Gateways for Our New Era

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It’s a time for gateways. I am super excited about this topic because one of my secret passions for my whole life is seeking out hidden spots and gateways.

The challenge is learning how to spot gateways and using such gateways to grow. I took a picture of a Raven (not edited at all) jumping through a gateway. Yes, it really is just a blurry physical picture of a raven jumping into the heat of the day.

I love how it is all wispy; the raven appears to be leaping into the spirit world.


As everyone knows, Julie and I have been helping people change and get ahead of worldly problems for the last 15 years.

Well, the times we have been preparing you all for is now here. While 2027 is still going to be the grand opening party for stragglers. The reality is the new world is already here and kicking into gear. We are seeing events unfold, which are 1 in a hundred-year events daily now. We are seeing 1 in 5,000,000-year events happening now… let that soak in.

In simple terms, the past is gone, and living to a new tomorrow based on the past is a bad plan. Look at how Burning Man turned out this year… flooded and nothing like past events. You can let the times change you, or you can use the times as a gateway to live not just better but live in a new, more exciting manner.

It’s overwhelming if you are trying to figure out where/what you should be in 10 years all at once, and that approach doesn’t work.

It is simple, fun, and amazing if you evolve day by day into where you need to be!!! The trick is to evolve over trying to keep the past moving ahead as it was.

Gateway Lessons:

(1) Get out into the world,

Don’t hunker down. This is an amazing time to get out to explore.

Gateway to New Era

We just got back from Tokyo. Best trip ever! The world is still there, and more than ever, we need to be part of the world. People across the world do want to connect and share, do so!

(2) It’s a time to evolve.

Join new groups that are forming, and be part of new communities and events that are coming together! So many exciting communities and events will start/evolve as a response to our times and be part of that energy of coming together.

(3) Have Fun!

Let joyful moments be part of what guides you. Nothing about the times suggests we should not have style and should not be joyful. Yes, we are in serious times, but add in Joyful, Connective, and Opportunity as words to modify the changes.

(4) Don’t be alone.

The dragon community was formed precisely for these times because 20 years ago, I decided not to be alone when these times came around.


(5) Look for your gateways!

The gateway is an opportunity created by change!


Waves of Change

We are watching our entire culture being swept up in waves of shifting attitudes and events at a super fast pace. As an example, we watched Oprah Winfrey go from Hero to Villain in less than a week.

But it shows an interesting truth of our times. How fast change now is!

For instance, we went from two pronouns (she/he) to infinite pronouns in less than 5 years. Think about how truly fast that is in terms of cultural turnover! Fashion changes by the decade, but cultural fundamentals of identity take centuries to shift normally.  Another example is a hundred years of work culture shifting in 3 years with COVID.

What does this mean?

(1) Shifts in Parenting

Parents with children under 20 will see these changes the fastest since our children will evolve the most quickly through the shifting tides of change. Learn from our children; they will help us adapt to the future faster!

Also be extra supportive towards our children, to help them be balanced through the changes. Our children will be attacked more by others stuck in the past.

(2) Be Nimble

Instead of seeing change slowly each decade, each year will change as much as our previous decades, and each season starts a new baseline for us to consider. For business, it means being quick on the trends.

(3) Don’t Predict Change, Embrace it.

It also means don’t try to anticipate & catch trends, rather jump in when it feels right.

(4) Be yourself more than ever.

Despite the changes, people will respect others in their own power more than ever. People are looking for confidence and something to follow. Be yourself, and others will follow. People need confidence and assurance more than ever now.

(5) No one knows what they are doing for what is truly ahead.

Don’t believe anyone who claims they do… They don’t and are faking it… Some will get lucky, but luck only lasts so long when baselines change every week now.

And Lastly

(6) Don’t worry about the trends!

Enjoy the show! that is my plan. As I have told many people already, get the popcorn out and enjoy life as it unfolds.

New Year, New Era!

What will you want for the new year ahead? I truly feel we have crossed into a new era over the last few months. The sooner we shift ourselves to improved lifestyles and build more connected communities the sooner we live a better life.

Throw away New Year’s resolutions this year! Why? Becuase the times are changing faster than you can yourself. Instead of resolving to change, just flow with the change that is happening in real-time. You are in for a ride, so enjoy and embrace the changes.

Remembering the past is like a sunset: a beautiful moment. However, one can’t live in that memory. That experience doesn’t help you prepare for a future that has no connection to that moment.

The big love of the 60’s, the wacky 70’s, and the big 80’s, don’t make any difference for my future now.

The New York City I grew up in the 70’s is far gone.  Nor would I want to live in New York City of 2024, no matter how good my memories were 45 years ago. In the last month, I have concluded that there is no going back at all to any of the old places I used to love. It’s a time to only move ahead.

In fact, modern culture is just a plastic beach nowadays. Literally! Thank you, micro-plastics. So, the new year ahead is also the ending of an Era. Let others scrabble around within the plastic bits of the past; let us move ahead and build something new. This doesn’t make me sad; it just energizes me to start building.

I did take time to recharge the last 6 months. Yet, there comes a time to take the battery off the charger and use it. So, I need to get busy and begin building something now.

As a result, I am creating whole new modernized Taoist teachings. Join our Patreon community to be part of the Dragon Heart Path teachings!

I’m continuing the ramp up my meditation videos/classes and application of Taoism into lifestyle teachings.  I post regularity in TikTok for free videos and a chance to chat with me in real time!

1 TikTok Channel for Awakening Dragons!  @AwakeningDragon Being a dragon
My Personal Channel @KindCasey
1 TikTok Channel for Relationship work.  @RelationshipKindness Relationships.

Explore Taoism

Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

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