awakening Dragon is expanding into two schools of approach (Freestyle (original) vs Formal (this new expanded format) ). The Formal school breaks apart practices to codify teachings against the three aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

I started with the Mountain School and taught people how to learn Taoism by feeling and applying the teachings in real time against life’s challenges. Now, it is time to codify it for the Urban School.

The Tao Talk of the month will take one of these 27 topics and expand it for use.

Schools Under Awakening Dragon

Mountain School

  • Freestyle Exploring Stories & Truth

Urban School

  • Improving Human Endeavor with Formal Teachings (Mind)
  • Striving to Personal Potential with Formalized Practice (Body)
  • Dancing with the Stars. Formalized Spiritual Practice (Spirit)

Rules that will drive what is being created:

  • Simplicity: The teachings must be simple enough to remember without the aid of a book.
  • The 9 core teachings are to be expressed through the expression of 3 to 9 actions/truths that use Taoist Core concepts and create a template that students can use to improve & navigate their life challenges.
  • The core teachings will use the 9 Tao practices and 9 Tao truths as base definitions and reusable tools.
  • I have to fit the Urban school in these 27 points. This means I will be shifting all this around quite a bit as we create it and stress-test it.
  • The school will help a person always to create 9 personal teachings. This is to encourage students to always self-develop their practice.
  • Modernize the Language
  • It doesn’t have to capture 5000 years of Taoism, rather all the teachings will fall out from the templates as you use them.
  • Supports a healthy, abuse-free lifestyle. This statement may seem odd, but it has some critical implications in power dynamics. Also, this is baked into Taoism from day 1!Join our Livestream Friday, April 5th, and have a chance to talk with Casey

Upcoming Community Live Streams

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Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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