Good Morning


Time to start my day.

Good Morning


Good Morning is a mantra, a blessing to the day’s potential ahead.

When you wish a person good morning, you are taking a moment to pause. In that pause, you are unconsciously connecting outward for the elements needed to make the day a touch better.

Life is as much about “pause” as it’s about movement.

Good Morning

Anyone who knows me, knows I say good morning three times before noon. It’s part of my practice, part of expanding my nature and connecting to the world.

Stopping to smile, to say good morning. To pause in that mantra, not to rush on by because an exchange is expected, rather merely to pause in saying:

Good Morning

Now that is something worth doing. A morning mantra is better than coffee when practiced with a transfer of positive energy. To reach out and swirl in a Qi Gong style and connect outwards with power.

Practice and activity are never separate in life. They are interconnected and part of our nature in being alive. The idea that practice and day to day activities are separate ends up being one of the major problems in western culture. Westerners split out everything to be independent and distinct, to the point we never have enough time to exercise, to explore energy and life as we busily rush about to do all our chores. Instead, you should practice, exercise and live fully in every activity you do, even within something as simple as saying * good morning *.

Try it. Say good morning while feeling the energy, imagine spirit reaching out, entwining up to the sun, warm your core with an extra boost of light, feel lifted as “good morning” connects to the breeze and wind above us. Discover the peace of a smile that goes along with meaning the “Good Morning”. A greeting that extends outwards in so many ways. This is Qi Gong, this is Taoism, this is life: integrated and present in each moment.

  1. The first Good Morning is to yourself: to sense and travel in your own body, to know yourself at the first moment of the day, to be able to move on.
  2. The second Good morning is to open the mind, to expand outwards, to sense what is around you. To greet the flows of energy about you and to embrace that lovingly, to energize your movement of living.
  3. The third Good morning is to connect with others, to give thanks for sharing with them. To interconnect out in the puzzle that is the day to come.

Moment to moment in pause. Starting with

Good Morning


Then balance out at the end of your day with a good night to prep your dreams ahead.

Whoever would have thought that something as simple as “Good Morning” could do so many things?

Welcome to Taoism. A secret of Taoist practice: interconnecting your actions with awareness in the motion of living, in each moment no matter how seemingly small.

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Live life kindly, gracefully, with modesty while embracing a colorful story to enjoy!

Good Morning
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Hey man, thanks for writing this. Every time I stop by your site and read these articles I’m always amazed at how much of what you say rings intuitively true in my own heart and mind. I wish everyone could live life this way.

Anyway, keep up the good work brother. It does not go unappreciated 🙂


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